Radiotherapy January 2015

Hi there, I’m starting 15 sessions of radiotherapy on 5th January at the Royal Surrey in Guildford and wondered if anyone else is starting the New Year with their rads and wanted to share their experiences?


Hi Gill,


I started 19th December, so have had 6 treatments so far in Singleton (Swansea).


I’m three hours away from the hospital, so am driving back down tomorrow for four treatments this week, and then next week the final five.


The irradiated area is a little more sensitive, but no obvious reactions…


Hi Gill, yes, I’m for 15 + 4 boosters at the Beatson in Glasgow starting 15th Jan - had scan and tattoos done on Boxing Day. Surprised just how tiny the tattoos are … hope they can find them again cos not sure I could.?
Happy to keep in touch & hope yours go well.
Kitt x

Hi. I am starting rads on 5th Jan at the Beatson in Glasgow.  I have to have 3 weeks plus 4 boosters.  What advice have you had re skin care.  I have been told to only use aqueous cream but have read so many posts about different creams etc I am not sure what to do. Have you had chemo? I have a journey of about an hour to get to my rads so have a rota of friends taking me there as the parking is meant to be horrendous. Unfortunately as all my appointments are mid to late morning everybody thinks we will be doing lunch on the way back home. My major concern at the moment is not the effect on my skin but the amount of weight I will put on with all these lunches. My minor concern is I cant see my tattoos. Hope they are there somewhere.

Hi Lah,
Good idea re. getting a lift - even on Boxing Day the car park was very busy. I’m thinking of trying the train since Hyndland Station is an easy walk and I can do home to Hyndland in under an hour so might be less stressful than trying to park! I’ve got 5pm every day which is my worst case scenario so hoping to get that changed.
Only advice was Simple Soap or Johnson’s baby soap and no deodorant. When I asked if aluminium free deodorant was ok, the answer was probably, but they weren’t able to recommend it. Also said aqueous cream which can use as a cleanser as well as moisturiser.
Good luck, and since you’ll be ahead of me I’d appreciate hearing your positive experiences as well as any negatives.
Kitt x

Forgot to say … no, I was fortunate not to need chemo - just WLE, SLNB & tamoxifen so far. Way too many nice places to lunch in the West End of Glasgow, eh?! ?

Good to hear re. parking in Hyndland - might do a recce next time I’m in the area. Isn’t it daft that with so many things to worry about, car parking has to add to them - you’d think with patients having short sessions over a concentrated block of time, that a permit system could be worked out! Hey ho!
Are you going to have these issues in Surrey, Gill?
Kitt x

Hallo Ladies,

Good to hear from you all and I’m sure we’ll all benefit from sharing our experiences and tips.

Parking is also an issue at the Royal Surrey depending on the time of day. I won’t know what time my future appts are until I’ve gone to my first - 8am Monday 5th- when they will give me other dates and times. I’m hoping to get as many lifts as poss so I can be dropped off if no parking spaces available!

Wow Pedal999, that’s quite some journey you have to make. Hope you have no further sensitivity.

I was told to moisturise with E45 and wash as little as possible once treatment starts with simple soap or similar and not to soak in the bath.

Lah21 and Kitt - I’m sure your tattoos will be able to be seen by the radiographers. I had breast cancer 11 years ago- in a different breast to this time - and they are using the same tattoos I had last time even though they are a bit blurred and faint. I had chemo this time around unlike before when I didn’t need it , and had 25 sessions of rads. I remember getting a little “burnt” but nothing horrendous. I’m sure all these years later they’ve come on in their effectiveness and are less invasive. Anyone like me having it on 2 areas - their breast and their clavicle?

Lah, I love the idea of all those lunches !

Take care everyone, Gill

Isn’t it funny how advice varies - when I was told to use aqueous cream I asked if that was the same as E45 and was told no and not to use that … didn’t think to ask why.
Kitt x

Im 11 treatments in at mount vernon…using e45 shower cream once a day. Stopped moisturising more than once at night as it wasn’t absorbing in clevage area and starting to react…now improving after 4 days. Using biossens deo with no ill effect. Radiologist said that they have done lots of research and moisturising makes no difference…but must be metal free if you do it. Most important to stop friction with clothes towels or skin on skin…so going bra less if larger not always best. I put a vest top under bra as I’m a g cup and cant get seamless in cotton and the padded foam ones are too hot.
hope this helps…not nearly as bad as chemo.

Hi Jannie,
That sounds like a good tip re. the vest - wasn’t sure how I was going to go bra-less both with dignity and without sore underboobage ;0)

Happy new year, January ladies! Good luck to the 2 of you starting your rads on Monday and remember, 2015 is the year we put this all behind us and go back to being fabulous ?(chortle!).
Kitt. X

Test run ??? What is this test run of which you speak ???
I’ve just got dates for the 15 + 4 sessions as expected … nothing about a test run …
Kitt x
p.s. All food eaten at times of stress is calorie free … scientific fact ?

An update on creams and skin…still going well despite the breast cup with 3 full boobs to go…I found e45 did not absorb and the heat of the cooked boob left cleavage area damp so advised to stop the cream used a rolled bandage to seperate for a day. The skin is improving since christmas eve.using only e45 shower gel.

The first 3 session took longer as they checked measurements and took images you also get used to the position and what feels right so can tell them ifvit feels wrong which speeds it up. This could possibly be what they do in a trial run.

Lah panic is normal and the worry is I guess always going with us. Rads are doable the machines are strange but you soon get used to them. It takes less than 2 tracks on a cd when treatment starts. My skin is a bit tingly and red but nothing compared to what has already been through. X

Hi Ladies

Good to catch up with your news as just got home fron a short holiday on the Isle of Wight.

Lah - I’m sure it’s natural that we’re all going to be a bit paranoid over any lumps and bumps which is hardly surprising given what we’ve gone through!

Jannie - your advice and tips will be very useful. I’ve noticed I get a very sweaty cleavage when I’m having hot flushes so will def use the rolled fabric idea.

Cas - you have a fair old trek to get to your hospital. Mine isn’t too far but could be horrid journey if I have to go in rush hour. I’ll find that out tomorrow when I have to be there for 8.00 !

Kitt - love the scientific fact about cakes and calories ! 

Happy New Year to you all, Gill x

Good luck with that tomorrow, Cas and let us know how it goes - and Lesley too.

Hallo Ladies


1st Rads done now - 14 to go! It was all absolutely fine. Has a chat first to go over everything that would happen and a chance to ask questions. The manoevering into position took the longest and then had xrays to neck and then rads to both sides of breasts and then to clavicle - took all of 20 mins altogether and they said it would be much quicker after the first couple of sessions. Was told to moisturise the area twice a day, only use simple soap or baby products and no deoderant unless aluminium free - also no shaving with a razor as can leave metal particles behind!

Attached to the hospital is a centre which provides free treatments so have booked in for half an hour of meditation as never done that before and a lymph drainage massage. Also had a session with a councellor today which was really useful as felt able to discuss feelings and issues I’ve not wanted to share with family and friends.


Have a good evening, Gill

Yes, fingers crossed - I’m sure you don’t need even more uncertainty at the moment !
Sleep well.