Hi ladies not sure if this is where I should have come hope you all follow me here I know we are not in october yet but be nice to get the ball rolling on here now we are no longer september sizzlers…x
christine Xx

Thanks for setting this up, Christine. Had my first awkward cancer conversation at the weekend, when I bumped into someone from work who I don’t know well. She asked me loads of questions in front of her husband, who I don’t know at all but works at the same place. Usually I’m fine talking about my treatment with men or women, but I don’t really want to have a conversation about my breast in front of a stranger in a supermarket. Why does your boob become public property?! I was too taken aback to stop the conversation but will have to come up with something for next time. I was even thinking about sending an e-mail to colleagues saying that I’d had breast cancer but it wasn’t terminal (which seems to be what people want to know), but I’ve never seen anyone do that before.  Have any of you had to deal with this?  Someone I know has shown her mastectomy scar, and then her reconstructed boob, to her colleagues - I definitely won’t be doing that!

I’m here Christine let’s see what October and onwards brings . Mf I’m lucky where I work there are only 7 of us so not come across that as we are s close team , but I can totally sympathys with how you feel I would not like to talk about my boob when I’m going my asda shop to some one I hardly know , some people are so intensive , take care xx

Hi ladies, I guess we should probably put this thread in the living with breast cancer /recovering from treatment section, but I’m not bothered where we talk, maybe if we still want to keep in touch in November we can grit our teeth,cross our fingers and move into the world beyond the going through treatment section!!!I have messaged everyone re our lunch week on Saturday.Getting a bit freaked out by the thought of work , eek!!!

Morning Ladies glad you jumped across to our new chat… Mf Thats shocking thats why I didnt tell anybody about me I k ow when I go back to work on thursday im going to have lots saying wow ur back where have you been whats been the problem and no way am im going into detail with any of them I will just say ye Im back its been a rocky 6mnths but im back now lets get stuck In to work… or will find another way of charging the subject …they will get the message not to ask questions …I told them I was only having two weeks off holls owed fron last year ha… Im work in the community so I will have every house I go in asking me where uve been …but I dont want to talk about it I want to get back to reality and forget ive ever had the bloody thing so im not goinna wear myself out first day foing through what Ive had explaining to everyone. .they will get the message not to ask me any more queations …I bet you were so embarrassed its horrid maybe aome people want to avoid you and the subject or some want to go into every glory detail I would be having a word with the women and saying I was so embarrassed discussing my boob with your husband. .I will prob have some tailsto tell when ive been back to work on thursday x
Christine x

I know Jill I’m trying to make the most of my last week off , thank god for phase to return ,I normally start work at 8.15 Told them I will be in at 9.30 on Monday . Looking forward to our lunch and meeting everyone x

I have only told 2 colleagues ,I feel awkward lying but I don’t want to discuss this with anyone I chose not to, want to control when and how I talk about it,does make things awkward though.Christine, I visit people in the community too,they will all ask how I am etc ,lie ,lie ,lie…but you lose so much control during this don’t you I told everyone I was having an op due to “women’s stuff”,usually guarantees people not asking too many questions but there are always those who are that little bit more nosy!!!I have one colleague who said oh are you having an ovarian cyst removed, they’re not always cancer,yeh I know thanks for your helpful comments.I do have an ovarian cyst to to removed at some point actually, don’t think I will be going there for a while can’t face another op yet.Got letter through for smear yesterday ,waiting for that letter will be anxiety provoking after letter from routine mammogram catapulted me into cancerworld!!!

Snap Jill I got my smear letter last week booked for 16 th October . ? just want that out of the way , x

Well routine screening has probably saved my life so I will def book it,but would like a couple of weeks of medical appts first!!Went to G.P last week due to infection and will prob go next week to get a “fit note” if Occy Health say I need one to be paid during phased return.

Guess it makes a change from getting your boobs out!!!

that comment made me laugh Jill x

Note to self nurse does not need to see your boobs for a smear …

Hi, found you! Easy peazy :wink: x

Will let you know if I’ve got one when I get home… very coincidental?! Good they are keeping an eye on us. They say the tamoxifen can heighten ovarian C so perhaps they like to follow up x


Hope you dont mind as i would like to start a new ‘October hotspot’ for ladies who are just beginning the rad journey?

As when you start its the time for all the new experiences to share wouldnt you say, and i dont want to seem boring by repeating stuff youve already been through on this post? 


Is this ok with you as i have some girls on my other post who are waiting for rads to start like me. Let me know  what you think ok x x x x 

Of course you should start an October rads page…it really helps get through it. You are all so welcome in here but if you need any advice e from us veterans don’t hesitate to ask. Love Lorna x x

Yes R start an October thread ,look forward to seeing what you call it.

Hi ladies .Christine has asked if she can bring a friend who is currently having rads in Preston to the get together next week,I have said yes and will change booking but think we should leave it at the 7 people who have said they are coming now ,any more than that and it will be difficult to talk/get to know each other particularly when sitting round a large table.If anyone else wants to meet up we could arrange another get together later in the year.

Well you will def be hot and maybe cross!!!

Sat in the park in the sun with the dog and a bacon butty!!!Not sure that’s in the Rainbow diet cookbook but heh,I have an orange juice too, oh and mushrooms I read they are good for breast cancer prevention too!!