Papillary type breast cancer Mets

I’m 51 and diagnosed with breast cancer March 2017. I had a double mastectomy and they determined that no nodes were involved. After the surgery they oncologist and surgeon agreed that they didn’t feel that chemo/radiation wasn’t necessary. A few months after the surgery I had a ct scan that showed small lung nodules in both lungs. We monitored them for about a year. They didn’t seem to change much until this past July 2018 when Pet Scan showed activity. I had a lung biopsy done which confirmed it’s the breast cancer in my lungs. She did mention that my cancer is not aggressive and the best kind to have (in her words). My concern is that now I’m considered stage 4 even though the nodules are very small and there is no sign of cancer anywhere else. Does anyone have a similar diagnosis that they could share their experience? I’m taking tamoxifen as of a week ago and contemplating a hysterectomy.

Hi Niki4444,

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Thank you for taking time to reply. I had read where papillary type cancers only make up around 1 to 4% of cancers and it’s not an aggressive type. I was curious if anyone had experienced this type. I appreciate your reply and prayers for you.

Hi I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, this is a new primary site, I asked how do they know and biopsy showed Hormone receptors with papillary cells, I don’t know what percentage yet, last time it was strongly ER/PR. I was quite shocked and don’t know much about it yet, but I am sure I will. Good luck in your treatment. 

Hi @Chico, we hope you’re doing ok after this new diagnosis. We’re a phone call or a click away if you need to talk things through x

Hi, my BC is a new primary site in the other breast, am I correct in saying this is not secondaries or Mets? I am not sure if I will have chemo yet but the Breast surgeon said they will have to be careful what chemo I have this time as I didn’t do well on it last time, it affected my bones, ligaments and muscles the pain was debilitating and I lost my job and not worked since. I just read on here that some types of chemo you can not have again? I know I shouldn’t be worrying as it’s not certain yet, but I still want the best possible chance of it never coming back.