Neck Pain - Should I worry?


I was diagnosed with Tripple Negative BC at the age of 40 in Feb 08 and completed all my treatment in September. For about four weeks I have suffered with an aching neck but have put it down to bad sleep. Do you think I should mention it to the doctor? The trouble is, 12 months down the line and I am worrying that it is going to come back!
Has anyone else had similar?


you have put up with this pain and the anxiety for 4 weeks now. I think it is time for you to take the pain and the worries to the doctor. Do you still have contact with the hospital for checkups etc? cos if you can go direct to the hospital it is usually better. If it is related to your spine it should be checked out.


hi Wibbly, i agree with Dawn, best get it checked out by your Onc team if possible. It’s probably unrelated to the cancer but we all worry about every ache and pain.

Good luck and I hope a simple non BC answer


Hi Wibbly, I also agree with Dawn. Dawn is one of my savours who told me to get my neck pain checked out. Unfortuantly for me it was the cancer back, but at least by knowing i am now having treatment to control and contain it.

Keeping everything crossed for you that yours turns out to be nothing

Love and Hugs
Karen x

I think I knew what you were going to tell me, but I suppose you just hope that it goes away! I am going on my fist family holiday since diagnosis in two weeks time. I will get in touch with the BC nurse when I get back. Thanks for your advise and I will be in touch.


Tracey why not contact her before you go away so you can have an appointment ready for when you get back, then you can cancel it if it has gone away? If you come back and it is still troubling you, the last thing you want then is a long wait for an appointment.


Yes Tracey, ring them now so they can get the ball moving and get an appointment ready for you. I had my appointment the following week after i contacted my breast care nurse, and then had a 2 week wait for a Scan that they sent me for. Don’t waste any time and ring now.

Good luck and have a great holiday
Karen x

hi i know this thread is old - but it rings familar. My mom had bc 5 years ago and has been doing fine til 9 weeks ago when she had neck pain which has progressivly got worst-her gp need nothing until she saw a different one. She’s now in hospital after being told metasizes are in her spine and neck. The doctors arent very forthcoming with information does this mean its back?
Unfortionatly she is unable to move her arms head etc because of the pain. I’m really concerned not sure whats happening.

hi me2006,
i don’t really know what to advise here, but i have a lot of back problems due to a congenital disease in my spine, so i know about the pain and ther lack of movement at times. i hope the doctors get her pain med sorted so that the physio can then get her moving again.
can you not make an appiontment with the ward doctor, to find out exactly what is going on.
i’m just out of hospital after 3rd dx, have regional recurrence in opposite breast and now have an infection so at the moment not feeling too well and having trouble moving my arm. i had aux clearance so fluid building up.
i know it must be hard for you as you feel so helpless when one of your parents end up in hospital with a life-threatening illness. i had to watch my dad, he died of bowel cancer, but they could not do anything for him as it was too advanced and he was too ill, having had previous heart attacks and other problems, i sincerily hope they can help your mum in some way.
love reneexx

Thanks- its a week on now and were still waiting for results due to the bank holiday. My moms certainly cheered up since going into hospital they must have give her some good painkillers.
It’s nice to see her in highspirits. She still has no movement in her arms other than her hands. I am going to post again when we get all the results as I’m hoping that there’ll be somebody on here who can relate to our situation.
Thanks again Renee
Dawn x

my mom got her results yeaterday - they cant do the operation as her bones are too week. She has cancer all down her spine, she may be able to have chemo and radio but we’ve gotta wait to see the oncologist now. I’m not sure what all this means now. Hopefully the oncologist will be able to answer all the questions we have.

aw! i feel really sad for you and for your mum, is she still in hosp and have they helped her any. i know you all must be in shock although you all probably know in your hearts things might be bad. i have a bad spine, not due to cancer so know how it feels pain wise, although sure it is not as bad as your mum’s.
this has meant her cancer has metastized (spread) but her onc will answer most of your questions they are usually very honest, but they can do a lot more for secondary cancer now so here’s hoping they will be able to help your mum a great deal.
it might also be good to get a little help and support for yourself mabe talk to your mum’s breast care nurse, they will help you understand what is going on.
thinking of you

another one with neck pain here.

Chiroprator unhappy with situation, sent me off to gp, saw locum and told her I wanted an xray, she did what I asked. Off today for xray.

Pain feels mostly muscular, worse when I wake up, and when busy, hard to drive as cant properly turn head, feels like my muscles are locked. I feel like ir really cant be secs, but am feeling sick about it all. It has been so long since I’ve had a proper worry about it I kinda thought I was thro that stage :wink: back on the cancer freindly cider and fags to get me thro the next week!

Was dx 3 1/2 years ago and triple neg so on no treatment.


Hi, mom went to see the onc - although she hasn’t told much about what was said. She’s had 5 treatments of radio and started chemo fri - once again I am unsure of whats going on my mom’s said she’s gotta have 20treatments of one and 6 of another (and this is true not a made up phrase like 6 of one and half a dozen of the other) although her next treatment isn’t until the end of the month. Does this mean she’ll be having treatments for the next two years?
Its all so unclear and mom’s not willing to get in touch with anybody about what help she can recieve. Since I last wrote on here not only has she got very limited use of her arms but its also affecting her legs nows and she has very little mobility :o( this is very unfortionate as this was the one thing that kept her going whilst she was in hospital she kept saying at least i can still get around.
well i’ve had my moan and grumbe for now. i suppose the oe positive way of looking at it is if htey’ve planned too give her 2 years of treatment - then maybe she’ll still be here for the next 2 years, which is more than they made out intially x

well i think this will be last comment on here mom passed away this evening. Thanks for allowing me to air my grumbles on here and post my silly questoins.
all the best to everyone
me x

So sorry to hear your news - you’re never old enough to lose your mum. You need to try to be kind to yourself now, it’s going to take you far longer than you think to find your new “normal.”

Dear me2006

On behalf of the moderation team here at BCC please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your mum. I am pleased that you found these forums helpful during this time.

Take care. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Dear Me2006

I am so sorry to hear about your mother and sending you all my heartfelt condolences for this very sad time.

Ruby xxx

dear me2006,
i’m really sorry to hear about your mom it must be really hard for you, it is quite a shock when things happen as quickly as that.
i will be thinking of you and i am sending you a huge hug.
love reneexx

Hi everyone. Thanks for sharing your stories. I am a 2 time triple neg survivor. In the past year I have had a CT(pelvic, abdominal, and chest) This noted heterogeneous activity in two ribs. I know this is not hot or cold spots that are usually very suspicious for mets. Since my initial dx in 1996 I have had about 5 CTs of the same ares and all were reported as completely neg. Found my mother’s report dated 1 1/2 years before she died from 1986 and it stated chondrocostal (rib) activity. I also have been having neck pain on one side and recently had and MRI on lumbar and thoracic but not cervical. However the report said that in the distance there was some uptake around the C2 area. My oncologist does not seem to be concerned with either the CT or MRI. I feel he is very conservative and think I may need a second opinion. Has anyone else had a similar experience?