Pain but no lumps?

Could this be bc? I have had intermittent non cyclical pain in my right breast for about 3 weeks now. An ache, sometimes sharp pains. Often there is a pain/ache comes and goes in my right arm pit as well. But no lumps that I can feel. Normal colour and size (although right breast ‘feels’ a bit swollen).
I do have dense fibrous tissue in this breast particularly, and had a fibroadenoma removed about 15 years ago. I am 37. Clinic referral not for another 2 weeks. I had an ultrasound about 9 months ago which was normal. And a full blood count 2 weeks ago which was near normal, though I have iron tablets now as they said it shows I may be anaemic in the future. Anyone ever heard of anything like this? Could it be cysts/cystic? Or more sinister? Such weird symptoms.
Mother had lobular bc diagnosed at age 57. Thanks for reading.

Hi Katies and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry you have no replies so far, the website has been changed recently and we are still experiencing some difficulties. I am posting a link to the ‘Breast awareness’ information from BCC which you may find helpful, if you wish to talk your concerns over at any point please call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 the lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays:

Take care

Lucy BCC

Hi Katles,
If it was me, i would get it checked out, just to be on the safe side. It might not be anything but at least it will be peace of mind for you. I dont think you should dismiss anything when it’s breast related.

K xxx

Hi Katies,
I agree with KB; don’t want to scare you (or anybody) but I started with pain (never, ever listen to anybody that tells you breast cancer does not start with pain) and I noticed my left breast was a bit bigger than the other…Luckily my GP was great and instead of treating me for infection (the ususal course of action) sent me to Nottingham Breast Institute where I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, the silent breast cancer that nobody seems to know about. That was February and tomorrow is my 6th chemo; I have to have mastectomy 20th July and three weeks of radio. With just those few symptoms it had spread to my lymph nodes but luckily no further.
It is very rare so don’t panic, but it is something people should be aware of. There are alot of other things that could give you similar symptoms but on the off chance that it is something like this then speed is definately of the essance; its quick and spreads in the blink of an eye so go get yourself checked out.
Good luck

Briony - sounds familiar. I have also noticed today that the upper part of my right arm looks a bit swollen underneath. I am thinking it might indicate blocked lymph nodes? The pain seems to not be as bad today, and the armpit pain has died down too.
So confused and worried, but am steeling myself for the worst. Not that you ever can… Should I bring my Tuesday appointment forward - will 5 days make a big difference?

Thanks so much for replying.

Hi im 20years old and over a year now ive been suffering with chest pain under my right arm and side of my right breast , the pain is unbelievable even a slightly touch hurts, i went to the gp twice she’s said it was muscle damage and sent me off with pain killers which was 3/4months ago and it gotten worse, even when i lie down x

Hey, I had pain like that and no cancer here. What stopped the pain was giving up using antiperspirant deoderant from the supermarket. I had a hunch the lymph glands were blocked and tried a few different brands but they all caused the problem eventually, so I gave them up. Sweating is a natural excretory process, it didn’t seem like a good idea to try to stop it. You wouldn’t try not to poo, would you? So I washed thoroughly, let my underarm hair grow and while I was getting better I got exercise every day to encourage my pores to sweat and clear. I also drank loads of water to detox. I guess i could also have had a go in a sauna. At first I really stank for about a week but I just washed more often and thought it might be the toxins from the antiperspirant leaving my body. After that, the pain eased off and the smell subsided and there was no more problem.


Nowadays I use a natural crystal deoderant but I don’t try to stop my pits from perspiring . . .had to wear looser things in natural fabrics to avoid ugly damp patches but I’d rather make these changes that suffer pain and potentially serious ill health. I did try supermarket deoderant recently and the pain came back after only a few days use so I’m sure it was that.  


Everybody’s different but if you’re serious about being well, maybe try it alongside whatever treatment your doctor recommends. It can’t hurt and might help.

Hi i have had 4 fibroadenoma’s removed now and i am only 29. Now my right armpit is always swollen and extremely painful. Had ultrasound and blood tests and all they say its all clear. Worries me though cause to of my great aunts on my grandads side had b.c but doctors and hospital just treat me like i am lying. Could it be lymph nodes or b.c? I am so worried. I have asked doctors to do biopsy on my lymph nodes but all i get told is its not that. Dont know what to do. Thanks for reading.

If it’s worrying you that much Lauren push for further tests to re-assure you or a second opinion.Take someone you trust to the appointment to help you get your worries listened to.Might be worth ringing the helpline here to talk over your symptoms,they have nurses available to answer questions.

Jill1998 thank you for your advise. I have a doctors appointment on tuesday and have someone coming with me who will push for further tests. Am glad i have found this forum cause i know i am not alone. Its hard to talk to people that dont know what your going through. Thanks for the advise.

Good luck,hope you get some answers.Dont be fobbed off, its your body not theirs !!

I find some people just think i am lying but you can see the swelling a mile off so why would i lie. Been through all this on and off now for 4 years. All i want is answers and my doctors arent that good. They even pull out their book to look things up. I am so low with worrying i am now on anti depression tablets now.

It’s exhausting when you have something the docs can’t get to the bottom of and hard challenging medical professionals too.Keep going til you feel reassured(hard I know).Maybe ring the helpline see if they have any suggestions ?

I have left a message / question for someone to call me. Thank you though for your chats and advise.

I have much tenderness in both breasts for over a month… I had a mammogram about 3 months ago… Results say I have soft dens tissue to follow up in a year… I’m 39… Have to maternal aunts who have had breast cancer… I also was diagnosed with fibersystic tumors 12 years ago… Not sure what I should do…

Have been suffering with breast pain now for the last 6 months. I am under a consultant at the moment and have had a mammogram and ultrasound which were clear. I am on tamoxifen now and have been taking it for the last three weeks but the pain is still there, also had another ultrasound yesterday which was clear again and am going back to the consultant in September, I am at my wits end and feel nobody is taking me seriously can anybody suggest anything also both my nans had breast cancer one having both breasts removed am really worried and would appreciate any guidance.



Hi Julie,welcome to the forum .Very frustrating when you can’t get to the bottom of worrying symptoms .Could you ask for a second opinion ,I think you are entitled to ask.Why have you been prescribed Tamoxifen?

Hi Jill
Thanks for replying my consultant prescribed tamoxifen for the pain but it does not seem to be working and I am just getting more anxious as time goes on.

Thanks again

Hi Julie, my experience with my left breast is somewhat similar to yours. I am not on any meds, but I am going to see a breast specialist. Have you found out what your issue may be?

Good luck Joyce.