No More Treatment Available

Oh Stuart, I am so very sorry for you both, and words are just not enough to describe how I really feel for you both. It’s really tearful reading your posts - I think you are both wonderful, and your Vicky couldn’t wish for a better husband.

I’m almost 50 and have had two different sorts of breast cancer, but both of them have only been early stage each time. I really wish it had been the same for your Vicky, and wish I could do something for you both, other than just write these words!

With much love to you both! xx

You are both incredible and inspirational!
My love and best wishes to you both, I hope Vicky’s pain can be controlled most of the time. Keep on fighting for as long as you can or want!
With much love and admiration, Julie x

Thinking of you both and wishing you real strength to share together at this time.
Respect to you both, Welshgirl xx

Sending you both cyber hugs, cyber strength and the ability to keep going, you are both totally amazing people. Respect to you both. Hugs Suze xxx

Time for another update.
Vicky is 35 tomorrow and over 5 1/2 years after being diagnosed she still hasn’t lost her fighting spirit.
The nurses still come every day to change her syringe driver following the last hospice stay which helps but it is pretty evident that the brain tumours are growing as she has started to lose the sight in both eyes. She’s been up to the hospital and her eyes are fine so she has decided that she will have either a Cat or MRI scan to see what’s going on. It would also seem that the secondaries in her lungs are getting worse too as she has developed a nasty cough and she wheezes when asleep.
That said, Vicky still manages to smile and in her own words “isn’t ready to go yet”.
Time is always too short so live, love & laugh while you can.
Hugs to you & those who love and support you too,
Stuart x

No words can express but love and thoughts go out to you and your family.

Hi Stuart & Vicky

I’m sure there will be extra sparkle in the love you have for each other tomorrow. What an amazing couple you are.

Thinking of you both,

Denise xx

Hi Stuart

Thank you for keeping us updated, I often think of you and Vicky and wonder how you’re getting on. I hope you can both get out and enjoy the sunshine, it’s beautiful out there today.


Hello Stuart,

Have just read yours and Vicky’s story on the thread and am overwhelmed and in awe of both of you. Your strength and love shine through as does Vicky’s enormous courage.

I hope you manage to have a special day with Vicky on her birthday and like all others who have posted here send lots of love and thoughts.


Hello Stuart

This is such a dreadful disease and 35 is much too young. I am also blessed with a wonderful husband and know that he will support me as you are doing with Vicky. It makes me very sad to think about leaving him and the children, as you say, we must make the most of all the time we have together both the good and the bad. Vicky will live on through you.

Sue x

And for the latest…

I was called home from work on Friday as Vicky’s MacMillan nurse had the results of her MRI. Well, the results weren’t good to say the least with the cancer spreading into her skull, the meningeal lining and some fairly large tumours there too. Things only got worse when Vicky suffered a seizure on Friday night and was taken into the hospice by ambulance.

Amyway, she came home yesterday and seems fairly responsive now as Midazolam has been added back into her syringe driver which will help prevent any further episodes.

Everyone is so tired, including Vicky of course. I’d like to say that she’ll make it as far as our anniversary on May 20th but I just can’t see much beyond the next couple of weeks now - she’s asked me to remember her smile. I will and so much more besides.

Take time to get a hug today, it’s worth it on so many levels.
Stuart xx

Big hugs to you and to Vicky. Not much more that I can say, except make the most of every day, which I am sure you are doing anyway. This horrible disease is so unfair. xxx

Hi Stuart

Thank you for letting us know how you and Vicky are doing, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were both getting on.

And I hope you also get to have lots of hugs - you’re right, they do help.


Thinking of you both.



I am completely inspired by Vickie’s determination. We don’t always remember what people do or say, but we never forget the way they make us feel. Wishing her many more good days.


wishing Vicky peace and love xx

Thinking of you both and willing you a cyber hug. Hope you both have a peaceful week.
Julie xx

Hugs to you both Stuart at what must be a very difficult but precious time.
Nicky x

Hi Stuart,

I have just read yours and Vicky’s posts and I am so sorry that this dreadful disease has affected you both in this way xx
I am 34 and it is so cruel that this disease is affecting such a young and very determined lady.
Sending BIG hugs and I wish peace and love to you both

Donna xxx

Hi Stuart & Vicky

Just sending you both some cyber ((((HUGS))).

Your words are very touching and I know they come from the heart.

Thank you and have a huggy, peaceful Easter.

I just wish I could say more.

Love to you both, Denise x