really scared

I found a large lump last night in my right breast that definitely was not there 2 weeks ago. I cant get to a Doc till tomorrow morning and have absolutely nobody to talk to at the moment.

Has anyone any advice please?

Hi, just try to keep calm, i know thats not easy, but go out, do something, try not to brood on it, most lumps aren’t cancer, i found mine on a friday when it was too late to get to the doctors, could have gone saturday i suppose, but decided i was going to have retail therapy, and a great day out with my hubby on the sunday, which i did, and believe me, that was my last weekend of my old life and i had a great time now i am making sure i have a good time with my new life, so whatever the outcome, have some special time, its worth it honest, and i hope your doing something you enjoy right now. let us know how you get on, everyone on here will support you and help you all we can.

lots of love


thanks Alison, its just the feeling of not being able to do anything about it till tomorrow. Im trying to be positive and went shopping earlier lol

hopefully you live in a good area where you won’t have to wait round too much, for a lot of us on here, its a lot of waiting and wondering so we really do know how you feel, and no words really can make it a lot better, but knowing your not on your own is a great help, how old are you?

Alison xxxx

I live in the North West and I’m 44. My Mum’s sister had bc last year luckily they caught it very early and she didnt need chemo or anything.

i live in the north west too and am also 44yrs old, isn’t it a small world?

very ! I’m newly divorced too so spend a lot of time on my own. My Mum’s nearby but I dont like to burden her she has enough worries of her own

what about friends? and do you have children?

dont really have friends as such result of a rotten marriage and I have one boy who is 21

i really do feel for you, at least i’ve had a lot of family support and even celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary on friday, do you have any contact with your ex? or is he unlikely to offer support?

Alison xxx

no contact at all and I wouldnt want any tbh. I feel better just with chatting on here. Im going to ring my boss in a minute and put her in the picture I know I’ll get some support there cos she is really nice.

thanks for the chat Alison

hopefully speak soon

DC xx

your more than welcome, please let us know how you get on

lots of love

Alison xxxxx

hi dream,
sorry you have found a lump hon, , i was in the same poss nearly six weeks ago,
i found a large lump i went to docs on the fri and she thought it was cancer? put me through to the one stop clinic, i got a phone call on the fri afternoon where they gave me an appt 2 weeks later.
at the clinic i saw the consultants hoppo, he said no nothing its a cyst, sent me through for ultrasound, sure enough it showed as a large black hole, the rad did a fna and sent it to microbiology and said i had an infection, results came bk no infect
she wanted a repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks as the lump never dissapeared

i go back this thurs, so i,m no wiser at the mo, cos if it was all fluid it should have gone, so there must be some sort of mass there its rock hard with ridges

but no pain

so get ready for a wait sweetie, but you will get lots of support on here hon

i pray yours turns out to be a cyst or fibros adenoma which is poss due to your age,are you going through the change of life??

i,m past that so in reality should not get cysts

love to you

Hi Cee

I had an hysterecetomy 10 years ago due to a precancerous cervix and went through an early change soon after. It feels really hard and does not move its roughly the size of a 10p piece. There is no pain apart from me keep prodding the flipping thing. I’m going to the docs in the morning, not ringing just turning up and if I have to wait all day I WILL be seen.

thanks for your support

Danni xx

Hi dreamcatcher

Why do things like this always seem to happen at the weekend?

Hopefully you will be able to get an emergency appointment with your GP in the morning.

My best advice to you at the moment is to make sure your GP takes you seriously and puts through an urgent referral to the breast clinic.

Don’t let the words ‘urgent referral’ panic you. The guidelines say that due to your age and the fact you have a lump an urgent referral is the appropriate next step, even if your GP thinks it is nothing to worry about. Too many GPs ignore the guidelines and try to diagnose by clinic examination alone. Mine did and, as a result, my cancer went undiagnosed for 8 months.

If you get an urgent referral you are normally seen within 2 weeks. If the referral is routine in some areas you can wait in excess of 2 months. That’s too long to sit about worrying.

Good luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for a cyst.


Hi Lola

thanks for the info, I wont be leaving the surgery tomrrow till I have seen my GP, I have spent two days worrying myself silly and I am not going to be put off by the receptionist in the morning.

Im really glad I found this site

thanks all

Danni xx

Hi Danni

Wishing you all the best for seeing the GP tomorrow - good luck with the receptionists! When I rang the first appointment to see a GP was 13 days away - i said it was too long and could one of the Drs ring me (they often triage urgents in our surgery) she told me that the telephone list was full! So I asked for an urgent appointment - to which I got a very snotty “you want to take an urgent appointment?” To which I replied I think this is my only option as I can not wait 13 days and you will not ask the Drs to ring me. As it was the GP was absolutely fine with it (looked slightly embarassed if anything when I emtioned to appt business!) and really good. I felt a sense of relief once he had acknowledged there was a concern and that he was referring - possibly something to do with guilt and a nurse for a mother who dismissed everything as nothing! If you could breath then you went to school!!

Here’s hoping that everything will turn out fine for you. The waiting for appointments has been very hard at times, being able to express myself to others who appreciate that has been marvellous - as have the positive and supportive comments from others.

Thinking of you

Tinkers x

well Im just getting reading to go and camp out at my Doc’s hopefully they will see me early and I wont have to wait around too long. Nerves are shredded and Im sure the blob has grown overnight. Had next to no sleep thanks to my charming neighbours coming in late and then putting the tv on full blast till 3am.

Will post when I get back

Love Danni xxx

I got an appointment for 10.10am, no lady docs available but I really dont care who I see as long as they take me seriously

Danni xxx

Hi dreamcatcher,

Just to let you know I’m here for you too. I had a two week wait before my first hospital appointment and I would have been climbing the walls if it hadn’t been for the fine people on this forum. Fortunately, I was given the all clear after just a mammgram but I can honestly say that the two week wait was one of the most frightening of my life. It’s a time when you need support and you have it here.

You are welcome to share your fears, to ask for info, to rant if you need to and to share the news of your results when you get them. There are good friends for you here on this forum.

Take care, Hon

beano x