Very sad news. Didn’t know the lady personally, but from her posts she was clearly a brave and dignified woman.

Got to know nicky on the “feeling low” thread and have followed her post ever since. We started Xeloda at about the same time and have compared notes. I am lost for words and just couldn’t believe that she has gone… far too soon.

RIP. I’ll miss you dearly, my friend.

condolences to her family and friends


So very sorry. No words to express how I feel. Sincere condolences to her family and friends

X Sarah

Thank Julie for posting what must have been a very difficult post for you.

Sally was such a special person who was determine to carry on with her life despite so many knock backs in the last six months. She supported lots of different people on these and our chat group without moaning about how difficult things were for her.

You’ll always have a little place in my hear Sally and I shall missed you terribly,

My condolences to her wonderful husband Mike and her son who was barely 16 on her passing.

I suspect you are up there willing us all on on our own battles with the awful disease.

Special thanks to Helen…Thinking of you

Love to you all

Chris xxxx

OMG. I’m so shocked and sad at this news. I don’t come onto the forums much these days and so feel very out of touch. Sincere condolances to Sally’s husband, son, family and friends.


We were wondering how you were Alison ? Sally ( nicky65) in particular was asking !! x

Such,sad sad news.My heartfelt condolences to her family.

Lucinda xx

We so missed Sally today at our little Manchester “Cupcake Girls” get-together. Such a shock and sad loss for her family & friends, and for all of us who knew her here. xx

I am so sorry to hear about Nicky65. My condolences go to her family and friends.


So sorry to hear this sad news. Nicky65 was a great support to many on the forums despite undergoing tough times herself. Love and strength to her family and friends (real and cyber!)

Very sad news. I was thinking of you cupcake girls today, and of Sally who I finally met last November, when she looked so beautiful and full of life.

So, so sad.

Julie x

I couldn’t believe it when I read the in memory name. I am shocked and so saddened to hear that news. My thoughts are with all her family and loved ones. Elinda x

So very, very sad, condolences to all family and friends xx

This is such sad news. My sincere condolences to Sally’s family.


So sorry to hear this, I remember her well…RIP Nicky65 xxxx

As so many of you have said, Sally was great and will be very much missed.

Thanks for posting the sad news Julie, I don’t think any of the chat girls wanted to do it as it made it too real, so thank you for being the brave one.

It is a tribute to Sally the number of women posting to say how she had helped them. She will live on in lots of peoples memories. As Julie said earlier,Sallys Secondary friends will be lighting a candle during Tuesday Secondary chat tomorrow, if you are a mets women and want to join us please do, if you haven’t got mets or can’t join chat perhaps you’d like to burn a candle anyway? Between 8.30 and 9.30.

RIP Sally xx

Very suprised to read this awful news, I had noticed Nicky(Sally) hadn’t posted for some time but like others have said asumed it was because she had returned to work. My sincere condolences to Nicky 65 (Sally’s) family.

Very sad news. Sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Alison x

RIP Sally. My condolences to her family. Such sad news and another life lost too early to this rotten disease. xx

Just reminding people that we will be lighting a candle for Sally tonight on Secondary live chat (8 30-9 30 )

julie x