Nipple discharge

Hello to everyone - I have a discharge from my left nipple in two places - one is coming out green and the other is coming out a dark brown colour which I am assuming is blood. Have seen GP and now awaiting urgent appt with breast clinic within next 2 weeks. Don’t know what to think at mo. Am I in trouble or could it be an infection. Has anyone else been at this stage and what happened? My brain is going from being scared to death to being numb - look forward to your help

Hi please try not to worry but your going to naturally!

I am glad your doc referring urgently. I had discharge from
my left nipple over period of 9 months and doc kept putting me on flucloxacillin. Never went away but I had just had a baby so he insisted it was related. I eventually convinced him to refer me as I had history of a lump on that side which altho wasn’t there this time concerned me.

I was found to have grade 3 cancer and had to have a mastectomy and am still undergoing chemo. So on the upside you have dealt with it promptly which is great and if it is the big c the sooner it’s found the sooner they can start the marvelous treatments that are available and u can get better xxxx

have you noticed any changed in the skin on that breast like a cellulite appearance and any unexplained weight gain or change in bra size? Just things that happened to me.

Hope I haven’t terrified u but just being honest and praying that it’s just a wee infection!!! But keep in mind how quickly u are being seen and good on you!

Keep in touch and feel free to post your worries xx


Dear Signet - thank you so much for replying to my post so quickly and for the kind words. Having this contact from you has made me feel much better. Don’t worry, you haven’t frightened me and I appreciate your honesty. I would rather be prepared for the worst than it come as a complete shock.
I have put on a lot of weight but then I am on some medication for something else and one of the side effects is weight gain and so it could be down to that. My left breast which is the one affected, is larger and and drops down lower than my right one. They haven’t always been like this, it was something that I noticed quite a long time ago but didn’t think anything of it. The discharge has also been there for a long time - years maybe - but, again, thought nothing of it until there was blood in it a few days ago which is when I saw my lovely GP - thankfully, I am registered with an excellent doctors’ surgery.
I know only having to wait 2 weeks for a hospital appointment is very good but at the moment, 2 hours feels like too long. I want to know now! Having someone to talk to on here in the meantime is going to be a great help to me.
I’m sorry to hear about your experience and really hope that your treatment is successful. It’s great that you can be of help to me even though you must be going through hell yourself - thank you x

Hiya so glad I didn’t cause distress. I also had noticed my breast wasbigger and kept moving up a size blaming it on weight gain. I was running 5ks so couldn’t understand why I was gaining and why my times were getting slower. My discharge was brownish and sometimes pure blood. I had no lumps but oddly the day after I demanded the referral I found a cluster of lumps under my arm and three in the breast. So before the biopsies etc I knew it was cancer.

But like I say it’s not the end of the world and can be treated and in many cases very successfully and I am hoping that you don’t even have to find that out xxxxxx

Like I say post away and air your fears. There aren’t any scare mongerers on here and I have had some true support at my worst moments xxx

I am glad you have such a good doc too as it makes such a difference xx

Anyway as I say I hope you post back that it’s not cancer and something entirely different xthinking pos vibes for you


Hi there

I really hesitated about whether to answer your post or not, but the last thing I want to do is cause you undue worry.

I had a bloody nipple disharge before my diagnosis in 2008, before the discharge my breast had been swelling up and it took 9 weeks before I was diagnosed as my mammogram, ultrasound and a swab biopsy (of the discharge) all came back clear. Well how wrong they were, it ended up being Stage 3, IBC and the “mass” that “wasn’t cancer” was over 8 cm in size. I slipped the system by the incompetence of radiographers, doctors and specialists - I was only referred to an Oncologist after my diagnosis (eventually found because they were going to remove all the milk ducts) who spotted it immediately.

I really hope that this turns out to be something simple, just make sure you keep questioning and questioning.

Good luck

P x

Dear Signet

Thanks for your most recent post and your support, will let you know when I receive my appointment. Are there any questions that I should be asking at this appointment or do I leave it all to them?

I haven’t got any lumps, just the discharge. I think I would be more worried if I had lumps as well as the discharge or can it be cancer without any lumps?

Will keep in touch xxx

Dear Peacock

Thanks for your advice which was to keep questioning and questioning. I can’t think straight at the moment and wondered if you could help me with the questions that I will need to ask at my first appointment - I have no idea at the moment what I should be asking them.

Looking forward to your help.

Deborah x

Hi Deborah x yes it can be cancer minus lumps which mine was for a good nine months. I had my little girl and the nipple discharge started shortly after.

At the clinic they will do an exam of your breast and I imagine with no lump present they must swab the discharge and have that tested. I would expect them to do ultrasound and dependant n your age a mammogram also. Make sure they do and don’t settle for less. It needs to be thoroughly checked and they did all this for me albeit my lumps had presented by then but I do know that’s the standard checks at my clinic.

Not sure what u should ask specifically but I think poss peacock means if you aren’t sure ir happy with what they are doing or saying then question it and don’t feel that you are being silly or a nuisance. I regret not asking my doctor more when he kept giving me antibiotics. If you don’t understand anything ask. I think it’s such an important app that you have to get the reassurances you need.

Ask them what tests they are doing and why and what the results will determine.

If they do try to prescribe flucloxacillin it’s because it’s effective against blood infections.

