New Pyjamas

Afternoon ladies!

I’m starting a new thread here as I’m getting mixed up with my discussions and everyone elses and can’t find anything. Much like my life in general at the moment actually! I need to perfect the art of bookmarking.

Been reading Lisa- ruby66 and silversue’s threads in particular and now can’t find either…!

I had my MRI yesterday. I have DCIS/LCIS and will be haveing surgery, probably mastectomy & recon in a few weeks time. Discussing it on thurs 23rd. I’m in Bristol with Ms Winters. who seems very confindent, knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve not yet talked to anyone about the implications of such surgery, but hopefully here we go…!

Been out today to buy pyjamas. What a laugh! Trying to be practicle meant looking for front opening pj’s but I SO WANT to be glamorous in hospital!! I have managed to find some lovely silky wrap over pj’s in TKMax with top, bottoms and vesty type thing for when I can put my arm up again. I was concerned that the wrap over flap exposed my right breast first, but my man says that’s a good thing because i will be able to be selective in exposing boobs in the future esp if it bothers me initially! I do love him so much… Also been looking at crop tops etc. Didn’t buy any as need advice on that…

The waiting is now feeling interminal. I can almost get into the mind set that it isn’t going to happen atall. I haven’t fallen apart or even cried much - just feel that I’ve got to get on and save my life. My mum died of BC in 2003, 3 years after dx with agressive advanced bc. So i feel luck that mine’s been found early…

Td x

hi TD!

Just read your thread and felt for you. The waiting game is hard. Mine was invasive ductal carcinoma and had a mastectomy,axilla clearance and DIEP recon about 5 weeks ago. I was worried about the pj thing too!

I spoke to my breast reconstruction nurse who was invaluble. I’m glad I didn’t rush out and buy anything until I had spoken to her. I advise you strongly to do the same! I was in hospital about 10 days and I only wore my own nightwear on the final 2 days. Until then I wore the boring hospital gown. But I was bed ridden for a couple of days and they continuously are checking on you anyway so it is easier.

When I did buy nightwear I bought a couple of front opening short sleeved nightshirts.They were difficult to find-eventually I got them in Bon Marche. (not the most glamourous but its only short term.) These were easier for the loo etc.

When I came home I changed to pj’s. Hubby was around to help pull them up! Silky ones are nice but I bought short sleeved cotton ones from Next as they are comfortable and quick and easy to clean.

To look glamourous what about matching dressing gown or posh slippers!!!

good luck anyway ,hope I been of some help.

Jennie xxx

Hi Jennie and TD
Im new to the site, is it just me or is it difficult to negotiate your way around?
I have just been diagnosed with DCIS and have had LCIS in the other boob for a couple of years, so now the time has come for action. I’ve decided to go ahead with bilateral mastectomy with recon at the same time. I’m having it done at Exeter. Has anyone out there any experience with Exeter?
I didn’t have the Pj dilemma as a friend bought me some MRSA protection ones the other day! Have had MRSA in the past and that’s one of my main concerns this time. Half expected something resembling a coat of amour but they just look like normal pj’s Every little helps!
Like you, Td I havn’t “fallen apart” or cried much. Probably because I still can’t rally believe it’s happening to me. I’m sure it will all kick in when I get my date for surgery. I have my appt with the Plastic surgeon on Fri so I’m hoping to be given a date then. Td, what type of reconstruction are you having?
wishing you both well

I too bought front opening nighties. Very un glamorous! As it turned out, I was only in hosp for 2 days, and in that time the dressings were kept on and no one ‘looked’ at me.

You know how it is when you buy something you really hate but keep wearing it because you can’t bear the thought of that wasted money?! Well chucked the dam ugly garments out this week. Replaced with very pretty (and too expensive!) Debenham ones.

I treat myself much more now though. Especially after each hosp check up. A friend sugessted this and it really works as a pick me up!


HI all

Just read your thread which is strange as I was just talking to my husband about going out and buying some PJs especially for the op I did’nt really want to buy something you buy your nan, not at 44 but I can see the sense in open fronted nightshirts so I will have a day shopping and looking might even treat myself to some nice undies and slippers.
Deb x

Hi Td
After the first day in hospital after the op I got washed and dressed in my own clothes. I wasn’t ill so didn’t want to stay in bed. I did buy cotton PJ’s from Bon Marche that we perfect for the job but… no… not sexy or glamourous at all!

Amoena and Nicola Jane are starting to do leisure wear, as well as Pyjamas. perhaps you might like to look there too.
Betty and Belle another company (find them on the web), are also good at leisure wear and pygamas.


Thank you ladies!
it’s actually so nice to have things lightened up a bit!

I’ve been very crabby all day, especially with my 15 yr old son who, after a week of beong quite nice has reverted to type and turned into the computer hugging monosyballic self-centred adolescent I’m more used to. TBH I preferred the nice version. I’ve packed him off to his dads now.

Seeing my Breast care nurse tomorrow for some info and to let her know what I’m like a bit as it is the MDTM (multidisciplinary team meeting) on Wed prior to my consultant on thurs and if they are making suggestions as to which treatment is going to be best for me, I’d like to get my two pen’rth in. My consultant has already commented that with a DCIS covering 40mm in a Dcup breast then it is unlikely that any breast conservation (WLE) surgery will be possible. I think that I’d rather go for mastectomy and recon anyway, but also need a lot more information on this and techniques tht my consultant uses. She doesn’t use a separate plastic surgeon but I’v heard that her work is excellent and she has lots of pics to show before hand. Bit like choosing a new nose maybe??! - so i don’t know which type of recon D… I keep looking at the rest of my body and wondering how the skin would look as decolletage! i think my bottom is the most unblemished , but I don’t think thats an option! How about you D ?

