Newbie TNBC


it’s been a mad month, I was diagnosed on the 9th of January with TNBC which had been treated since October as an abscess. I have had CT scan MRIS and Pet unfortunately I have a lesion on my liver pet scan pick something on my hip bone so another MRI yesterday.
This is all new to me I can’t sleep more than 3hours I am starting treatment tomorrow (SACT) Atezolizumad - Paclitaxel.
has anyone had this treatment?


Hi Sal74,

It’s overwhelming when you first hear the diagnosis. I’m sending you virtual support and hugs. For me, the alternative therapies like reflexology etc that I was offered in addition to treatment really has helped and booking in fun things that I always wanted to do. I ended up jumping out of a plane!

I had a year on the drugs you mention and, for me, I tolerated them pretty well. I was fatigued after a few months of treatment and we slightly adjusted the dose. Since then I lived pretty normally between treatments and was active etc the next day. While it was only effective for me for a year I know others who have been on it for longer.

I hope it is all going okay.



Thank you for answering I was looking at reflexology, I will ask at Maggie’s.
Sending you virtual hugs :people_hugging:


Hi, I replied to your similar post on the Macmillan site about my experience of Pembrolizumab, which works similarly to Atezolizumab.

Not sure whether you have seen this thread ?

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that was me I thought I would join both groups.

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