Recently diagnosed

I have been recently diagnosed with what they think is stage 2 ductal. Everything has happened so quickly I think it’s only now sinking in. I had an appointment at the breast clinic for a mammogram and ultrasound as I found a lump and they pretty much told me before the biopsy it was cancer. I got the confirmation 2 days later and had a lumpectomy and sentinel node 5 days after that which was last Wednesday. I won’t get my results till Monday and I’m really worried about what they will tell me. The nurse has called me to say I am ER positive and HER2 negative which she says is good. It’s really difficult to pretend I’m fine with my husband and family when I am really struggling. Does anyone have any advice on getting through the next few days?

Hi Runnerbean ,welcome .Sounds like your nurse has given you good news so far and hopefully when you have your post op appointment - you will get a very straight forward treatment plan and you will be able to move forward .The anxious waiting is very hard and hard to let’s those closest to us how we are really feeling -we just want to protect them from our worst fears don’t we.Lots of support and advice here .

Hi Runnerbean! Hi I’m sure you’re husband and family will know that you’re not fine! You’re in a horrible time - waiting for results is the worst! But you will get through it. I’m a year post mastectomy now and last year feels like a nightmare! Whatever your results are they can be successfully treated. You’ll get your head round it and feel a bit better when you get your treatment plan. Then one day at a time. Sending hugs. Debbie x

I’m going to log on this morning and do a bit of work. Hopefully it will take my mind off things for a while. I am a bit of a control freak so it’s the not knowing that bothers me. Hopefully once I have my treatment plan I will feel more positive. Thank you all for your support, I’m sorry we all have to go through this but it helps to know your not alone

Jencat when will go find out your plan?

The waiting is very hard - if only they could get the plans together more quickly .

You can’t help but have that element doubt when they send you for scans even if they say it’s only a precaution .


Hi Runnerbean


Welcome to the forum!!! I haven’t really any miraculous words of wisdom to impart and I know how excrutiating the waiting is, so my only advice is to keep as busy as possible. Not sure how I’d have got through the wait to find out if it was cancer or not if I hadn’t been really preoccupied with work. That for me was the absolute hardest part. Now I know it is cancer I feel less anxious somehow - now the focus is on getting myself better and getting through the treatment in one piece xx

Hi Runnerbean, congratulations on how swiftly your diagnosis and treatment has happened. You’ve got rid of your Mr. Blobby. If your lymph nodes show signs of cancer then it means they have done their job. They are your knights in shining armour preventing the disease spreading . I had 7/15 LN showing signs after a full excision, and it hasn’t spread. CT scan with contrast was clear . My lovely consultant was so pragmatic and upbeat that I had great confidence in getting sorted . So, it’s BC, but if you have to have cancer then that’s the one to have. If its Ductal that’s a bit of a plus, too apparently. It’s so treatable these days, and the success rates are very high. I would say take one day at a time. Im sure its your turn to be supported by your family and loved ones. Let them treasure you at this time in your life, and remember it’s good to talk. Best wishes. X ?

I have my appointment on Monday for the results from the lumpectomy and sentinel node. Although I have already been told that it’s stage 2 I am driving myself crazy thinking they will tell me actually it’s much worse than they first thought. I’m trying to keep busy but when I find myself on my own my mind goes into overdrive. I’m guessing this is normal and I hope I will calm down once I get my treatment plan in place.

I hope it does get easier before I drive myself completely crazy! It feels like all we do is wait around for various test results. I am going to try and enjoy the weekend and then fingers crossed for good news for us both next week xx

Helena, can I borrow the tough pants for next Thursday when I get my test results please. Wash them first girls please ?

Cassie x

Had my surgery letter (surgery number 2) got to ha st hospital at 2pm on Thursday for further lymph node removal … no idea when I get ct scan results and no idea what comes after surgery or timescale etc st what point do people usually get chemo start dates etc ? I am so bloody impatient x

1pm not 2 pm x

Love these pants ? They nearly as big as my big bum pants ???

Cherry I have to wear big bum pants cause I got a big bum lol if your bums little you will only need helenas tough girl pants x

Hi I’m new and was diagnosed with stage 3 yesterday 3cm lump and 1 affected lymph node surgery is 2nd October,such a shock as I’m only 34 I think I’m more worried about losing my hair x

Hi Sam

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I am also 34 and have BC. It’s something you don’t expect at our age. At least you have a surgery date. I’m still waiting test results and will be having chemo before surgery but still waiting for a date to start.

Welcome to the forum you’ll find loads of support here.

Cassie x

Thanks x

Hi Sam34. Just want to say hello and welcome. Im 37 and was diagnosed 5th of July. Must say the worst two months of my life but it gets easier with time. Im after op and doing well, now waiting for radio dates. All the best and stay around and you will find great support here.