really scared

Thanks for your support beano it is really appreciated. I cant face going into work afterwards I feel really sick and my stomach is playing up. I was quite calm earlier, but that’s gone out of the window !

Danni xx

Hi Danni
Good luck

Marilyn x

Hi Danni,

I know just what you mean. It wouldn’t be unusual if you posted on here to say you’re feeling positive and able to face it all, and then five minutes later you posted again to say you were worried sick. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster. The one bit of comfort we can offer is that we’ve all experienced it and it really does help to know that you’re not the only person to have all those conflicting feelings.

Hang in there, Hon,

We’re with you all the way.

beano x

I’ve just told my Mum cos tbh I couldnt not do. She wants to come with me but I have said no I need to go on my own this first time. Do you ever get the feeling you must have done something really wicked in a past life for things to keep being thrown at you? My son took my split with his Dad really badly and now he has been diagnosed with depression and is on the happy pills at the age of 21. Im trying to stay strong and be there for him but its so hard when I keep being blamed for all sorts

Danni xx

Hi Danni

Good luck with your appointment. I saw a male doctor (we don’t really have a choice here) and he was really nice, it felt fine - he should ask if you want a nurse or receptionist to come in if you feel uncomfortable. I will be thinking of you. I understand that you are thinking about “why me”. The way I see it is that we have bodies and sometimes they do strange things - can’t be punishment - plenty of awful people out there who are doing just fine!

Hope things with your son work out. Do not worry too much about the anti-depressants. If he is truly clinically depressed they will work after a few weeks and he will be able to start working things out better. If they don’t appear to make any difference after about 5 weeks he would be worth talking to his GP about trying another one - or finding someone to talk to. (these pills are over prescribed, often people are not clinically depressed, but unhappy, confused etc)

All the best


thanks tinkers, Im off for my appointment now will post when I get back

Danni xx


I hope the appointment went well and you get an urgent referel …keep posting on here the ladies support is great and has got me through a very difficult weekend and they have thrown ideas in to help and it does help alot!

I hope it all turns out to be nothing for you! but the waiting seems to be the hardsest part!

Beano your xray story had me in fits of giggles!!

It all helps and I’m so glad I found this site!

Waiting to hear your ok dreamcatcher!

love and all the best


ok Im back and that was a total waste of time. Doc says he “thinks” its bone, so I asked if its bone why does it wobble??? and why isnt there one on the other side. I have been told to leave it a week or 2 and go back if Im not happy. Well Im not happy so am going to make another appointment with a lady doc.

Danni xxx

Danni, go straight back and tell that doctor you want to be referred to your nearest rapid breast clinic, how dare he fob you off

Alison xxx

Im too upset to do anything at the moment cept cry

Some doctors are so thoughtless! bless you dreamcatcher!!! sending you lots of love and big hug …see another gp and let us know how it goes mean while if you need a rant here is the place to do it

lounyjane xx

Im still in tears and really dont know what to do next. I keep prodding the blasted thing and no way is it bone its round for god’s sake !! I thought of going and plonking myself down in a & e but that’s just stupid

Danni xx

Go back to your doctors right now, or as soon as they open, demand to be seen by another gp, do not leave until you see one, you can’t carry on being this worried, and tell them that you want referring to the rapid chest clinic, if they ask why you want to see another gp, just tell them that you want a second opinion.

Alison xxx

they dont open till 2.30pm but I only live 5 mins away so Im going to go now

Danni xx

We’ll be waiting for you to get back xxxxx

ok I’m back. Cant see a lady Doc till Weds morning no matter what, so I’m going to have to wait another 2 days.

Danni xx

just an idea, and don’t know if it will do you any good, have you tried the nhs helpline? might just be worth a go, even if it only gets you to see a doctor at the local a & e, think i would have strangled your doctors receptionist!

Alison xxx

ps, also, have you thought about the helpline on here?

tbh if she had said the words “its policy to only book one day ahead” one more time I would have. I have to ring at 8.30am tomorrow morning to get the appt for Weds, she wouldnt book it today for me. The lady doc isnt in today at all so I couldnt sit down and insist. I feel a bit calmer now and might ring the helplines

thanks Alison


Hope you managed to ring the helplines OK dreamcatcher. I’m sure some of these healthcare professionals must be blissfully unaware of what we go through while we’re waiting. Surely they wouldn’t have such a cavalier attitude if they had any inkling.

Stick to your guns, dreamcatcher. If you have to be difficult to be taken seriously; be difficult. It’s your body and your life. As always, we’ll be here for you, Hon.

And, loubyjane, I’m glad you liked the x-ray story. There are LOADS more where that came from. I tend to go into comedian mode when I’m feeling vulnerable. I think it helps me to feel as though I have some level of control over the situation. :slight_smile:

Take care.
beano x

oh sweet dream, i,m praying for you i,m so glad you got the response needed on here hon, keep at them till you get to the one stop clinic waiting is awful and you have more to come yet i,m afraid

but dont be dismissed and get the doc to refer you
big bucket of love coming in