possible bone mets

I have just had an horrendous experience but to cut to the chase I have 5 fractures to the left side of my ribs and a problem with L4and T11 vertebrae not sure if they are mets awaiting an mri has anyone had a similar experience?

Hello floodysa,
Just wanted ti acknowledge your post and wish you well. It must be a very anxious time for you.

I have not had similar experience but I am waiting for results of a bone scan to see if there is bone spread after chronic issues with hip and leg so can identify a little bit!

You may have had your MRI by now as you posted a week ago. I am sincerely hoping that all went well.
Best wishes to you x ?

Hello floodysa and Chick

I can relate to you both at this anxious time, I am also waiting for results from a ct scan for persistent back and hip pain.The longer you wait the more worried you become .Hope we all get some good news soon.Take care.


Hello ? lady,

So sorry to hear you are also back on the rollercoaster ride in the “wait for the scan results club”. As if we didn’t have enough of that during relatively recent treatment.

Sending you positive vobes and good wishes x ?

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Hello ? lady,
Absolutely delighted for you ?.

Got my result today as well and no evidence of any metastases ?, nor of oesteo arthritis or specific degeneration. So cause unknown!! Will refer myself for physio if it carries on. But for the moment PHEW!

Hope all is well with you as well Floodysa.

? Wishes to all, ? xxx

Great news ladies !!! Chick if you don’t mind could I ask what problems did you have with your leg ? I am having issues with my joints but also having pain in my thigh .GP is going to refer me to rheumatology but given my history I do worry about more so sinister explanations.Best wishes Jill.

Hello Jill,
Sorry to hear you are having a painful time to. Hope your leg feels better soon. No I don’t mind you asking.

I have pain and irritation on my right hip with pain going right down my leg At times I will feel the pain mildly and then it will just catch so to speak and YELP with pain right down the leg. Feel it worse at night as discomfort lying on either side after a time. Uncomfortable lying on back due to leg pain. An effort to walk at times as can be painful in the leg when weight is put on it. . Mind you my buttock is sore today so maybe it is sciatic pain of unknown cause!!

Never had it before. I have had it for over 2 months now - it began sometine in March. Bleep bleep nuisance on top of everything else.
Best wishes ? X

Thanks Chick - that does sound quite similar actually - mine has been on and off since Feb ,settled down then made a re-appearance in last couple of weeks - set off again by the dog knocking into me quite gently - usually a dull ache but then suddenly very sharp pain like you describe .I also have discomfort in hips.Its making me limp quite badly .I know it needs checking out and I am being referred but very easy to think the worst after you have had BC .So glad you managed to rule that out .Have you thought of going to a chiropractor Chic ?

Hello Jill,

I referred myself to Physio recently for post op soft tissue discomfort (been a year now, I was expecting it to feel better than it is) so thought I would ask advice about hip/leg there before considering anything else. Physio would not advise anything until cancer of bones/spine etc ruled out. Anyway, I think I will just leave it for now and try and keep moving.

I am on Anasty, have Zometa infusion every 6 months and only finished Herceptin late April. All these things can impact on the joints etc so maybe it is a case of continuing to be patient.

I read on the Herceptin SC info leaflet yesterday that Herceptin can stay in the body for up to 6 months. Maybe it is making the most of it’s time!!!

Take care Jill ? x

The combination of all these drugs and the stress of treatment is bound to takes its toll.Just very hard to tease out what is causing what .You tend to put everything down to the fallout from cancer or possible nasties ,but could be other run of the mill causes too I guess .The worry of all the investagtions is just so much worse when you have had cancer isn’t it .Hope you get some answers and relief soon !!

Hello Jill,
Hope you do to.
Regards? x

Hi ladies. Just caught up on this thread. I too have bother with pain in my leg. Mostly at night time, when a sharp pain, quite often wakes me. The pain starts on the outside of my thigh, but the sharp pain shoots right down my leg (ouch). I also have terrible pain when getting up from sitting down and it can take a few minutes before I manage to walk properly. I thought this was all related to Letrozole? I am keeping active, but find it difficult at times to work through the sore joints and tiredness. Can anyone give me a bit of hope, that this will all improve with time? Or do I just bite the bullet and get on with it?

Hi Blubber ,I have been for X-ray ,blood tests and now going for physio opinion too then back to GP .Pain from my leg is now in my bottom too - it’s miserable .

Oh dear what a tin around Chick - I don’t hold out much hope for my physio appt then .I guess I will be deemed " special " too .I have been for acupuncture today - hoping for some relief but not so far .I am walking with a very pronounced limp like one leg is shorter than the other so maybe the disc issue is relevant to me too ?

Thank you Chick - I may consider private physio if I have to wait a long time .

That’s good that it may be something resolvable Ruby ???.I have physio appt week on Tuesday .

Hello ladies ,having a worrying time .GP got results back from X-ray on leg - showed something on side of thigh bone - he didn’t think the report suggested it was suspicious but couldn’t be explained .I was sent to fracture clinic and after an hour and a half of waiting with people with broken arms /legs etc the doctor who looked at my X-rays was also unsure as to cause - I have a patch of thin bone which may or may not be mets - it is not typically what they see but something " pathalogical" has caused it and due to my history I could tell he was definately going down the mets route .He requested urgent MRI and CT scan of abdomen as I have had womb cancer also .He made an appointment for 2 weeks time back at the fracture clinic .I had an appointment at breast clinic later same day and discussed it with the nurse she said really that a bone scan would be more helpful and was going to refer me but that would mean 3 scans and 2 different teams involved.I am really uncomfortable by the fracture clinic driving the investigations if it is bone mets - I really don’t want to find out amongst the chaos of people being put in plaster casts and would prefer the Breast team to be calling the shots really .I also think it is highly unlikely I will have scans and results in time for an appointment in 2 weeks time and will have got myself worked up sat for ages to be told nothing .Any thoughts ??!! Also in a lot of pain feel like chopping both legs off !!! Can get relief at night by taking codeine but it makes me sleepy during the day .

Hi Kate - yes it’s all rather confusing and disjointed - I spoke to breast nurse on Monday as I had a review appointment and she said we should send you for bone scan but that would mean 3 scans to deal with and as yet we don’t really know what we are dealing with - I would feel much more comfortable with the Breast clinic driving the bus to be honest -not sure what to do - in a lot of pain and anxious so not a good combination for challenging the system - one thing for sure I really can’t see them having results back in week on Monday for my follow up at the fracture clinic .

I think CT scan because I had womb cancer - although after op it turned out to be pre cancerous cells .