Just wondering if anyone has suffered with really bad aching legs? I have only recently finished chemo within the last 3 weeks and throughout the treatment I did suffer with sore joints but since stopping chemo, both of my legs, particularly at the top ache like mad even in bed. The only way I describe it is the feeling you get after a hard session at the gym.

I can’t find this symptom as such and would appreciate any comments!

Love Krissy x

hi krissy,

Me too!!! Weeks ago i posted calling it “jelly legs” but since then its more of an ache than a weakness. Like you i can’t find it written up anywhere. Hope we get some answers, if not, at least you know you’re not entirely alone.



I was the same, but 7 week post chemo and 5 week post mx, I am feeling fine.

The aching legs were a real disappointment! I was so excited that chemo had finished that I to then still be achy was frightening - I worried it would be permanent.

Lots of good food and exercise seems to have helped. I also have been eating lots of fresh chilli & garlic for my joints and I think that helped too.

Thanks for your replies. It makes me feel a bit better knowing I’m not alone. I’m eating pretty well and exercise whenever I can so hopefully that will help.

Cheers again

Love Krissy xx

I have not finished chemo - have 3rd cocktail in 10 days but this time round have had ‘aching legs’ and also arms. Feel like I’ve run a marathon and nothing makes it it any easier. It also disturbs what limited sleep I get…
Did anything you do make it easier
I can’t see anything in my side effects material which mentions it

Cheers & good luck to you all

Technician ( techo )

still going through my chemo so nothing concrete to add to your thread, but just wanted to say well done on getting through your chemo!


found I had really achy legs at the end as well but 4 weeks post chemo it seems to be getting better.

My onc told me it was due to the growth factor injections I had to stop my white cells getting too low but promised if I kept getting the pain he would give me a scan just to re-assure me.

Hope you are getting less pain now.

K x

I too am experiencing an achy body from my back down my legs - I finished my chemo mid July. My oncologist hasn’t indicated it has anything to do with the chemo so assumed it must be something else. As I was participating on a trial I thought the drug administered must be the root of the problem so came off the trial but it is no better. Does anyone have any idea how long it is likely to last?

Hi, my legs really ached, mostly my thighs, finished fec/tax end July 2010 and only now do I find the ache is getting better. My onc just said its probably the tax and to take nurofen! I hope it gets better for you soon! X

Hi there,

I am around 8 to 9 weeks post chemo (Tax) and my legs are very achey from around mid afternoon onwards. Actually it is the lower half of my legs that really ache! Oh the joys of chemo.


I can identify with this, i stopped chemo on the 13th Dec , three weeks later I feel awful. Worse than when i was on chemo. Achy all over like ive been in the boxing ring. this is also making me feel low. Ive just done a good walk with my friend to try and kick start my body, i needed nurofen before so. If i thought rest was the answer id go back to bed but somehow i dont think its the whole answer to this achy feeling. I was much better out and about this morning so I think its just getting a balance between sleep, good food and talking things over. Emma x

I am 3 FEC down, and aching legs each time. They told me it was part of the ‘flu like symptoms’ that you could possibly get.

Many congratulations on getting through it, I am very envious.

It’s nearly 7 weeks since I finished Chemo and today everything aches! Legs more than anything else. I thought I would feel much better by now but if anything I feel worse!

Hey ST

With you on the legs. Thought it might be the Tamoxifen and get all night cramping. My feet also seem to be getting worse and I’m back to feeling like I did with the TAX.

The gift that just keeps on giving… (sigh)

Hope you get back to normal soon.

Laurie x

I get aching legs thighs ,shoulders ect . I never had tax i only had EC I’m 2 months post chemo .Does anyone else that didn’t have tax ache too .I am not on anything now as TN just wondering if EC does this ? xx

I finished chemo almost 7 weeks ago too. I had 6 FEC followed by radiotherapy and I have aching legs, infact all over aches some days. Still feel tired and also expected to feel so much better by now!

Take care x

jiggyjoo ,thanks for your post was beginning to worry as it seems to be only people who had tax that ached all over .nice to know I’m normal.or as normal as i ever will be lol !!! xx

Hi Lisha,

I was told that the general fatigue at the end of treatment can cause
aching legs and muscles all over. Mine seems to be worse at the end
of the day when I’m really tired.

Take care x

Hi Ladies,
Just wondering if any of you have seen an improvement yet? I finished 3 fec followed by 3 taxotere about 4 weeks ago and am now in radiotherapy. I find the pains down the front and back of my legs unbearable and have pains during the night (much like some of you). I find that a few gentle yoga stretches help a bit and am now ok walking on the flat but stairs are a nightmare!
Katie x

Hi ladies started my chemo yesterday I’m having 6 sessions of fec I have had pains and aching in my legs is that something other people have had also I have had constant headache x