It’s v hard to guide you specifically as I say without putting the complete frighteners up you which I don’t want to do.

Wish I could help you more but just speak up and don’t leave anything unsaid fir your peace if mind xx


Hi Lynn
Your 3 children look gorgeous by the way. Thanks for the advice and info. I’m 42 and have never had children. Does that make me too young for a mammogram? If they say I am too young, I’ll remember what you said and push for one.

I’ll also write any questions down that I want to ask because I know what I’m like - I’ll end up coming out of the appointment thinking oh I wish I’d asked this or asked them about that!

I’m up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. Sometimes I’m thinking I’m worrying too much because it could turn out to be nothing. Sometimes I’m thinking it won’t be bad news because surely this can’t happen to me. Other times I’m thinking this just doesn’t seem real and I can’t get my head around it or my head isn’t letting me. Oh dear, very confused.

I don’t want to say too much to my husband about all of this because I don’t want him worrying - he is Bipolar(manic depression) and although he hasn’t had an episode for years, I don’t want to make him ill with this so this forum is excellent for me to write down what is in my head and I can avoid putting too much on him at the moment.

Ah thanks deb I love the wee mites even tho they are a handful!!!

No your not too young for mammogram I was told it’s over 35. I am 37! X

That’s really difficult your husband being bipolar too and certainly makes it much worse for you to talk with him and have his full support xxxx am glad this forum is helping you xxx

I had the same sleepless nights and remember going tinthe dic and every time he wrongly overlooked my symptoms - which deep down I suspected - I was happy to take his word it was just an infection
of the blood! It’s one if the scariest experiences to
go through regardless of outcome so feel free to chat away and no matter how silly you think you may sound just post and don’t worry xxxx that’s what we all do and everyone understands.

Hope app comes thru soon for you xxx where do u live? I am in Scotland in the Scottish borders not far from Edinburgh.

Lynn x

Excuse typos!!! Bloody auto correct on I phone!!! And I just find it tricky for typing on x I meant doc not dic lol!!!

Hi Lynn

I hate those auto correct things too! I live in Leeds, so I’m miles away from you. I’ve only been to Scotland twice - once to Glasgow years ago for a bonfire night party and the other time was business in Aberdeen when I was working. Enjoyed both visits.

This may sound a strange question but have you had any problems with your gums. Parts of mine are swollen and bleed sometimes. I’ve been to the dentist and she says there’s nothing to explain this. She did ask me if I was pregnant which is a definite no. I’m wondering if it is just to do with being run down?

Anyway, enough about moi, how are you feeling today?

Hello Deborah

Sorry I can’t comment on the nipple discharge, but just wanted to say I live in Leeds too and was diagnosed in January this year. I just wanted to let you know that the care I have had at the LGI Leeds and St James’s Hospital has been really good so if you have to go to either of these rest assured they will take good care of you.

I do hope things turn out well for you.

Take care.

Beverley x

Hi deb I am fine thanks xx rushing round getting stuff for hol next week xxx

Yes oddly I did have bleeding gums but thought it was just me brushing too hard so don’t put any weight into that. Symptoms I recall were hot flushes, high blood pressure, tiredness and mood swings which I thought were early menopause! If only!!!

Try not to read into every symptom you have as you will write yourself off before you get there xxxxx I know that’s easy advice to give! Big hugs Hun and hang in there xxxx get a nice film and snuggle up and forget about it fir a night xxx

Thanks BarneyB for your message. It’s good to know that you’re being looked after well and has made me feel more at ease.

Look after yourself.

I thought exactly the same this afternoon - all of a sudden, I’m completely aware of every ache and pain in my body and I need to calm down about it.

I’ve got some nice chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and I’m going to watch all the soaps and then Big Brother and then bed.

I hope you have a lovely holiday next week.

God sounds yummy! Just as well not near by or you would have had a gate crashed lol xxx keep posting tho if it’s bothering you as I am usually up at god knows what hour!!! Xxxxx

speak soon


Hello Deborah

Hope you are coping with all the worry ok, it is a stressful time waiting to see the medics.

I think Signet has covered most of the questions. Wait and see what the ultrasound and mammo show up first, if anything.

If nothing shows up (as in my case) ask what the reasons are for a bloody discharge from the nipple, this isn’t normal so should be investigated. It could be something like a papilloma which is in the milk ducts, this is what they thought I had hence the reason for having the microdectomy operation to remove them. Remember though I also had a very large breast which had swelled considerably since first going to the doctor, this was also itchy and felt like the let down feeling with breastfeeding.

If they suggest just taking a swab from the nipple, don’t accept this, as in my case this was clear. To get an actual biopsy it is a case of getting the right cell at the right time so I would advise they take a more precise biopsy from within the breast.

My tumour was actually right behind the nipple although the first strange feeling I had was a hardish area below the nipple on the underside of my breast.

Remember though that everyone is indivudal and different so it doesn’t mean you have anything sinister, it is just good that you’re having it checked out.

Try not to worry and have as best weekend as you can.

P xx

Hi Peacock

Thanks so much for all the information and support - it is very much appreciated.


P, it’s nice to meet someone elsewith the nipple discharge symptom. Most ladies tend to present via lump. Hope you are well and Deb I really hope this is just a big panic over nothing xx