Practical support around returning to work.

Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone on this forum might be able to offer some practical advice and what my possible rights to negotiate my return back to work should look like.  I appreciate everyones situation and work policy is different, but wondered if companies have a standard legal obligation to help someone be phased back in?  I am yet to start my endocrine therapy as just having a break after radiotherapy.  I have 3 weeks left of sick leave and whilst I am very tired and uncertain as to how I may respond to the endocrine therapy I do need to consider going back to work.  What have others done when returning to work?  Have you gone back slowly and built your days/hours up or just dived right back in? My job can be very stressful so I am extremely conscious of alleviating this and putting in place a better structure, but I am equally concerned that if I don’t go back I may be vulnerable to redundancy.  Thanks

Hi NicsB ,

Employers are supposed to make reasonable adjustments so that you can cope when you return - phased return , reduced hours - whatever you feel might help - you are protected in employment law as cancer is counted as a disability , obviously in practice employers might not always be as accommodating as you would like but you do have rights .MacMillan   have specialist money and work advisors that you can speak to via their helpline which may help you too .

08088080000 Macmillan advice line 

@Jill1998 Thank you for your reply and thank you for providing details of the Macmillan help line.  I will give them a call today and hopefully get some assurance around what is the best way forward.

Thanks again.

Hi @NicsB 

I hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for from Macmillan’s helpline. You may also find this page on their website useful:

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Thank you Lucy!!  A really useful page!

Warmest wishes!

Cancer is recognised as a disability under the disability act therefore they must attempt to make some reasonable adjustments. Mcmillan have a really good leaflet on balancing work & cancer treatment with suggestions of adjustments; change of hours, later start time, option of working from home etc.

Good luck & let us know how you get on