Post surgery soreness

Hi, I had a Local Wide Excision of tumour on July 7th. and am still feeling very sore etc. I didn’t think I would be so uncomfortable and have tried various bras etc to reduce friction but it is still a problem. Has anyone any tips to help deal with it - I have tried an ice pack and that helps temporarily.

Hi B,have you been for post op check?There is a chance you may still be uncomfortable due to fluid build up (lymphodema /seroma) or other post op issues .May be worth getting it out checked rather than putting up with the pain.I was fine a couple of weeks after op ,but did swell up from time to time (still do one year on).

I am back at the hospital on Monday so am going to get it checked out then. Thanks

Yes ,there are some relatively common post op side effects that can make it more uncomfortable to recover from op.Hopefully they will sort it out for you Monday.I had quite a large amount of fluid drained when I went for my post op check and felt a lot better for it .If your boob gets hot or red get to dr straight away though as may be infection /cellulitis .

I have been keeping an eye on that, no heat or redness thank goodness. Swells up towards end of day so maybe lymphatic system is a bit slow.

Yes may well be fluid build up making you more uncomfortable . Hopefully you will get some advice Monday how to relieve it.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on.

Well I didn’t wait for my hospital appt, I felt unwell on Thursday and went to GP who put me on antibiotics. I have to go back this morning and if she feels it has not improved she will send me up to Breast Care Unit. I do feel better so hopefully the antibiotics were what I needed :slight_smile: Then up to Cancer Unit this evening for my first radiotherapy planning meeting.

Fingers crossed.Make sure you mention it at planning appointment as they wont want to start radiotherapy till this has settled down.

Was seen by my GP Monday morning who felt that the antibiotics were having an effect, she advised me to continue with them and she would speak to BCU to see if they felt I needed any other follow up. BCU rang and said that me Oncologist would review at my radiotherapy planning meeting Monday evening. Had a lovely oncologist who checked me thoroughly and said she felt it was ok, suggested I postpone start of radiotherapy for a week to ensure all sorted. Now waiting for CT scan appt in 8-10 days. Still sore but glad everyone feels it is healing albeit slowly :slight_smile: Thanks for your support Jill xxx

Glad it is improving .There is an August radiotherapy thread in the going through treatment section you may want to join them when you start .

I had my lumpectomy Wednesday. Feeling quite sore but also tearful and extremely tired.  Taking the paracetamol etc as advised. Maybe I expected to be superwoman and just get on with things as normal by now.  Can’t face going out today, just want to sleep. 

Hi Sue, I felt very much the same x it all happens in such a short space of time, I don’t think you have time to process it all x like you I imagined that I would just be fine afterwards and life would get back to normal x hang on in there, take it easy and just do what your body tells you xx sending you hugs xxx

I am doing ok now after a few ups and downs x have a CT scan on 19th to plan my radiotherapy xxx

Hi Sue, it was only a few days ago you had your op.  I also had mine on a  Wednesday and I can remember that over the first weekend I cried and cried, I was sore, tired and felt so low.  I hadn’t cried at even when I was diagnosed!  On getting home from hospital all I felt was relief that “it” was out of me and like you expected to feel well in a few days.  I was still sore several weeks later and when I went for my planning for rads I told them that I was concerned that I was still getting pain.  They told me it was a good sign as it meant the nerves were trying to heal (or something like that).  Just rest and if you don’t feel like doing anything, dont, you’ve been through surgery, that’s the first hurdle over.  If you feel down come on here for a chat, it helps xx



Hi Sue. I had my initial lumpectomy on 27th and the very worst days were days 3 and 4 post op. Felt like the baby blues and I was absolutely wiped. Unfortunately I had to go back in on Thurs to get a wider margin and today it’s woomphed me again! I figure I should start to feel better tomorrow onwards and hope the same for you. I keep quoting a lovely nurse friend, who warned me about day 3 post discharge - still wasn’t prepared the first time (and neither was my lovely man, poor thing!). Tell your inner superwoman to take a rest and hope you feel brighter soon xx

Hi Bonsai. How are you doing and have antibiotics worked their magic yet? X

Hi Janey, Yes I think they have :slight_smile: still a bit sore but so much better than I was just over a week ago xx

Hi Sue, I think the ‘standard’ time is about 6 weeks post op x I developed an infection so mine has been slightly delayed x glad we were able to help you feel almost ‘normal’ :slight_smile: xxx