people with dogs

Hello everyone
I have 2 dogs, a 4 year old king charles and a 2 1/2 year old staffie.
since being diagnosed with breast cance they seem to be following me everywhere! When i sit on the sofa they sit each side of me or are both up on the bed. My staffie actually cuddles up to me in bed now between me and my partner lol.
i dont know if this is me being paranoid but i hear dogs can sense things. Anyone else have this?

My old cat used to sleep on my pillow when I was going through my treatment, I’m sure he knew. Some people thought it unhygienic but it gave me comfort and probably him too so I didn’t care x

Oh I definitely think animals can sense when we’re not very well.After each Chemo session I had, I was laid up on the couch and my dog would lay on top of my duvet and wouldn’t move the whole time I lay there. Very loyal indeed. But she is feeling poorly now and only just back from the vets yesterday, so it’s now my turn to look after her and we snuggled together on the couch with the duvet once more last night,so I could keep an eye on her. Love her, I do

Yes Madamejojo, I do.

Whilst I was waiting for the initial diagnosis of my !st  breast lump, I was out hoovering my car  one day, croutching into the open front door to do the footwell and my neighbours dog, a black lab ,who never gave me the time of day, sidled up and kept nuzzling into my right armpit. Didn’t think anything of it until after I had the nasty news.

Yeh, I do believe they can sense such things.

Our family dog is so sad all you got to do is to look at his face and you can see it.  I have to leave him at home alone and he is not use to it but unfortunatley my hubby is in hospital.  I am sure he bites himfelf as well due to stress as he knows things are not right at home.  I feel for him.



We are one big happy family again.  My hubby has come home as he finished his last big chemo but he will still have few moor little ones as day care.

Our dog is happy and we happy to see him happy.

Love to all


That’s great to hear Yil.

Long may it continue 

Delly xx

I came home from hospital having had a core biopsy feeling terribly sore and achy. Our dog spent the night on my knee. He is usually all for the hubby. I’m sure he sensed that I wasn’t feeling great and was trying to comfort me x

Hi yes my dog follows me everywhere, even when I go to the toilet he sits outside the door for me :slight_smile:

My dog is wonderful but she really doesnt like a lot of cuddles or snuggling up, never had a dog that didnt like it yet she is so caring and loyal in every other way.


Anyway since I was diagnosed she has certainly sensed that I am in trouble I may be able to hide it from everyone else but not her…she is suddenly so affectionate, sitting up against me while I am on the computer and following me around the house keeping an eye on me, coming for cuddles and pressing her head against me…its so comforting and quite out of character for her.


I feel lucky to have her especially now

These animals ‘get it’ don’t they…they know subtle changes in our mood and show us 24/7 love, loyalty and friendship. When those of our own species can’t 'reach us ’ our beloved special friends can…it’s a very ‘pure’ relationship.

Hi. I have a labradoodle,  he kept sniffing my right breast in the spot my tumour is.  He is a very cuddly dog, he has inflammatory bowel disease so sleeps in our room under the bed incase he is ill in the night,  he has been sneaking onto the bed for a cuddle recently and I keep waking up to find him snuggled next to my legs which is very sweet.  I am not sure how 30kg of dog can get onto the bed without waking you up but somehow he manages! 

I have a 12yr old Jr. And my son has a 5 yr old staffie since I’ve had my surgery marley(staffie) follows me everywhere n is sleeping on my bed he hasn’t bothered stayin by me as I have my own dog(Jr) but lately he’s there so ur not being paranoid lolx

I have a border collie who has always been cuddly but just recently he’s stepped it up to never leaving me alone.If I’m in another room he will lay by the door until I come out & the other night we were having a cuddle when he suddenly started prodding & sniffing my boob where I found a lump a week ago. I’ve got my appointment at the breast clinic on Tuesday. It will be interesting to know if he has sensed it.

I have three dogs, the oldest who is 13 clung to me in the days while I was waiting for my diagnosis. I have 2 collies and when I came home from hospital they were so gentle with me, they certainly pick up on moods and when I am unwell. I have been told they change again when you have chemo due to the smell so that will be interesting, couldn’t bear them to go off me!!! Xx

My 12 year old Shih Tzu has been very clingy and " licky " lately!! 

I am planning to adopt a retired military dog. I just want them to give a better home for the last days of their life after serving the country, they do not belong in a cage.

My dog keeps licking my head since I lost my hair she seems to want to lie next to me alot, but I find it very helpful when I feel rubbish that she wants to be close to me x she also used to paw at my boob and nudge before I was diagnosed I found my own lump so maybe she was trying to tell me something

Hello… i have 5 dogs, all are miniature pinscher, 3 males and 2 females plus a male cat. My first boy, Turbo, is the only one who waited for me whenever I went for my treatments. He was like superglue, followed me everywhere, keeping a watchful eye on me… when I was going through chemotherapy, I slept a lot and he also slept with me. The strange thing I noticed was he used to sleep by my left side and after my left mastectomy, he has now sleeps on my right side or nearer to my calf… seems like he knows. Love them all to bits :heart:

Black lab she’s four she sleeps next to my calf too when I’m asleep love her to bits pets are a real tonic when you are not feeling good unconditional love is what they give x