Hi all my mum has sbc with liver mens she’s just been told that the funding has been o’clock for her to have pertuzumab with her chemo. She starts it all on Monday.

Is anyone else on this. The one was hoping she would get it as he said it’s like herceptin but better so we are really happy she has the funding!!

Hi Fergal, I am having pertuzumab and Herceptin along with zometa(for bones) and had just 3 lots of docetaxel, the chemo drug. It works alongside Herceptin attacking in different ways so sort of doubling the effect. My body and Docetaxel didn’t get on that’s why I only had 3 cycles but as the chemo wears off the SEs of just Herceptin and pertuzumab are much easier to deal with. Your mum is having good treatment which has been proven to work for lots of people, as it will for her. She should be able to stay on the regime for a good while after the chemo stops as a maintenance treatment.
LD x

Thanks lemon, I’m really hoping this is what she needs as she really upbeat about getting the funding. The onc says she’s one of very few to get it. It’s given us all a bit more hope. Hope it’s going well for you lemon x

Hi lemon, thanks so much for all the info she has it at our local hospital on Monday 10-5.30 dad’s going with her but I may see if i can break the day up with him and so he can go to work a bit a nd then come back so he’s not there all day with her. Will mention the bed to mum although I know what she’s like and shes seen the nice recliners they have in the chemo ward haha

Mum’s first session is all in one day

I’m so glad you both commented it’s good to be in touch with people who have experience with what mums going to start. Dreading and yet looking forward to Monday as really don’t want to see mum suffering but I know she wants to do whatever she can to try to beat this as much as she can. She’s now got a pain in her side which onc has said is from liver mens so she’s struggling to lie down to sleep but apparently that should go when chemo starts Monday. Hope all results have been good with you guys, and nicki altho annoying to have another couple doses if it could shrink tumours like you said best to do it sooner. Hope your all well xx

Did u all lose your hair with treatmrny

Does she have to ask for that nicki, mums more worried about her hair than her treatment

Mum has an appointment at the hospital for wig as they try to match colours etc she’s really hating the idea

Thanks lemon x

Well here we go, mums first treatment today 7 1/2 hours :frowning:

Also was going to ask if any of you have tried herbal items like milk thistle to help with SE

Fergal, don’t stress too much about your mum not having the docetaxel. The Herceptin and pertuzumab are an affective combination so they will already be starting to work. When she sees her onc he’ll have other ideas for chemo. Try and have a restful evening after the anxiety of today.
LD x

Thanks all that’s just what I wanted to hear

Well after Monday mum was fine yesterday and is now in hospital as had a flutter in her chest they’ve found her heart is skipping beats and she’s now waiting for blood results. Panic stations yet again

Knackered now belinda but chest xray and bloods come back fine hearts skipping a beat so will find out what that means for treatment on friday

Worried it may be herceptin playing up and after the reaction she had stopping her from having.the chemo I’m worried theyll stop herceptin too

Hope your mum’s starting to feel a bit better. My onc told me that Herceptin causes heart problems long term so I would think it’s not that causing the fluttering. When I stopped the docetaxel (after only 3 cycles) I wasn’t given antihistamines and had an allergic reaction to either the P or the H so went back on them immediately. Perhaps your mum is having some sort of reaction too or can the steroids she was taking cause this? Another thought, could it be because she was given all the large doses in one session - usually it is given over two days at first. Hope you get positive answers tomorrow and your mums treatment can continue without all the extra stress and worry.
LD x

Hi all that’s good to know about herceptin as she’s worried that’s what’s causing this. She is back up hospital today after coming home last night as having palpitations again. I’m hoping she may just be stressing herself out worried about everything and that’s whats causing it but they gave her no answers yesterday so that hasn’t helped.

Julie, hope you don’t mind me asking but how long have you been on h and p without chemo? I’ve been on just the 2 since June (plus Zometa for bones) and wondering how long they can be effective for. Thanks
LD x

Hi all, I’d like to know that too lemon as mum has just been told they’re gonna keep her on h and p without chemo and look at chemo if she needs it down the line! She’s dissapointed but glad theyre keeping her on the pertuzumab as onc says there’s bin some good results. This does mean tho that’s she’s had no chemo since diagnosis which is concerning us

Any experience of any of this please put our minds at rest or share your own experiences