Odd question but has anyone's pets been behaving oddly?

This probably seems totally weird to be saying but my cats have been treating me differently. The older female cat (about 15) wont leave me alone and hasnt done for about 6 months and as soon as I sit down she’s all over me but also seems sadder and the younger male cat (about 5) has suddenly come over all depressed and miaowy with me since my dx.

Its probably just me being a bit paranoid but do you think they can tell?

Hi, I have no experience of cats but our dogs are definitely more protective of me at the moment. They used to always be with my husband in his office as he works from home but since i’ve been poorly they’ve been following me about and sitting wherever I am.

It is quite a comfort don’t you think?

Not a weird question at all. Until last year (when she died) my 16year old cat was very ‘knowing’ and would seek me out if I had hidden my self away and was feeling rubbish. Im convinced she knew something.

Glad its not just me being weird. You tend to forget they have emotions and can sense yours. Its nice to know they care even if a bit draining with yet another person wanting hugs and attention!! :slight_smile:

Hi Ostrich no your not being mad animals are very perceptive, my partners dog a large collie would sit on my lap pre diagnosis, whilst awaiting surgery he would only rest his head on my thigh I commented on this to my partner and said I was sure he knew something was wrong since my surgery in april he is back to normal and will sit on my lap for a cuddle. x

My Collie has become very protective of me, I always thought he was OH’s dog, he did walk him every day and feed him while I only occasionally went out for a walk. When I was in for my op he pinned like mad apparently, didn’t want to leave the house and worried about me. When I got home he stood at the door with the head held low just waiting for me to say hello. Different dog. He’s happy again now though (6 months post surgery), although he doesn’t like the way I smell when I get back from chemo, I actually know when it’s left my body because he sniffs my knees suspiciously every day until it does (he always assesses people by their knees though).

My cat was diagnosed with a genetic kidney disease back in Dec and we were basically told by the vet that he was stunned she was still alive and as active as she was, she hung on until Feb 2nd and didn’t suffer until the last 24 hours when we called the vet and had her put to sleep at home before she suffered too badly, a day longer would have been too long and the week before she was fine so it really was a blessing that she didn’t suffer but she stayed right by me after my diagnosis, we were a right old pair. I miss her terribly but really glad of the time I had with her. But lets just say that those people who inbreed Persian cats don’t want to come within a mile of me as my tolerance for cruelty has gone to nil and I would be merciless.

I wouldn’t give up a second with either of them. 2 days after tribble (the cat) died I was feeling lost when saw 2 otters playing in the river without a care in the world. 4 days later it was op time and I realised no matter how much I missed the cat it was great to have had those 5 years with her.

Hope this isn’t depressing to anyone, she was a soul mate in cat form you see. I’ve had many cats over the years but this one could tell me when I’d hit a bum note when recording vocals she was *that* good. Honest not joking, she was a better judge of music than simon Cowel or whatever his name is, the louder it was in the recording studio the better she slept.

Sleepyjean… your collie must be small. mine’s considered small but still weighs around 20 kilos!

Hi all
I was thinking this myself, but didn’t say anything to anyone as they would probably think I was mad!!!

I’m sure I read somewhere that dogs can smell cancer, and I wondered if cats could too.

I have 2 cats, 1 of which is never away from me but she has always been like that, she is just a cat that needs alot of attention.
But my other only comes in to be fed, and sometimes doesn’t even bother to do that.
When I was poorly, he would come up and lie on the bed with me for hours, this lasted a few months then he went back to normal.

Over recent weeks I have noticed him being"nice" again with me.
I had a biopsy last week on my other breast and everything is crossed that it is ok, but the thought has crossed my mind can he smell “it” again?

Only time will tell.

Have a good day


Its certainly interesting reading and on thinking about it not at all surprising. I’m off to give my cats a big hug and kiss. Thanks for all the replies.xx

I too had a weird experience with my cat who prior to me being diagnosed would sit on my lap and place his paw on my boob in exactly the place the lump was. He now sits on my lap and wants to receive a lot of attention but also gives attention back and really gives me strange looks he just stares at me for ages maybe it is because I look different being bald! the other strange thing that happened to me just before being diagnosed is that lots of my plants in the house and in the garden either died or became sickly being a keen gardener I couldn’t understand why it was happening. So maybe it is not only animals but plants too that are in tune with us. Sorry now I really do sound batty too many chemicals in the brain!.

still it makes for a interesting topic.

