November Fireworks

Nella ive been abroad twice since finishing rads in June and no problem at all with the sun! Plenty of highfactor lotion and you will be fine ? You do get some soreness on the radiated side after treatment,it comes and goes so nothing too bad, good luck with the rest of your rads and i hope you get some friendlier staff!! Xx Jo

I have been a bit down this morning as my breast is feeling tender - there is a hard, sore area, which is, I guess, where they excavated during the WLE.  It was also feeling hotter than usual and rather darker. I slept in this morning, which I never do, so worried I am already affected, after only two rads! That would be a delayed reaction of about 36 hours, since I had first ones on Thurs and Fri. Is that possible? 


Could anyone recommend what they like using as moisturiser for the area? I’ve never used potions or creams on my body, but I guess I’d better start now. Although skin so far doesn’t seem affected, perhaps I’d better prepare in case it is. 




Nella I had quite a big reaction after first couple if sessions, boob red hot and could smell burning( not sure if that was psychological though). It settled down again until about half way through when I started to get itchy rash and redness.Some people are a lot more sensitive than others .They suggest using aqueous cream which you can get from chemists.

Make sure out drink lots of water as it really does dehydrate you and the dehydration makes you really tired.

I found it made a big difference to the fatigue if I didn’t drink enough. .

Nella my boob got very tender after about 4 days and I was worried too but when I mentioned it to the radiologists they said it was normal and it was because they were aggravating the area again so that’s why it feels sore, made sense to me after that. 

I’ve been using aqueous cream, they recommended 3 times a day, but been putting it on more than that if I need too. Good luck with your rads :smileywink: x

Didi I started my tamoxifen just before rads, but I know from reading others posts that it does vary, just depends on what each specialist recommends I suppose? I don’t know the pro’s and con’s of when best to start, just got told by GP to start them once I had the perscription which just happened to be before start of rads for me :smileywink: x

Ho ladies it all sounds grim… I start next Monday the 16th and do not looking forward to it but just want it over like the rest of you… I just know I’ll have problems as skin is do sensitive anyway… Still having after effects of chemo aches and pains mainly in legs and arms so a bit scared of radiotherapy and the thought of 20 trips to London ? Still on homeward stretch… Take care all of you xx

Ah thank you… Hope so been slapping on double base cream 3 times a day to prepare… Pleased your the other side of it all now… Can’t wait ?Xx

Excuse me repeating myself, but I had my first two treatments last week (Thurs and Fri) and today when I disrobed for the third treatment (Monday) and looked in the mirror, I noticed an area of my breast is now very red. (There was no redness on Sat or Sun!) The delayed reaction seems weird… also, the same area is very hard and tender. I reckon this may be the area where the WLE excavated, but I’m not sure. Will talk to someone tomorrow hopefully, but worrield it could be fibrosis…? (There was nobody there today to talk to as my appointment is late at 6pm and everyone is just trying to get away home.) Hoping it won’t stay hard for ever.  Using Aloe Vera Gelly somone gave me today, but it doesn’t really feel like it is getting to the problem area, which is inside the boob. The skin is red and hot, but not sore.  

Hi everyone
Know a lot of you have started rads and are doing well, I start next week and thought this week was going to be quite nice … No hospital appointments which we all know that’s great!!! But feel quite down and anxious hope don’t react to bad and can complete treatment, felt this way with chemo just wanted to keep on track… But also tryptophan prepare myself for the disfigured boob know it sounds silly and we are here that’s the main thing but 2 ops months of chemo anxiety over appointments just feel enough is enough… Did anyone else feel this … Xx

Ah thanks Sandra . I try to keep as busy as possible but when I can’t sleep my head goes to silly places … All the best for next week … You are all such a help as only we who walk this walk knows what it is like … Roll on next year for us all ?Xx

I start my rads nxt Wednesday 18th and am a bit concerned as i still have tingling pains in my boob since my op last may. I only had my last chemo 2 weeks ago today , so it will be 3 weeks between my chemo and my rads. Is that long enough because my onc originally said at least 4 weeks between treatments. …

Thankyou San, it does help when you know other ladies are going through the same. Some days were so sure about everything and other days we question everything. How are you now all that is behind you ? X

Hi boodies, I had 2 ops in May and get tingling and odd pain most days … I start rads on 16th finished chemo 4 weeks ago … And k also am fine one day not the next sometimes hourly lol … Be in touch take care xxx

Hi Awil, hope everything goes well for you on monday. Sometimes i think we all need reassuring about what weve all been through these last 7 months or so especially by the medical team. I feel like i need them to say yes your all good and its gone , but i know they cant and it does take over my every waking moment. But sometimes i think omg what have i just been through all these months and its a lot to think about. It is so hard sometimes especially as everyone says , “oh you look fab, no one would think youve done 10 rounds of chemo”. As much as i know its a compliment and people are being so nice , they havent got a clue what we are going through mentally… sorry for going off on one !

Hi boodies
OMG don’t worry about going off I sometimes feel like screaming or smashing somethings … Try to keep as normal as poss but you are do right all I got was ho you look so well …err feel crap head all over place and quite jelious of little old ladies with walking sticks walking up the road … Phoned work and they say j sound do normal !!! No k d had any idea … And yes all we want is to be told it’s gone you are fine now off you go enjoy your life… I tell you I would have taken chemo 10 times over for that statement … Do yes we all have the same fears … And now it’s ho good your almost done … Will let you know how I go before Wednesday xxxx

Hi Awil, i have made an appointment to see bcn nxt week, just to speak to them about the worries and fears. Not sure if this will help yet as i dont know what they can say to ease it but i will have to give it a go… hope you have a good day x

Hi Chicks. I finally started rads yesterday which is a huge relief as its been more than 10 weeks after surgery. They gave me a gown to keep during my treatment which has Velcro on the shoulders and sides, they undo it for treatment then pop it back together after. I was glad of it as it was freezing in there. The staff were kind and the experience was fine considering how I had wound myself up about it beforehand. When I walked out into the fresh air after I couldn’t help bursting into tears, the rush of emotion was huge and overwhelming. 


I think when your waiting for app you try and forget but then when you’re back into the NHS conveyor belt of treatment with all the other brave soldiers in the waiting room. It’s a side of life you don’t want to see, shouldn’t have to see but you have to be there. It just felt like my life is such a mess, what more can go wrong. Will share more about that soon. 


Good luck ladies, drink water, walk a bit and stick your chin in the air and say ‘well done to yourself for being so brave’. Xx

Good news you’ve finally started my lovely! What wait you’ve had, good luck with it all, how many have you got to have? 


Good luck to all of you starting Rads too!


:smileywink: x