October 2018 Radiotherapy



Just starting a thread for October for those ladies who are starting their rads in October and ladies who will be completing them during October and may come over to help and support the new ladies.


Helena xxx

Hello I’m due to start October 2nd. Will be glad when it’s all over as im getting anxious. Jo xxx

I have my planning meeting 2nd Oct so hope to make a start asap after.
I’m sure you’ll be fine as I hope I am too. Just trying to keep nerves under control but should be Ok once I’ve had a few sessions. Let us know how you get on.

Good luck.
Susan x

Hello Susan thanks…yes I think it’s just the unknown and I get quite anxious. I get panicky and tend to fidget just scared I’ll move And get zapped in the wrong area. I’m sure after ive had a few I will be fine. I’ll let you know how it goes. Take care. Jo xxx

Hello ladies

I have my first clinical oncology appointment on 4 October when I’ll find out my start date. Should be some time in October though. Just waiting, waiting, waiting, all the time waiting…it’s exhausting ?.

Nicola xx

2 down, 16 to go… 


Any tips for stopping hands and arms getting sore and/or numb during treatment? I’m a climber and practise yoga regularly, but holding my arms above my head on the hard radiotherapy bed is surprisingly uncomfortable. It feels like a nerve is being impinged and I get spasms in my upper arms.


Caroline x

Hello Caroline I know what you mean with arms above head it’s like a numb feeling that’s pulling I think that’s quite normal I feel it too… I’ve had a meltdown today… my husband had a big op last year due to oesophageal cancer. We have been up a&e all day he’s had pains in his ribs and spine. They did a chest x-ray and found a big white mass on his lung.hes got to have an urgent ct scan. Sorry everyone this is a breast cancer forum and not the place to discuss all other problems but so stressed.i feel like saying stuff the radiotherapy but I know its got to be done… sorry for the rant everyone. Take care. Jo.xxx

Just want to wish you and your hubby all the best and a prayer that you both get through this troubling time.

I’m taking letrozole and carbimazole (overactive thyroid ) both have same SE. Right hip, knee, calf and ankle paining at moment had cramp in big toe
Too not very pleasent. I have carpal tunnel so fingers hurt too. Hoping all settles down soon been on letrozole 4 weeks and Carbimazole 10 months.

I wish everyone well for your upcoming treatments and know that your not alone.
Take care.
Susan x

Hi all the October rads ladies. Hope your rads are kind to you and remember it is the last stage of active treatment for you all. Keep drinking, creaming and excersising. I still do my post op exercises daily and I am now 17 weeks post last rads. I find it helps stop everything tightening up. The achey shoulder do ease as the days go by but to help take a couple of pain killers half hour before treatment. The measurement used are to the millimetre and if the team aren’t happy they will start over so best to not get to fidgety if possible. I only had one blip during treatment as got muscle spasm in my shoulder so had to stop. The time will go quickly and changes will happen more so when treatment has finished, the 10/14 days after when the treatment peaks. My advise stay calm don’t panic and contact your team if concerned and nine times out of ten they are waiting for your call specially if the skin starts to break down. Bit of advice give to me was stop using the cream where breakdown occurs usually on the crease line under the boob which was the case for me and wishing 48 hours it was all good. You will all be ringing that bell before you know it and on the road to moving forward which comes with all kinds of things. We started a thread for those first weeks after treatment. Worth a read as we all we experiencing exactly the same and the discussion we had have sure helped all of us. Good luck ladies

Thanks Susan and Appletree. It’s an added worry but we will both face it. I’m starting rads on Tues. Good luck ladies who have planning scans or are starting rads this week. I’ll post on Tuesday after day 1… take care.xxx

Good luck JWD

Can I ask which hospital you are going to. I’ll be at Sheffield Weston Park.
Susan x

I’m at Newcross Wolverhampton. I’ll let you know how it goes. Jo. Xxx

I had my planning meeting last Friday and will start 18 sessions of rads on 30th, so I’ll join the November thread when it opens too. Last Docetaxol next Wednesday. Hooray!!! Kxx

Hi Appletree

Thanks so much for all the information very thoughtful of you. I’m from Rotherham so it’s a 45/50 minute journey.

Hope I can take all the info in on my planning tomorrow pity I can’t take my hubby in with me he remembers what they say as I’m probably a bit nervous to take it all in.

Thanks for the tip about getting into robe on first visit. Xx

Yes I’ve been told about complimentary treatments but not decided on anything yet. I’ll probably just want to get through the session and go home.

Im a keen crafter making cards and gift boxes etc this is my therapy and keeps me sane. Lol

Thanks again
Susan xx


Hello Ktk,


So pleased you are now at the end-in-sight session of chemo, you helped me with advice re TM op at the very beginning in the dark days of diagnosis, so many thanks for that ? …

I, and other ladies, (who have now ended up on the First Weeks after Ringing That Bell thread) all completed rads pretty recently, and would be delighted to offer any advice and reassurance in turn, to anyone who has a burning question…(no pun intended btw ?) .between us all there’s a lot of ‘zap’ experience !!  - so please ask away if needed…


Well done you, just this to get through now and it’ll whizz past ! 


Thistle xx 

Had planning today I start on 11th Oct
I was a bit stressed as I have IBS and it had kicked in due to anxiety.
No need really they were very kind and considerate even though I had to make numerous trips to the loo. I didn’t hold anyone up as I was concerned about that.

My seroma is slowly going away without draining and hope rads don’t make it worse.

At least 3 people rang the bell can’t wait for my turn.
Susan xx

Hello ladies. First one today… 1 down 14 to go! I was so anxious and at 1 point I nearly did a runner literally!! The staff were so understanding. In nervous situations when lying down I have a fear of choking but I think it’s all the stress of my husband at the minute making me worse. It was fine though it was so quick and over before I knew it. The staff were so reassuring and put me at ease.
Susan I’ve been having seromas too since planning scan but when you start they can tell by tattoo marks if there’s any build up of fluid.
I’m a really anxious person in scan like situations but coped so anyone starting please try not to get anxious it’s over so quick. We can all do this???

Hi jWD
Pleased you got 1st session over with. I felt like doing a runner too lol.
My hubby and so we’re chatting on the journey as I was in two minds whether to go ahead with treatment but realised it was just nerves.
I’ll be ok now I’ve done the journey once and timed it. I’m not a very good traveller.

Yes we can do this!!!

I’m lucky my journey is only10-15 minutes. That’s added stress though it you don’t like traveling
I will be honest though I nearly bottled it lol??‍♀️ You will get through it…I think once the first one is over with and you know what to expect it gets easier. Take care xxx

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