Outcome of headaches and sickness

…not the best news ladies! Turns out my headaches and vom-ing made xmas pants - stayed in bed and was sick.
Had CT scan yesterday. Got 8 brain mets, Radio starts this or next week depending on when they can fit me in. Prognosis 1-5 years. I got the impression that 1 was more likely. Gonna be a busy year having fun.
Those of you who don’t think I should feel positive can go tango, frankly. This is my journey and I feel how I feel. I’ve cried, I’ve said the ‘F’ word A LOT in the middle of a busy ward.
So now, back to PMA and having a blast while I am still here.

you go, girl - do this YOUR way.
you’ll stay in my thought…
love, monica xxx

Hello again Pash, Sorry you have had bad news yet again. This blasted disease is just so unfair. My love is being sent to you., You go out and enjoy your life as much as you can. Monica and I are rooting for you Pash. Much love Val XX

Oh Pash i am so sorry… IBC is bloody evil… You go out there and have a blast whilst you can…

Love Theresa x

I have often read your posts, and only clicked on this because I saw your name.
I am really sorry.
Sending you hugs, wishing you strength and determination, and squeeze as much as you can into 2010 and be as positive as you want - basically be YOU.

just go for it !!no one knows whats gonna happen ,go out live each day as if its your last brave lady ! xxxx

Pash i think magsi has hit the nail on the head…Pash be Pash, go for it

Rhian x

Hi Pash

We haven’t ‘spoken’ before, but I’ve seen your posts.

So sorry to hear about your mega s****y news. Hope you respond really well to the treatment.



This bloody IBC, I’m so sorry to read this Pash.

As to how you deal with it, yours is the only way for you.
I hope the radio zaps the buggers good and proper.

Jackie x

Really sorry to hear your sh*t*y news, you are a fab person, and I love your positive attitude, it shines through your posts.

Do it your way, honey, and we are all thinking about you.

Lizzie xx

Pash, I am so sorry to hear your news.

You are such a strong, brave girlie and I know you will face this challenge head-on and kick it’s ass!

Enjoy each day and do what YOU want

Love and hugs

she xx

So sorry you’v had such rubbish news Pash…Sending you big (((hugs)))…You go and have as much fun as you can,and be as positive as you want, and do this your way.I will be thinking of you and hoping that you have a excellent response to your treatment…Love and best wishes Mel xxx

Oh Pash,noooooooooooooo!!!
I am so sorry to hear this.You need to deal with it your way.You are a very plucky girl and will give this sh*tty disease a run for its money.
Let us know how you get on,we are here for you.
Love n hugs

Im so very sorry to hear your news, you are a fantastic lady with a fantastic attitude ,and im sending all the positive vibes i can your way,i read something once that has stayed with me and i hope it will for you too, it was that cancer may have my body but it can never take my spirit or soul.
You go girl and have as much fun as you can, do whatever you want to do and keep sticking 2 fingers up to this bas***d desease , im thinking of you and will be hopeing and praying for a good response from your treatment.
Love and Huge Hugs to you.
Linda xx

Hi Pash

So very sorry to hear this rubbish news. I know it probably is not much help and we are all different but statistics mean nothing. Lots of us have had grim prognosis and are still here much longer than expected, I hope this is true for you too.

Every best wish for the best possible response to your treatment and hope that the vomiting etc are not too horrendous.


Jane x

Oh F***. I’m so sorry to hear this.
Definitely do it your way, as you always would. Don’t change, you’re fabulous as you are.
with love
Flora xxx

Hi Pash

I’m so sorry you’ve been dealt this card. All I can do is offer my support along with everyone else here and, for what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone would blame you for ‘being positive’ - must admit it’s not my favorite word, I prefer ‘being strong’ and, as someone else has said, ‘kicking this disease’s ass’ - and it sounds like you have the b*lls to kick it hard. Go for it, go for everything you want - and we’ll all kick with you!

With love. Cathy x

Oh Pash,

We haven’t “spoken” before but I’ve seen your posts and admired your feisty attitude, which I hope will see you through the difficult journey you are facing.

I don’t do prayers but you are in my thoughts and I trust you will find the strength to cope with everything that’s thrown at you.

If any one can kick this vile disease’s ass, I suspect it’s you - but I’m sooooo sorry you have to be here.

Sending all my love and thoughts to you and yours x

Hi Pash,
I really really wish this wasn’t happening to you but who knows what treatment they will find next. You could consider asking to go on a research trial. I was on the Tact2 trial. There was a newspaper article this week about 7 women successfully treated with a new drug, which is for women who other treatments have failed. I think that was a drug used at the same time as herceptin but for people for whom herceptin had failed. Another thing you could do is to ask for a second opinion and see one of the top places like the Marsden or Christies, depending where you live, unless you are already at one of these. Others on this site have asked and been seen very quickly, like the next week. You can also look at the trials and which are still open and what dx you need to be taken on it, on this site.
One of my cyber friends was given a similar diagnosis last year and we made up wish lists of things for her to do. So what have you always wanted to do? She got married and did some travelling. Actually most of our suggestions were about eating!! I hope you didn’t mind me offering a few ideas for you to think about because I don’t think one doc knows everything and there may be other avenues to explore, while you are out there living every moment. Don’t forget there are 86,400 seconds in every day and each one can have a smile in it. If I had a wish I would give it to you right now.
Love and cyber hugs
Lily x x x x x x

Sh*t news Pash, think I would be saying plenty F words too. You are a breath of fresh air ,don’t change. Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

Sandra x