It is interesting…I have 2 Collies, once diagnosed, I noticed that one of them (Phoebe) would sniff my boob right where the lump was and I realised that she had been doing that for a while! and, she doesn’t do it anymore - they say dogs can smell cancer…I shall keep a close eye on areas that seem to interest her…well apart from those that always interest dogs :slight_smile:


I also have no experience of cats but my dog follows me around everywhere on the morning that i go for my chemo, its like he know he knows i’m getting ready to go out to the hospital for it! Hes very clingy when i get back and is more gentle with me, usually he would on my lap wanting fuss, but he just puts his head on my knees to snuggle in or lies on the floor right by my legs when i’m sat on the sofa… i think they can sense when your feeling poorly.

When i happen to cry he also comes and jumps on my bed wagging his tail wanting to give me some love - bless!

i love my dog…


My little cat Susie is quite elderly. She would not come near me when I was on FEC, it was like I was giving off an odour that only she could smell and didn’t like. However, when I was on Taxotere I was in bed most of the time as I was so ill and she hardly left me the whole time. If I dozed off I would wake up with her on my chest with her forehead against my cheek, it was very sweet and I love her very much.

Just seen this thread. How odd, mine did exactly the same thing. Got 4 now, but at time of dx had 2, and they would almost come and seek you out wherever you were in the house, and always be with me. Animals are much more sensitive than we give them credit for.

How strange, when I went to hospital for my first tests, my dog went off her food, wouldnt go for a walk and seemed really “off”, I was really worried about her so took her to the vets - £177.00 later, xrays, blood tests ect, they said there was nothing wrong with her! I think they have senses that we just dont understand.

Spaniels are being used to sniff cancer in trials…they are as reliable as pathologists according to stats!

My dog was very strange on the day I went in for my op…OH and I took her for a 2 hour ramble through the woods as usual on the morning but she was really subdued and stayed close. She has always been ‘my’ dog but she has become our dog now which I am pleased about. She seems to sense I’m not as energetic as usual and seems more relaxed and calm.

I knew she would go mad when I came home from hosp and was worried she may get overexcited so OH bought her with him to collect me on the day - it was the best surprise ever to see her waiting for me in the car - I missed her so much.

There was a very interesting program on TV some time back called “can Dogs Detect Cancer”, very interesting and certainly showed that in many cases dogs did appear to be able to detect cancer in a person at quite an early stage.

Sad thing was that the group who were investigating this, and showing very good results, ran out of funding and no one was willing to put any further funding their way to continue the work.

Goes to show that some establishments feel very threatened if they think that an animal may be as good or better than a human in detecting human related illnesses, suppose it allows them to maintain the myth that animals are not intelligent and they are superior :slight_smile:

That sounds like the same programme I saw Challsi…I recall the dogs being able to detect the cancer before any medical test could.

Fascinating Stuff

I saw that too. They could detect it when it was parts per trillion and were particularly good with prostate cancer… only problem there is differentiating between an attractively smelling backside (to a dog that is) or a person who needs some tests.

I definatley think that pets are more sensitive / sixth sense. My sister in law is a medium and I was sceptical until she told me all sorts on a trip to see her!
She told me that our son could be a healer and at a recent family wedding, in the church our little 1 year old son was stroking my dads knee, and placing his palm on it - he was booked in for an operation on this knee the following week. Our pets do pick up on these things for sure - I would call it extra support

Earlier in the year - I think this may be a coincidence - but my Mums dog jumped up at her breast and mum said stop it or I will get breast cancer - thats a reason you can get it from sever knocks to the breast - shes a nurse and I have never heard that before, or since she got diagnoses in June.

I currently have 5 dogs - cat of 23 recently pts dut to kidney failure.

I can tell you all categorically that there is scientific evidence that dogs can detect all manner of illnesses before we are even aware of the syprtoms. Dogs are trained to send an alarm when an owner is 20 mins away from having an epileptic fit - it gives the human time to either raise an alarm or to get themselves safe - the dogs are even trained to retrieve the right medication to give !!!

My understanding is that dogs also can be trained to detect cancers. I know that since my sister was DX, they have behaved vey differently around her - they know thats for sure.

But tell me …when I travel in th evam 250 miles to a dog show I have never been to and they sleep all the way, how come they wake up and start yapping with excitement when we are 5 miles away ??

Cats / dogs - far more in tume with waht Mother Nature is doing then we humans ever will be I think. Best of all, they love us unconditionally

Jane x