No More Treatment Available

After more than 5 years since being diagnosed with secondaries from the start, Vicky’s oncologist has given us the sad news that there is nothing more he can offer with regards to treatment.

Since finishing a course of Taxotere at the end of last year and then re-trying Tamoxifen, the cancer has become even more aggressive and spread to Vicky’s liver, lungs and brain - it was already wide spread in her bones as well as the pituitary gland & a muscle behind her eye. So Vicky is now solely in the hands of the excellent palliative care team at our local hospice but despite the high doses of methadone she now takes, the pain never totally eases.

Vicky has always been a fighter with regards to the damnable disease and even now hasn’t given up, although she has started putting her affairs in order as she knows as well as I do that the piece of string has got immeasurably shorter.

I apologise for the rambling nature of this rant but I’m so sad and fear that she won’t reach 35 let alone Christmas. I know she feels guilty that she will be leaving me and that we never had the opportunity to start a family but all that I care about is that my wonderful wife will all too soon be photos & memory rather than the gorgeous, loving friend she has been to me for the last 8 years.

Oh Stuart how very sad a post. You aren’t rambling at all and it is good that you felt you could come here and talk to us about how things are with your lovely Vicky. I am glad you have a really good palliative care team at the hospice. It makes all the difference doesn’t it. It just seems so wrong that this disease deprives us of so much before we have time to live out our plans. There’s little I can say but that my thoughts are with you both at this desperately sad time.


Stuart I am so terribly sorry to hear this dreadful news. I do hope the palliative team will be able to get her pain under control so she can have some peace. My thoughts are with you both.

finty xx

Stuart, the tears are falling down my face reading your beautiful post. I feel so much for you both and pray for a kind passing… Your there for Vicky and that means more than anything in the whole world.

Stay strong, love Teresa x

I wish I could help but I am so sad to hear your news. It’s a dreadful disease especially for young women. I am thinking of you


Hello Stuart

I too am so so sad to read your post. I was first diagnosed aged 37 and thought that was early so I’m so sorry that you and Vicky are facing this and she’s not yet even 35. This bl**dy disease is so so cruel. You sound like a really loving, caring husband so Vicky is lucky to have you. She will certainly be feeling guilty at leaving you, I know I do at the prospect of leaving my husband and daughter. Please try to reassure her and love her unconditionally. You will be facing some really tough times together.

All my love,
Alison xx

I’m so very sorry to read this sad news Stuart.
Thinking of you both.
Yes this disease is so very cruel. Take Care…xx

Stuart,I am so sad to read your post.BC is a really sh*tty disease,depriving Vicky of her future and you of your beloved Vicky.I hope your “piece of string” is longer than you think.
Thinking of you both,

Just echoing the others Stuart, just very sad to read this. Wish I knew what to say but you and Vicky are very much in my thoughts tonight sending much love

Max x

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts & support.
Vicky knows I love her and I try to show that everyday and will continue to do so for as long as the string lasts.

I am so sorry to hear this, you and Vicky will be in my thoughts. It is clear that you are a very caring husband and doing everything you can to support her, I hope you are likewise getting support from friends and family.
Sending love and sympathy

You are in my thoughts also, I hope you are getting the support
you need at this time, much love to you both


For Stuart and Vicky…I don’t often post on here but probably I should because of how breast cancer has invaded my life… I look often but I try to forget…we are all different. I am so sorry for what is happening to Vicky my heart goes out to both of you… try to be strong at this time. God Bless You xxx DebsHxxxx

I too, would like to echo the replies from the other ladies on this thread. I will be praying for you both and hoping that the doctors can tweek Vickys medication some more so that she is painfree. Nowadays the media always portrays Breast Cancer as a curable disease, this is the hard but true face of breast cancer that is rarely shown, beautiful young ladies being torn from their familys who love them dearly, it is so very sad.

My heartfelt best wishes to you both.


Thinking of you both Stuart. Am really sorry to read your post. It is just so cruel this disease.

Love and hugs to you both.


I so hope you both find your personal peace x

Oh Stuart, even my husband cried when I told him about your post. I think we can all relate to what may have happened to us and I can only echo what all the other ladies have posted. Please keep posting on here whenever you need to, we are all here for you whenever you need us. Love and hugs xxx

Thinking of you both with love and prayers, xx

Thinking of you both.
I hope a calmness has come about for you both during this closing time.

Welsh girl x

Vicky is still slowly deteriorating but refuses to give up, to the point where I have even secretly started making plans for Christmas now.

As we all know, when things reach this stage there will be good days and others that are definitely not ones to remember. So far we are trying to make the most of everything and having Pat, Vicky’s Mum staying to care for Vicky during the day makes things much easier to bear.

Thank you all again for your kind words & thoughts. We’re both still here fighting the disease but loving each other.