New Prothesis

Hi everyone. . I’m four years on from a primary B.C. and doing well.  I have my mammogram soon and last year it had a tick box if you wanted a new prosthesis. Mine is still ok I’m only small busted but I do wear it every day I suppose a new one would be nice. Does anyone know if we’re entitled to get a new NHS one and how often. Thankyou.

Hi, I think it’s every three years. Your BC nurse will tell you. The new ones are just like little clear chicken fillets…or that’s what it looked like to me when my friend hauled hers out for admiration at our last coffee shopping!She said as it’s clear it picks up her skin tone. X

Hi Typical Me,

I remember being told a few times that you can get a new one on the NHS when yours is old/damaged. You might find the comments in the 2 archived threads below helpful, at least until anyone can post with a more recent experience!

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I was told I could have one whenever I needed one. You can’t predict leaks and shape-shifting! I have just been fitted for my latest one because, thanks to anastrozole, I have at last grown a proper boob, the sort I yearned for when I was 34AA. Shame I only have one. But I now proudly possess a 36D and have boobs that match. I was also properly fitted again for a bra. If there’s been any change in your weight, that would be a good reason but I think its age is probably the best point - that you are bothered that it might split soon. Just ask, is my advice x

PS. What I love is how the nurse treats you like an invalid, helps you put on the bras, squeezes in and its the prosthesis - as if it’s not something we do daily (or in my case, rarely). It’s nice to be pampered/infantilised for a bit.