New to this site and my mum may have Breast Cancer

Hi there,
For the past 5 weeks my mum has had a VERY swollen breast that has been painful. She has also had pain down her left arm but no lumps. She went to the doctors who told her he’s never seen anything like this and so referred her to hospital.
She had an ultrasound which showed a mass in her left breast and also had the biopsy done so we are just waiting for results.

I just wanted to find out if anyone had the above symptoms and if there is a slight chance that it might NOT be cancer. The consultant at the hospital said ‘it doesn’t look good’. Can they tell just from the ultrasound?

I’m petrified…

Thank you xx

Hi Spockette

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. It sounds like you’re going through a pretty worrying time about your Mum at the moment. Whilst you wait for the other forum users to reply with their experiences you may find it helpful to give the BCC helpline a call. Here you can talk through your concerns with a trained member of staff who will offer you a ‘listening ear’ as well as support and information. The number is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 2pm.

I hope this helps

Best wishes
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

HI spockette, although i cant tell you if your mum does have breast cancer,I think you will just have to be patient &wait for the results.Its not easy & everyone on these forums will tell you the same its so hard waiting¬ knowing.
Iknow you are worried for your mum ,but just being there for her will really help.I hope you get sorted really quickly, my fingers are crossed for your mum.Keep your chin up & do let us know how you are doing.
take care.

chica xxx

Hi Sam & Chica,

Thanks so much for your posts and your wonderful advice. It is such a scary time for my mum at the moment and apart from being there for her I feel a bit useless.
I have read some of the posts on here and the ladies on here are a true inspiration.
I will wait on the results and see what happens.

Thanks very much

Spockette xx

Just a little note, i was diagnosed with breast cancer just over a year ago, & my kids were worried sick but i am still here & doctors these days can do wonders, just always be there for her & talk to her about everything, it’s when no one talks about it that hurts the most. Good luck.

Hi Spockette,

I would like to tell you not to worry but every one of the ladies on here knows the waiting is the most worrying time. Like Magel I was diagnosed a year ago and after treatment I’m now doing well and back at work. Your mum has done the right thing getting it checked out and she will probably need a big hug whatever the outcome.

When do you get the results?

Jan xx

Hi Magel & JanB,

Both your posts have had me in tears. I cannot believe how lovely you all are and how brave too. Your posts have given my mum and family hope. You are so right; its the waiting around that’s the worst and we have to wait until the 7th April to get the biopsy results (4 days before my brothers wedding).

Thanks so much for the reassurance and wish you all every luck and happiness in the world.

Thanks so much.

Spockette (aka Maria)

HI, Spockette,hope your mum got on ok today i was thinking of you both.I seem to remember you saying you have a wedding coming up so I hope you all have a great time.
When you have a few minutes let us all know how it went.

thinking of you & wishing you well.

chica x

Hi Chica,

Thank you so much for your post and your lovely thoughts…

Well the news isn’t good. She does have cancer and even though the consultant didn’t tell us this, I did see him scribble on his notes IBC, Grade 3…
As you can imagine, we’re all pretty devastated. She is going for her Bone and CT Scans on Friday and next Friday we are going to see the Oncologist.

Reading these posts though does give me hope and encouragement for my mum so I am really thankful for that. We’re just taking each day at a time.

I hope your well Chica and once again, thanks so much for remembering.

Lots of luv

Spockette xxxxx

Hi Sprockette
So very sorry your mum didn’t get the results you would have all liked.
Good luck with the Bone and CT scans on Friday. and also with the Oncologist the following week. Sooner you are seen the sooner treatment can get started!
Keep reading the posts. most are full of encouragement, support and Love,
What did those ladies do before these wonderful posts? we are lucky to have this support!
Lots of Love and Hugs to your Mum, you and your family
Sandra xxx

Hi there Sandra,

Thanks so much for your lovely post and good wishes. We are all trying to be strong but really want to start treatment asap. All this waiting around just makes things worse. Reading the stories and peoples journeys on here is a true inspiration so I will keep doing that.

I hope you’re well Sandra and once again, thanks very much.

luv & hugs

Maz xx



Just to say that I’m new to the site, too, despite having a mastectomy in 1997 and last year being diagnosed with re-occurent breast cancer, I’m now beginning to realise that I need contact with other people who’ve had similar experiences or who at least can understand the feelings of fear and uncertainty that so often seem to occupy my mind. It can be a lonely experience to ‘go-it-alone’ (did this before in 1997)but this time around I think that the BCC on-line forums might help me not to feel as isolated as I did then.
Nice, also, just to read about other people’s experiences - so many lives affected…

Hi pauline there is a thread on local reccurences where many of us have had a reccurence after many years please read the posts and join us < I had 18 years and then had a reccurence and had a mastectomy and chemo.we all understand how frightening this can be love suzan x

Hi Maz and Pauline
Just adding my best wishes for you both and Maz’s mum. I didn’t find this site till I was well into treatment, but you will find loads of help from everybody, especially practical tips that may make a big difference. Its particularly helpful if you don’t know many others with cancer (I didn’t) and in fact you can ask questions here that you might be embarassed to ask face to face - I think its a huge benefit.

Hi Pauline - the timing of your diagnoses mirrors mine - first in 1997 and then in 2009. As Suzan says, a bunch of us have been talking for a while and are in the same boat.
Its disheartening and scary isn’t it? but this forum has made a huge difference to me - its a massive improvement to last time.
I hope you’ll join us
take care
monica xx
(Hi Suzan, great to see you posting, hope things are good with you XX)

Hi girls,

Thanks so much for all your lovely posts and best wishes. I am so glad I have found this site. Its such a relief to be able to talk to others going through the same thing. My mum is absolutely clueless when it comes to computers but I do want to get as much info and help on her behalf. Thanks for helping us through this horrible process.

I will be in touch soon.

Lots of luv & hugs

Maz xx

Hello Maz
sorry your mum has had bad news - you sound so supportive and lovely. I just wanted to tell you there’s a lovely thread on here about IBC, specifically and the ladies on there are very supportive.Its called something like ‘IBC ladies come in and join us’ Thought you might find that useful for your mum. She is a lucky lady in having you to support her
best of luck to you both and your family
monica x

Hi daisyleaf,

Thanks so much for your post. I know exactly which thread that is because I have read through it all and I have also posted on there too. Reading that thread from start to finish has made left me in awe of how us women are true fighters through and through. I will be posting on there more often, I’m sure but just wanted to say a big thank you for telling me about it.

Lots of luv & hugs

Maz xx

Nice to hear from you all and I especially valued your supportive comments about reocurrence. I suppose there’s two sides to the coin, in one way you’re thankful for the years of being free of cancer and yet it seems somehow cruel that when you think you’ve really and truly beaten the disease here it is back again. Suzan, after 18 years it must have been quite a shock to you…?

Having had a mastectomy in 1997, I admit I was shocked to discover another lump (on my scar site); I’d really thought that if I had breast cancer again it would be in my remaining breast. I guess that’s another thing about cancer - it’s just so unpredictable… no certain way to get ahead of the game!
Anyways, best wishes to you all … daisyleaf, SarahAL, Maz and Suzan - it’s the weekend now, so maybe a chance to relax a little??