Progesterone, assorted other hormones and fluffy cake

Hi there,

 I still on a 6 week tamoxifen break, but it just doesn’t feel my hormones are really stabilising…though side effects are mostly gone, period problems remain and low mood. I don’t know if progesterone can be affected by tamoxifen and am wondering if that could be causing me problems…as surely my oestrogen would be rising by now after 5 weeks of not taking tamoxifen? 

Any though anyone…

I really don’t know how I manage this, this is my third post in a row, over the last couple of months, where I ask something that nobody can answer. Ah well…I’m not upset by the way…just bemused that I seem to be picking tricky questions. ???

Hi Charys,

You’re right, any remnants of the drug will definitely be out of your system if you have not taken Tamoxifen for the past five weeks. From the pharmaceutical information I’ve read, “the decline in plasma concentrations of Tamoxifen is biphasic with a terminal elimination half-life of about 5 to 7 days”.

As I understand it, Tamoxifen only works on the oestrogen receptors in your breast cells by blocking oestrogen hormones from attaching to any potential tumour cells and making them grow.

Progesterone is unaffected by Tamoxifen.

I do not know what your treatment plan involved or how long it is since your original diagnosis, therefore it is difficult to say what might still be causing your period problems and low mood. Your body may be still trying to find its ‘natural’ balance again after being shocked by a BC diagnosis and the subsequent onslaught of treatments.

Sorry if this doesn’t really help how you are feeling at the moment but you appear in need of a response to your post from someone at least.

Big hug.

M x


Hi Charys. Sorry I don’t have any answers, but feeling for you. I’m not on medication yet but am still struggling with menopause post total hysterectomy 5 years ago - my first joyful brush with cancer! Prior to that surgery I was given progesterone but it made me very ill - headaches, mood swings (like constant pmt). It took me a good couple of months to get back to my weird normal once I stopped - now hunting for my new weird normal!! Can your oncologist/GP help? Hugs xx

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I haven’t had to experience what you’re all going through, but just wanted to say “Hi”. Hope you can and do get all your hormone problems sorted soon for your better.

Delly xxx 

Umph Charys - I DO have some experience of Tamoxifen in that I experienced a huge depression when taking. So much so, that I stopped taking it. I WAS told that often the manufacturer/producer of could make a difference, and it can be a bit hit and miss as to finding one that suited. I chose not to take it at all in the end. I’m not saying you should do the same, but with me it became the difference between living with a better quality of life without it, than living with it and suffering.

Delly xxx

Thank you Janey, MagicalM and Delly…you are all so caring and it has cheered me right up to see your typed words. There are many truly wonderful people on this forum, and at the risk of becoming maudling and overly emotional (not a good idea to tempt things in my present teary state) , it is such a comfort to know this virtual world exists. 

I’m living in hope the Anastrazole when I finally get it can’t make my symptoms worse. I can fully understand why both of you have stopped. I was lucky also to have a consultant friend who advised on who to go with for surgery. The surgeon (brilliant) implied I should throw everything (including chemo) at treatment. The oncologist was less chemo minded. Like you Charys I appear to be on the borderline. Back in this Weds to hear Oncotype results and make decisions. Big hugs to all xx

I was busy typing when you posted yours Charys - an extra hug for luck xx

Hi Janey

Anastrazole is a different drug so don’t be frightened by our talk of Tamoxifen


Hey again Charys - how long ago did you take Tamoxifen?? And are you doing okay now?? Let me know flower.

Dellywelly xxx 

Well I definitely feel like an old bird and old hand having been hit once by an oestrogen fed monster! Darn you’ve rumbled my control freakery!! Alongside the years before trying to get my hormones to play ball! It’s been such a long wait to get a treatment plan, almost 3 months now. Getting twitchy now for Weds and a final decision. This is such a great site and nothing like it for endometrial cancer sadly. Will definitely be in touch Weds. Xx

Hi again Charys

Well , you stuck it longer than me. I took it for 2. Another thought, as I’ve noted your still pre menopausal, is that we are all so different in our hormone levels. Some have higher oestrogen levels than others. I was a very high oestrogen receptive cancer, which didn’t surprise me as I’d always suffered really bad PMT.

I’m also wondering whether you are actually going through the menopause?!! Which could account for some of your emotional swings also. How old are you now? And are you saying you have IBS - please remind me what that stands for?

Hey - I’m so sorry this is getting to you in the way it is. But also,Charys, I’m here with you to give you whatever, if anything I can. Just keep talking to us - me, will you

Much love

Delly xxxx 

Awwwww, Magic 

Forgive my language, but this disease really is a B#GG#R.You make me feel soooo thankful. It saddens me so much that you’re struggling so much with your joints :-(( Is there nothing to help, have you tried such as the Omega oils/Evening Primrose Oils.

Delly xxx

Just a thought and I know I’m not yet on the tablets. However, I’ve had dreadful joint pains since menopause started. Post BC surgeries I had no pain due to all the painkillers, but it was excruciating when I started to wean myself off. I was convinced I had bony mets missed from my previous cancer. However, i suddenly realised I had stopped taking any supplements on diagnosis, including glucosamine and evening primrose. I’ve not restarted the latter (strongest dose and did seem to help with mood) but I am back on glucosamine. I’m not sure it’s psychological but it’s made such a huge difference - still achy when I get up but my mobility is vastly improved during the day. I should say I have no idea if I am allowed to take it, but both supplements are on the can I list of questions for tomorrow when I see the oncologist, so will let you know. Xx

Hi again

Magic, as I understand it, Tamoxifen prevents the uptake of oestrogen by any cell, not just oestrogen +ve breast cancer cells. And is therefore why pre menopausal women as thrown into an early menopause. Some women who are strongly +ve also have to have their ovaries removed because they also produce a certain amount of oestrogen.

I don’t know much about how Progesterone figures in all of this and can’t remember why it was featured in this thread in the first place.

Evening Primrose is often recommended for female hormone imbalances, be they PMT or Menopausal.

Janey, forgive me, I’m not ignoring you. I hope you’re appointment tomorrow goes well and you have all your questions answered. Don’t forget to ask about your joint probs.Glad you feel better from retaking the Glusosamine.


Lotsa love Delly xxx 

Thanks Delly. House has never been so clean as today with distraction polishing! I think I got lucky in many ways last time. Total hysterectomy was the only treatment. Ovaries taken to minimise risk of BC - hmm that worked! I was on the point of begging GP for HRT when I was diagnosed with BC to minimise menopause symptoms - I decided the risk was worth it but guess it’s definitely out now! A colleague has just popped in to see me. She’s recently completed nurse prescribing course, so I’ve sent her off to research!! Xx

Yeh, but no, but sherbert Charys,

I DON’T know how Progesterone figures in BC. You got me asking myself the question.


It would be nice to be a good statistic once. However, whilst not BRCA there is talk of looking at Lynch Syndrome. We seem to have lots of women in family that grow things and would be good to know for my daughter. The internet will crash checking out progesterone! Xx

Well I made coffee cake earlier!!! Xx

Cafetiere’s brewing. Why , just slice the cake into three. What d’ya mean how do we share it??!! Ha. I often wish some of the people I chat with on this Forum just lived down the road.