No More Treatment Available

Stuart and Vicky
Just don’t know what to say…except that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lots of love
SJ xx

Stuart and Vicky

I was very touched by your post and felt the love pouring through; my thoughts are with you all.

Denise x

Stuart and Vicky
I am so sad to read your post.I can only imagine how awful this is for you.
Wishing you peaceful time together.

wow wot a sad post so sorry for you both my thoughts and prayers are with you and you find some peace in this awful time
x x x

Thankyou for taking the time to update us. Sounds like you are both great fighters so possibly those secret plans for Christmas will come to light, I certainly hope so!
I’m glad Vicky’s mum is there to support you both, you are all in my thoughts and I pray you will find the strength to cope with the bad days and can have the peace to enjoy the better days.
Keep loving and fighting,hugs to you both, Julie xx

Well Christmas & New Year were a success although incredibly tiring and I hope all yours were too.

Vicky still manages to smile despite ever increasing doses of methadone & morphine being required and she now needs 3-4 units of blood every 4-6 weeks to keep her topped up but she’s still here and still fighting.

I’ll continue to post updates every now and then but in the meantime don’t stop believing.

Such a very sad post, and im just loss for words to express. Im sorry.

Stuart, I wish I could reach out and give you and vicky a big hug. Your thread has really touched me. I’m 36 and a vickie too. I think your vicky has been dealt a really raw deal with this disease, but think she won through on choice of husband as you sound fantastic. I send you both all my love and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Thinking of you both and holding you in my heart, wish there was more I could say or do.
Vickie sounds like a brave and wonderful woman and you are a fantastic caring loving man - be strong together, and eventually when you need it you’ll find strength from the love and strength you shared.
Much love Julie x

It’s been a while and to say things have been difficult would be a gross understatement.
Vicky had 3 units of blood a couple of weeks ago and although she perked up initially a couple of days later she asked to be taken into the hospice and that’s where we stayed for the best part of 2 weeks.

For the first 5 days after admission Vicky didn’t/couldn’t talk at all and the doctors thought she may only have days left to live but this girl is a fighter. After starting to talk again she eventually began eating solid food after 10 days living on milk & orange juice.

Somehow she is now back home with the support of the district nurses visiting twice a day, a visit from a nurse at night to give meds and also the hospice at home team. I don’t know how long we’ve got but it’s more than we expected a week ago so we’ll do our best to make the most of it. Even the nurses were surprised by the level of meds in her syringe driver, she has Haloperidol, Madazilam and 1200mg of Diamorphine daily with top ups as required.

Vicky refuses to go down without a hell of a fight, so take heart and don’t give up.
Stuart x

Just wanted to send you my best wishes. You must be so proud of her.

Take care


What a lady - and what a guy!! I don’t know eithe rof you but I’m so pleased to hear this news that someone’s giving this horrible disease a run for its money - well done to you both.


just read the thread and im so sorry to hear about Vicky,

you both are in my thoughts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What a fighter and what a fantastic husband - my thoughts and prayers are with you both. xx

What a lady and what a guy!!!My thoughts are with you both, so inspirational x

Thinking of you both, with very best wishes.

Best Wishes to you both
What a great couple

I don’t know what else to say


Hi Stuart,

I’ve been following your posts and what a fanastic spirit you both have. Vicky sounds a lady who knows what she want and has been able to get her affairs in order; a thing that makes this disease real. I have found this the hardest thing to do.

Life is so precious and I so pleased that you have had this time together and who know.

I glad you to have a supportive team around you and Vicky is getting some relief from the pain. I just wished it was completely painfree for her.

Sending you very best wishes. Take good care of yourselves.


Chris xx

Hello Stuart

Like everyone else, I think you are both amazing. Tell her we all think she’s amazing.

I know that you will be making every moment count. I hope you have thousands, if not millions, more moments together.

Thinking of you both,

Alison xx

I am thinking of you both too, my total compassion to you both and how inspirational you have both made me feel, what a wonderful woman i wish i could too reach out and give her strength in a hug and u too, i am lucky also to have the support of my OH and it really makes such a difference, love to you both Shar x