Nipple discharge

Hi honey

Scoffed my icecream tonight and watched all the rubbish telly that I said I was going to watch - still can’t sleep but am feeling somewhat calmer.

I had a really good chat with my husband tonight - turns out he didn’t want to say too much to me because he didn’t want me worrying too much and I didn’t want to say too much to him because I didn’t want him worrying and becoming ill over this. However, I have underestimated him and he is a lot stronger than I thought. He is really pleased that I have you and others on this site to talk to.

I feel the same about having someone with the same symptoms as I have because like you said, most of the other ladies have all presented with lumps which I don’t have.

I’m also very grateful to you because apart from my husband, I am a bit stuck with people to talk to at the moment. My best friend lost a good friend of hers to cancer and she also lost her Dad to cancer only a few months ago and she is still really struggling with this and, therefore, I don’t want to put on her with what is happening with me. The other person that I would have talked to is my mum-in-law (love her to bits) but she lost her Mum to breast cancer probably over 30 years ago now but she still gets very upset when she talks about it so, I’m in the same predicament with her.

Where are you going on your hols? Bet the kiddies are really looking forward to it. Are you all set to go?

Hope to speak to you soon.
Debs xxxx

I’m feeling suicidal - can anyone help?

Hi ya. Keep talking to people. We all know on here that the waiting is the worst bit. Either waiting for appointments or results. Nights can be very long and once the minds starts it’s very hard to stop it! I have taken to having my musicbeside bed and often listen to it during the night to try and stop my mind working overtime. You are on the right road and everyone has everything crossed for you! Try not to read too much yet as you can scare yourself silly. But this forum is a great help! Do you have a date yet?

Hi there catsmother21

I understand that you’re feeling very scared and, as others have said, sleepless nights are very difficult.

If you need to talk to someone during these times, please do consider the Samaritans, they are available 24 hours a day and may help you to chat to someone during these difficult nights.

You can give them a call on 08457 909090 or even drop them an email on <script type=“text/javascript”>eval(unescape(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%6a%6f%40%73%61%6d%61%72%69%74%61%6e%73%2e%6f%72%67%22%3e%6a%6f%40%73%61%6d%61%72%69%74%61%6e%73%2e%6f%72%67%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’))</script>.

Alternatively, our Helpline are great listeners and can offer information and support to you if you need to talk. The number is 0808 800 6000. They’re open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Hope this helps

Very best regards.


Yes at the others have said the nights are always the worst, l hope you are feling a little easier this morning.
Please phone the helpline up this morning, they open at 9, even if you are feeling a little better, they will talk you through your worries, and help you to cope over the next couple of weeks. They really are worth a call.
Please remember they are only open today between 9 and 2pm, then not until Monday, so best if you can call today, later today or tomorrow you may wished you had called for a chat.
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxx

Hi debs are you ok?? Please try not to panic xxxx

I feel terrible as just saw your pos post then the other one. To be honest it’s perfectly understandable that your emotions are running wild and your terrified. I think your amazing for coming on here and being so honest and least then we can give u the support u need. I will send u my mobile number and feel free to text any time x x

glad hubby been so supportive and hope he continues to be which am sure he will x

how are you today???

I am goin to centre parks with the family and my sis and fiancée meeting us there for week xx be chaos but i intend to have one spa day and the rest just family madness x

let us know how you are xxxx


And I second the others re the helpline debs x I am prob a seasoned veteran at phoning up upset and every time I have come away feeling good x

Morning all, Debs, have you rung the helpline, is there anything any of us can do to help? We all fully understand how scary this is for you. I will keep this page open all the while my PC is on if you want to “talk”, I’m on the PC most of the day as it is my work.

Take care xxx

Just bumping this post back up in hope debs will get in touch xx fair vexed for u.

U maybe feel it’s not helped coming on which is very understandable but just know we do care and still hope for best X

I’ve been checking in all day and now am concerned about Deb, has anyone heard from her via text? Hope she is ok.

Thinking of you Deborah and hoping you are OK!