Jennie & Topper - I will check out Bon Marche! Thanks. Forgot about them - I bought a nightee there for labouring in 3 years ago, and found that I only wore it for about 10 mins as I was more comfortable naked (being as I was in my own home et al - think I’ll stick with the clothed look in hospital!) My daughter (aged 13) pushed me into the glam ones as she said ‘you’e not going to wear one of those minging gowns are you mum?’

Irene - agree with you - nothing is too expensive for us - we’r worh it. A little retail therapy after appointments is doing me wonders 9but i do leave my credit card at home!!)

Keep in touch all - cyber hugs (((((((((()))))))) Td x

oh yes - what is the abbreviation OH in connection with partner??? I’m trying to guess … ah got it - Other Half!! My Oh is my whole being. Probably not actually possible, but feels very nice! Td x

Hi Td
Im considering having the LD as its a shorter op and i have read a lot of positive feedback on it. Ive just been on a forum about nipple recon and it would seem the results are good. I know its difficult to think that far ahead but its there in the back of my mind.
Have another appt to have a biopsy of some enlarged lymph nodes in my neck next week. First biopsy they ended up just getting muscle! they dont think they are related to the breast, not sure if thats a good thing or not. Dont know if i can handle a problem somewhere else in my body.
Plastic surgeon on Fri so will know more then.
Good luck for Thurs
Debi (D) x

Oh Debi - that must’ve been sore in your neck! Poor you.
You have obviously read a lot more that me about recon ops. I don’t even know the name of the preferred option of my surgeon!
I went to see my bcn today. She was incredibly helpful and showed me photos of reconned breasts done where they take the stuffing out of your breast by cutting around the nipple, removing that and the bad bits (or all of it in my case as my DCIS is so wide spread) then patching the hole with skin from the back. Next they bring the latimus dorsi muscle (the big one in your back that helps you get up, bend, lift etc. it is dispensible though as other muscles take over once its gone and apparently unless you’re an olympic athlete you accomodate it well!) through to replace the lost breast tissue and sometimes they put an implant in too. It must have a name, but I dont’ know what it is. Also saw some great stick on silicone nipples - you can have bespoke ones fashioned by having a moulding of your other ne and having it made out of coloured silicone to match! i liked that idea!

So, feeling wuite upbeat today, except that they cant find me a surgery date! More news on that on thursday. Good luck for Fri!
Td x

Well ladies,
Thursday came and went. i had ANOTHER core biopsy of this new dodgy area and until the results come back for that surgeon cant make plans. If I need rads she won’t put an implant in. She offered to do a tissue based recon but as I’m not that big she could only find enough of me for a B cup. She also offered to do a reduction on the other one to brign them both down to B. I’d quite like parity, but stick to my D cup. So who knows, i may not getmy recon yet at all!

Anyone else had this type of problem.?? Anyone had a recon at a later date??

Td x

Td, Im so sorry that you had to have yet more biopsies. How long have you got to wait for your results? It makes you feel as if you are in limbo when you know “it’s” there and you just want it sorted!
My lymph biopsies came back as benign so one bit of good news. I went to see the Plastic Surgeon(PS) last fri but she is reluctant to do bilateral as I have a clotting problem. I have said im happy to have them done seperately to reduce the risk. Luckliy I have the luxury of waiting with the left sie as it’s LCIS. However she wont commit herself until she has spoken to someone elso. Therefore I have to go back yet again this Fri to see the surgeon and the PS together. I was very impressed with the PS as she spent 1and1/4 hrs going through it all with me. So when I finally get there I happy I will be in safe hands.
She showed me loads of pics of recon. Some done straight away and others at a later date. I must say I was impressed with both. Will they do a tissue based recon with an expander? At least then you may get your D cup! Good luck, thinking of you
Debi x


Had pre op consultation with BC nurse today. I do indeed have some invasive under the big bit of DCIS so I’m looking at the full monty now of radiotherapy and chemo. Gawd - when will it all end!!

Good news - I have a date for op (provisional to be confirmed on Thursday) for 12th May.

i saw lots of pics today too. As I’m recommended the LD flap route, ther’s no plastic surgeon involved. My surgeon has a great reputation so I’m hoping for a good result, ie all cancer gone. I think she’s thinking of a tissue based recon with implant at a later date or chance an implant and see what happens after the rads.

Love to all Td xx


At least you know now and you can start thinking forward, I am in for my op on Friday (Mastectomy) and then have to wait two or three weeks to get the full diagnosis and plan of action. To be honest cant wait to get on with the chemo. My BC nurse told me today that if I need rads as well it could take 9 months I didn’t think that was too bad. Starting to get things clear in my mind now and just want to get on with it. I think that is how we all feel really.

Best wishes

Deb x

Good luck to you both, hope all goes well for you.
Hope to get my date this Fri

Will be thinking of you on Fri Debi. It’s my last day at work then - my ‘sickness cover’ starts that day so i’m orientating her. Also hoping to go out for lunch… get my date tomorrow, but still on the cards for 12th.

Deb - will be sending big love to you on Fri too. Looking forward to more chat when you’re up to the computer again!

Love Td xx

Hi Td

Have you seen the pyjamas online at hush? Their classic pjs are lovely too. Google hush nightwear loungwear. Sorry to hear about the change in your dx, but better it’s been detected now and they can devise your treatment plan accordingly.

Best of luck


Thanks ripley, will check site

Think I’ve bought enough jammies now - got posh, got silk, got tesco’s!
Onto bras now - Royce site great! Good value too.
Any tips though…!

Td x

Hello ladies
well I have my date at last. Thurs 15th. all seems a bit more real now. Best go jammie hunting!! A bit late Deb, but I hope all went well.
Td, have you got your date yet?
Debi x