October 2017 Chemo Starters

Hi Ladies


This thread is for anyone who is about to start chemo next week.


Hopefully you can all help and support each other as you go through your treatment.


I had chemo last year, so I will try and help as much as possible. If you have any questions please ask and if I don’t know, I can at least point you in the right direction of who to ask!


Best wishes

Sue xx

Hi Sue, I am starting on Thursday, I go for my pre assessment tomorrow.  Had PICC line fitted last Wednesday.  Already injecting blood thinners because of a clotting condition so hoping I can keep dvt free throughout my chemo treatment.    Having 3 FEC and 3 docetaxal and possibly herceptin (awaiting FISH results).  My main worry is the docetaxal  as I sew and crochet and would hate to get neuropathy really bad where making things becomes difficult.  Losing my hair is going to be upsetting.  Thank you for starting this thread.  Any tips would be appreciated.  

Hello. I’m starting fec-t on 2nd October. Feeling pretty anxious as I have a 10 month old and 3 year old to look after so hope I can mange the side affects.

Hi patchworkgirl. I’m popping over from the July starters thread. Just want to ask if you’ve considered cold capping? You basically wear an ice cap on your head during chemo to protect your scalp from the treatment.
I’m due my 5 th chemo tomorrow and haven’t lost any hair. And I’m not alone, there are others who’ve also kept all of their hair. Ask your bcn or chemo ward about it. If you decide to go ahead, have your hair cut short so it carries less weight and also have it layered so it’s thin, this will help you to achieve a good fit with the cold cap. If you have any questions, just ask. There’s also a thread on here with lots of info; just search ‘cold cap’.
Angela x

Hi all I will be starting chemo on …, Friday 13th October good job I’m not superstitious lol xx

I have been offered cold cap but declined it as my sister and myself doing brave the shave on 9th October and so far we have raised £1200 for Macmillan’s x I have 2 wigs ready and will wear them with my hair held high and a positive smile x good luck to all getting ready to start x

That should have said head held high ?

Thanks ladies I am fortunate that my hubby bought me 1 wig and my mom bought the other x I will get a free one when I meet chemo nurses too my hubby said it will be like getting a new wife with each one I wear lol xxx at the moment my hair is bright pink for bc awareness before the shave x just me kicking back this crappy disease might have knocked me sideways but I refuse to let it knock me down xx

Hello ladies, is it OK for me to join this group? I started my chemo yesterday (25th) but the September group seems so far ahead, I’ve struggled to catch up.
I’m having FEC-T too, 3 cycles of FEC and 3 Docetaxel.
Cw - I have a 4 year old and a 4 week old too so childcare is top of my list to sort out ?

Don’t know about picc meeting nurses on 10th for my assessment
Reboot welcome to the place we don’t want to be x
Do they advise everyone has a flu jab ? If so I will call my doctors get it over and done with xx
Hope you get lots of support with little ones ladies x

Thank you I will check tomorrow and book in for my jab x

I wouldn’t worry about the Friday 13th thing SueW. I had a baby on a Friday 13th so after that I decided that I could no longer be superstitious about it!
I am joining this group too, my chemo starts next Wednesday 4th. I haven’t been told which drugs yet. I gave a pre chemo talk and tour on Monday, Oncologist on Tuesday then treatment on Wednesday. Having my just above shoulder length hair but short on Thursday morning. Not at work for next two days so going to blitz the house and the washing. Going to have date night out with nice food and wine on Friday then no more drinking. I will miss my glasses of red :frowning:
Best of luck to everyone, let’s just take one day at a time and keep each other’s spirits up x
Any tips on how to share photos? I was going to go before and after hair pictures.

PS. I am having my flu jab on Saturday morning. I checked with onc department yesterday and they said it was fine. We had an awful bout of flu last year that knocked us out for about 3 weeks over Christmas so even if I didn’t qualify for a free one I would have had one this year!

Hi chaffinch haven’t worked out how to add photos on phone or tablet can only do it on my laptop XX
On the laptop it has little icons and one is to add s photo x

My son is 21 on Friday we going to Frankie and Bennys (his choice) I will be hitting the cocktails ???x

Hi margy and welcome to the group. I am starting chemo tomorrow. My first 3 sessions are FEC. The 3 letters stand for 3 different drugs - i cant remember the names! After that i will have 4 more chemos - docetaxol with herceptin and permuzetab - as my cancer is her2+. You will soon get to know the lingo. Yes get your flu jab now. My doctors dont have them in yet so i got mine in my local chemist. The support found on thos forum is invaluable so please stick around xx

Sorry Marg not Margy xx

Hi marg I too will be having 3 FEC it’s just the cocktail name personally I prefer a woo woo but that won’t cure bc lol x I got appointment on 10th with chemo nurses so I expect I will know more then then 1st chemo on Friday the 13th but like you until I meet them have not really got much insider knowledge xx

My bc nurse she told me it was called FEC and I started laughing all I could picture was father ted or mrs brown saying FEK in an Irish accent x

You are right patchwork my oncologisy said these are possible side effects then told me what they do to try and prevent them. He did warn me not to get pregnant but my response was if I got pregnant at 50 I would be needing a psych ward not chemo x