Recently Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I cant stop thinking about it

Thank you nannabee, a journal sounds like a good idea. I think it may help order my thoughts.


Thanks everyone for you messages and support xxx


I was 52/53 during my diagnosis and treatment.
The hardest part was waiting in between appointments.
I had couple of masses in left breast and some calium deposits at 1st they mrntioned mastectomy, but in the end it was just a lumpectomy.
Its hard i know, but try and stay positive,it helps .
My was grade 2 dcis 28mm, no lymph nodes effected. Thats is really positive your lymph node was clear.
I had oncote type dx, and my resilts were 13, basically the chance of it recurring within 10 years i think :thinking:
I had radiothereapy. Pre menopausal so tamoxifen for 3 year and now im on letrozole.
I recorded all my appointments on my phone.
Talk to people that have gone through it if you can. We have a hospice that runs a breast friends group, its a l8vely group and great advice. I still go now.
Good luck, I always say dont worry about what you cant change. Sending love xx


As others have said do not google or search

Please only use this site and MacMillan as every man or woman going through this is as unique as their boobies

Your nurse/ team or on here can answer all manner of queries and questions and they know the answers so trust them

Its going to be hard to feel anything other than worry, fear and the waiting is horrid as others have said so try to use this time pre surgery and treatments to savour each day and do one small thing for yourself, its time to be selfish

If you can share your news with a trusted love one or friend do it, or if not write your feelings and emotions and worries down on paper, it really does help to get them out of your head

One your team have a plan you will, and then take each step of it one by one

I thought of my diagnosis as step 1, my surgery as step2, my chemo as step 3 and radiotherapy as step4

Step 5 which is afterwards is a long way to go so don’t even think about it now

Always take someone with you to consultation or use the chaperone for support, ask as many things as you need and if you’re brain goes to mush call the next day

You have a lot to deal with but know that everyone on here is sending you kind thoughts, big hugs and virtual smiles x


Hi there,

I’m so sorry to read what has happened. That really is an awful lot to take in.

Speaking as someone 2 and a half years on from my diagnosis, I can at least look back now and be a bit philosophical and just be thankful that it was all found, was low grade and that mammograms are definitely important! You won’t be at that point just yet, but you will be.

The fear felt at that time will never be forgotten though so understand how you must be feeling. I’d also been called back numerous times after my mammograms for double checking so that in itself causes a lot of anxiety.

It’s hard for you to think straight now you’re going through this, but I just wanted to say that you will be very well looked after, it’s been found early and there is lots to be positive about. You will be okay and you will get through this.

Regarding mastectomy. I had one because I had 2 areas of DCIS and a small invasive. Not being particularly big up top it was decided I have a mastectomy. My recovery was quick and I soon moved on flat on one side using a good fake boob fitted in the breast clinic.

Good luck with everything - you’ve got this and you’ll be on the other side of it before you know. Sending you a virtual hug.


I really feel for you, those early days after diagnosis for me were hell, I planned my funeral, I wrote letters to my kids, I ate cake and ice cream, I sat on the sofa and watched tv or went to bed with a book, I was diagnosed last October, had surgery December and started chemo March, I’m now about to start radiotherapy. I look back on blood tests, scans, biopsies on thyroid, lymph node near ear, mole on back (all hot on Pet scan) all negative but I didn’t know at the time of course. Now I have 2 more Herceptin injections to go and a heart scan, finish my radiotherapy and then I’m off on holiday no matter what! I can’t believe this has happened to me but then I think why not? It’s happened to most of my friends over 50, they are all still here!


It’s a tough time, those first few weeks when your head is spinning out of control, you can’t concentrate or think of anything else. I feel for you. But, positive news is that your normality can and will continue. Try and lose yourself in something, work, kids, hobbies, anything you can to distract yourself.

Then all of a sudden it becomes a bit normal and it’s not so scary anymore. I was diagnosed in March, over halfway through my chemo, feel very well looked after by the doctors and nurses and just riding the wave till surgery. I never thought I would be able to concentrate on anything ever again after a diagnosis that rocks your world. But I am and I’m sure that it will be the same for you.

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I’m so sorry for your diagnosis. I had lumpectomy on my right, reduction for symmetry on left and they found 2 very small cancers in left so we went back in to get clear margins. It is scary, you will look for answers. Ask your team all the questions you want and need. Always take someone with you to all of your appointments because you will miss a lot of what you are being told. Also get on the app OUTCOMES 4 YOU. it has been a huge support and bountiful amounts of answers and information. It was designed by Oncologist for Breast Cancer Patients. It’s a supportive and safe place with many chat rooms that cover different issues. From diagnosis, treatments, new treatments, trials, coffee corner where we talk about everything from family issues, friend issues and support from other patients. forums with oncologist. Can’t say enough good things about this platform, along with this platform. Hang in there, you got this

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It must have been a horrible shock to find you have cancer in both breasts but at least you know at a very early stage when it’s easiest to treat and less likely to have spread anywhere else.

I found my two lots of breast cancer both in the same breast so I have had a different experience- first diagnosis age 48 and most recent at age 67.

They were different kinds of breast cancer so unrelated. Incidence of breast cancer increases the older you are so that’s why you are quite a few elderly women in breast clinics. I feel less alone at 68 which I am now than at my first diagnosis when I had tests which said the lump was benign! Seagulls

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Thanks everyone, it really does help to read your stories and i’m so sorry that you are all going through this. Thank you for all the tips to!
I had the follow up appt today for the MRI results,
The right breast is as expected and the doc asked me what wed discussed last time, i said she’d said the choice of lumpectomy or mastectomy depended how far the lumps were apart, that theyd discussed at MDT and were vearing to the mastectomy. So she seemed to stick with that n gave me info to look at on reconstruction. With the advice to have it done at the same time or i may wait years. I felt like i shouldve asked if lumpectomy was an option?
Re the left breast, there were areas of concern so they did more biopsies. A llymph node is swollen, they think it could be a reaction to the previous biopsy of the nearbyby node (which was clear) but of course another worry n wait!
Also one area they couldnt see on the US, so may send me for a further test depending if the further area they tested is cancerous or not. If it is then seems like they will suggest a mastectomy that side too.
The guy that did the biopsy confused me as he said its not life threatening and made me want to double check that this is all really needed. I will ask next time i go.
But for now more waiting, we are off to Yorkshire next week, if i can take a holiday from this it would be nice.
Thank you again for listening x

A break in Yorkshire sounds a very good idea. Skipton and the North Yorkshire Moors and Dales are very beautiful.