Alex x

Hi Deborah

Please pm me if there is anything I can do to help. Don’t suffer alone we are all here to support you in any way we can.

Anne x x

Hi p I haven’t heard xx

I am worried but also think it could be that she has decided perhaps she shouldn’t come on here as it’s jumping the gun etc. I know I go thru phases of coming on then not wanting to cos sometimes things upset me so perhaps it’s just her way if calming herself and shutting this away time being x

not sure this will make sense to any but I think she seems v similar to me how she comes across and only time will tell xxxxx

Hello Signet

Yes you’re probably right, sometimes I’ve come on here and scared myself silly reading things. Lets hope she comes back when she’s had her appt and lets us know and obviously we all hope that everything is ok.

As you said before there aren’t many girls who seem to have this type of discharge, at the time of my problems no one else could help me so I did feel very alone and scared.

Hope everyone is feeling well today.

P xx

To all of you who left messages for me - thank you so much. I’m so sorry for leaving that message about how I was feeling. I have finally had some sleep which is why I’ve not been on for a while and Signet is right, I thought that by staying off here it might help me forget about things.

My letter arrived on Saturday from the Breast Clinic is it for 28 July - I wish it was sooner buy hey ho it’s still very quick for the NHS.

My cat wants her lunch so I’d best feed her before she starts walking all over the keyboard which is what she does if I ignore her!

Will return all PMs as well.

Hi catsmother21

We all understand. Whilst the forum’s are so very supportive sometimes we need to forget about everything. So pleased you are feeling better as everyone on the forum will agree the waiting is the worse.

Take care of yourself and we are all here if you need us. Hope the cat enjoys dins, mine just loves me being on laptop and tries to sit on it all the time.

Love Anne x x

Hi bydand

My cat enjoyed her food - nothing unusual there, she’s a greedy so and so!!! She’s also very cute and funny and has kept me going on many occasion when I’ve not been feeling so good.

Not heard from Signet, are you OK my love or have you gone on your hols now - have a great time if you have.

I’m still feeling OK and the response that I’ve had on here has been wonderful and made me feel that I’m not alone with this.

My mum-in-law got back from her hols yesterday and when I spoke to her today I told her what has been happening with me. I didn’t know what to do before - whether to tell her or not, especially since I don’t know if it’s anything to worry about yet. But then I know what she’s like and I think she would have been disppointed if I’d not confided in her. She was great and said that she would also come with me to my appointment. I’m so glad that I told her now.

Crikey! I’m waffling away here - sorry - bye for now.

Hi Debs, good to hear from you and I know what you mean about a greedy cat, I have 3 who all love their food and so are consequently bigger than they should be. Still, we love our pets and I found my cats have been a great joy to me. I also have 2 dogs and a 3 chickens (don’t ask!).

It’s good that you have someone to go with you to the appointment, not a good idea to go by oneself if at all possible, so its nice that you have a supportive hand now from MIL who will understand what you are going through.

I’m going away on holiday on 24 July so will wish you well for your appt on 28, the waiting is the pits but it will soon pass and you will know for sure, until then try not to worry too much (but I know it is difficult).

Take care, lots of hugs P xx

Hi Debs

I’m just in from the garden nour cat (Poppy) stays with me all the time. When I go for a walk in the woods with the dog – the cat comes too! I don’t know what I would do without them they certainly know how to cheer you up.

As Peacock said it’s brilliant that your ML is going to appointment with you – and another big step. I found telling people the hardest part of this journey.

Chickens Paula – I’m intrigue come on tell all!

Hope you get a good night sleep Debs and so pleased you are feeling better.

Love Anne x

Dear P

I’m with Anne - please do tell about the chickens! I’ve got a friend with chickens called KFC and Paxo and she’s also got a duck that thinks it’s a chicken!!

Have yours got names? I’d love to have some chickens and also a miniature piglet but we’ve not got anywhere to put them. Though I think my husband is quite relieved about this. I think he’d go with the chickens but I’m not sure about the pig!

Good night and sweet dreams