November Fireworks

Hi ladies

I finished chemo last week so will be starting radiotherapy in November, after a little family holiday, think we deserve it after 19 weeks of chemo.

Anyway is anyone else starting about that time?

Would be great to share tips etc on our way through x

Hi Sar41 I also finished chemo last week and have appointment with onco on Monday to discuss rads so may also be joining you in November x

Hi I also finished chemo -2days ago and will be starting radiotherapy Nov so be in touch . X X

Ment 12 days ago xxx

Hi everyone … Look forward to joining your group. I also start rads early November. Hoping it doesn’t effect my implant :relaxed: x

Hello, I’m starting radoitherapy on 2 Nov - 15 treatments over 3 weeks. I’ve got an appointment to discuss the treatment this morning and would welcome ideas for questions to ask, from anyone who happens to be online right now…Otherwise it will be good to be “going through this” with others, come next week. I’ve already had the black dots added last week. 


These are some of my worries about rads: it will affect my lungs, heart, breast will be very burned, I’ll be too tired to work and carry on with musical activities… 


I would espectially welcome hearing from others with DCIS. I have high grade, but because it is such an early version of cancer - it is even called pre-cancer by some, it had not affected lymph nodes and I don’t have to have chemotherapy. I had a WLE on 20 August and sometimes still feel quite sore but otherwise I’m fine.



Nella, I drove myself there most days,50 mile round trip without too much problem , was nice on the days I got a lift though as it can get very tiring ,particularly after 1st week.

Hiya, I start 4 weeks of radio on ‘remember remember the 5th of November!’ Enjoy your holiday you sure do deserve it.


Dory x

Hi ladies, i had my last of 10 chemo on Wednesday and start my rads on 18th November up till 8th December. … so glad the chemo is over as it was far from plain sailing but so looking forward to it all being over in time for Christmas … Take care everyone xx

Slight delayed start for me, rads start on wed now. 20 blasts and got to start tamoxifen same time.

Blast 1 done. Took longer to be lined up then being zapped. Team were lovely, talked me through everything and very reassuring. Just odd being topless again! I got demerol cream and told to use it from now to help skin. Good luck if anyone else starting soon.

Hi vic55, i am due to start 15 radios on 18th of this month, you seem ok with your 1st one which is good to know. Hope it continues for you x

Hi Ladies

Funnily enough I started the ‘October Hot cross buns’ thread thinking i would start in October but its turned out I begin rads on the 11th November. Funny to start on a wednesday but i will be glad to get it over with. I would love to join your group as the journey has been very tough and emotional for me with a lot of life changing events in the background at the same time. So it will be great to share experiences and support each other. I havea prescription for Tamoxifen to start taking straight after rads. Plus the hospital have told me to get a flue jab as i cant miss a single rad appointment. I got one yesterday at the chemist, arms a bit sore but it was fine. 


Hi, given the title of this thread, some irony that my rads were postponed. They were due to start on Monday and now I’m just about to go for my first one today! Through all the fireworks, no doubt… wish me luck!

Good luck Nella,you will be fine.

So I had my first blast today. Another reason to remember the 5th of November! Yes, Vic 55, it took longer lining up… and I can’t say it hurt or anything, just rather uncomfortable, to maintain the position without moving and not knowing how long it would take… (they didn’t tell me…I thought they were just taking an xray then it went on and on until I realised it was all done…).  


I’m still very grumpy I can’t have the appointments at the time I wanted, meaning I have to contend with rush hour travel to get there. Needless to say I was late… and it seemed very quiet and empty - wasn’t very lucky with the bedside manner of staff, who were, understandably I suppose given my lateness, rushing… also, I do feel uncomfortable with male docs or technicians… guess I should have said something earlier?


Also was rather upset to learn, after the treatment, that so much of the left upper part of my body could be affected - I thought it was going to be carefully targeted at just the breast… and not only that, but that you have to be careful in the sun for the rest of your life!!! Nobody said that before…


Apart from all that, I’m fine (!)



After the first few appointments the sessions get much quicker as they don’t take x rays and they get you lined up much quicker ,after a few sessions I was in and out in 10 mins .I wouldn’t worry about being late ,people are travelling quite a distance for treatment they expect people will be late ,they just slot you in when they can if you are delayed .I had different staff every few days so you may get more cheerful staff next time. Just remind yourself that each time you go it is one less.


Ive had a lumpectomy 28/9 and now waiting for my radiotherapy to start for 4 weeks from 19th nov …has anyone had any problems with seroma i had to have it drained off last week and really worried that it will delay my therapy as ive got another bit of swelling :-( 

Really hoping it all goes to plan and finishes on 16th Dec as hopefully im going on holiday to a log cabin in scotland on 18th !!


its strange how weve been told different things , from my surgery it seems to have taken ages to get to my radiotherapy, so that person that is hoping to start straight after her planning app i dounbt that very much - couldn’t beleive i had to wait another 4 weeks !! Ive also already started my tamoxifen , sleep is a bit disturbed but that could be due to stress lol


its interesting to see how everyone else is coping, my mood in general is a bit up & down at minute but hopefully that will improve.



Hi Reikiran glad you finally have a start date, been a long wait for you on top of everything else. I’ve just done my 10th today, 9 to go. Feeling tired so glad of the weekend off, it certainly made a difference last week to have a couple of days break to recharge a little before the next lot. Good luck everyone, and like Jill says once they have you lined up the appointments are quicker, it’s just the waiting around to get in there that takes the time at my hospital, very long delays this week. I see different people each time I go and have got used to it, can feel a bit impersonal at time because they are so busy but they have been very kind so far and have answered any questions/worries I have had. Very grateful to have had lifts there and back as journey home is an hour in rush hour traffic and really don’t think I could cope with that after rads, so if anyone offers you a lift at anytime take them up on it! ‘Whatever gets you through’ is my motto at the moment…oh and chocolate :smileyvery-happy: 

Now done 3 (17 left!) and they are deffo getting quicker. I’ve been lucky I think and had same female team. They also have been incredibly supportive, I’ve picked up some fairly horrific post chemo issues so on a day I had an appt at another clinic in the hospital, I got to rads, my machine was running late but they moved stuff round to get me in / out on time.

Oh and re cream etc, was told to start early, do whole armpit and almost up to collar on, def wider area than I thought!!