Recently diagnosed

Hi …iam Sangeetha … diagnosed before 2 weeks ?? …happily moved here to London before 3 mnths with loving husband and 2 kids . 35 yrs old with smiling face I never thought about cancer just went to gp…all of a sudden life turns totally upside down …sitting alone eyes starts to rain …totally confused …all the scans done ??? dono wat to do ??just shared



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will get lots of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here.


This is the worst time having just been diagnosed, I am assuming that you are waiting for your treatment plan but honestly as the ladies on here will tell you, once you have your treatment plan in place it does get easier because you know what is going to happen and when.


Come on here whenever you need to and there will always be someone who will be able to help and support.




Invasive ductal carcinoma grade2 ER7/8, PR7/8,HER2 3+
This was my report …scared and scared of everything …??

Thankq u soooooooo much … leaving my parents and friends just moved here .I never expected this and not even told them about my diagnosis and don’t want to make my loving ones heart attack ?? thinking I am happy here .

Thankq for Ur reply lady bowler…??

Dear Sangeetha,

I am very glad you have found this wonderful community even though it’s not the ideal situation having to be here. You have joined a very good community of people who will welcome and advise you through this difficult time. It must be very hard to be in a new location away from your family and having to face this new challenge. It is a frightening time when you are first diagnosed but it does get easier when you know how your treatment will progress. The truth is that breast cancer treatment these days is very advanced and the long-term outcome for amost everyone is very positive. Do not feel that you are being a burden to your family. I am sure they will be wonderful support for you while you go through treatment. Believe me, at the start you might think you will not get through this but believe me you will. 

Sending you much support and hope you will stay here to let us know how you get on.

Ruth xx

Thankq soo much …for all ur may be the hard time let me see how things going to happen ?.

Hi Sangeetha. I am glad you have come to the forum gor support as that is exactly what you will find here.

I am 50 years old and also have 3 children. The hardest part of this was telling them and telling the rest of my family about my diagnosis. I like to look after them and hated seeing them all upset and worried about me!

I had almost the same diagnosis as you in August. Grade 2, ER + and Her2+. After my diagnosis i then had to have an ultrasound to check lymph nodes - they looked clear, a ct scan and a bone scan. They all came back clear.

I am having neo-adjuvant treatment (before surgery). 7 lots of chemotherapy with Herceptin and Permuzetab - which are the targetted therapies for Her2+. When my treatment is finished i will have a masectomy (radiotherapy is not an option as i have had it before) and will then have tablets for 5 years.

I have had 4 chemo so far and have 3 to go. Its a bit tough but it is doable. Normal life goes on with a few adjustments!

Once you get your treatment plan you will know what you are facing and you can plan around it. You will feel more in control.

Where are your family? Will they be able to support you?

It is so upsetting when life is going along nicely then all of a sudden we are stopped in our tracks but you can do this! You will have the best treatment available.

Stay strong lovely and keep coming here for support xxc

I was really worried and scared y to get BC in this early age (35)can’t able to Luk at my kids?.
Tuesday I gonna have neo adjuvant chemotherapy followed by breast conservation and radiotherapy.(donno what was all this terms) in West Middlesex hospital .nurse zeng there to help me …at least I am happy that I can share and can confident from the lady’s with same diagnosis .as I was new I donno where and whom to share ?

I have sent you a message Sangeetha x

Thankq Ali …how r u ? Iam from India .I never told anything to my mom she is 53 I advised her to have check up too …as u are correct drs told me take some tablets for 10 yrs …I was scared of chemo will it be painful ?? .thankq peggy.thankq optimissy,thankq lady bowler .

Thankq lady bowler…need help about knowing cold cap as I am gonna have chemo on Tuesday .need help to know about cooling cap is the cap very cold will the head ache?? and about chemo …does it hurts …pls tell me …so that I can be prepared.

It is notpainful when you are having it Sangeetha although your arm moght ache! Are you having FEC?

Yeah Ali …it was FEC- T .

Sangeetha this is a scary time for you. Has your doctor given you a plan of treatment yet? I was told on here by some of the ladies that once I had a plan in place then it would get easier & they were right.

i have been told i have a cancer the size of a pea and is treatable and will have radiotherpy after but i know this is good new but i am very scared of the op

Welcome Edith ! Please ask about any worries you have ,are you having lumpectomy ? I was really surprised how quickly I recovered from the op and how straightforward it was .Jill.xx

Hi Edith,
It sounds like it’s been caught early as it’s small, so presumably you will have a Wide Local Excision/lumpectomy.
As ever the prospect is worse than the reality. I had the above op, it was done as day surgery, apart from some soreness & minor discomfort, treated with paracetamol, I was up & about as normal a couple of days later.
Do come back & ask anything you need to.
ann x

Hi I am new to forum. Diagnosed in Oct invasive ductual grade 2.I’m 52 and have a teenager.

 My husband was with me for the diagnosis and is very supportive.  At first I was very emotional like my world fell apart. No family history. Macmillian nurses are brilliant and Consultant is a people’s person. Explained everything to me.Plan in place and I opted for mastectomy due to size and area of lump and maybe reconstruct later on. Had mastectomy yesterday, day case. Not as bad as i thought and not much pain. Axilla was fine on ultrasound and awaiting results of lympth mode biopsy. Likely to have radiotherapy. I’ve had time to reflect and working up to surgery has kept me busy. I have my good days and realise its ok to feel like cxxp! Talking to friends who have gone through similar experience has kept me feeling positive as well as this website! There is a support group nearby which I will go to later on. I can relate to lots of the posts.  For now, I’m taking one day at a time and enjoying time off work. I still have a way to go but with all the support out there I’m feeling positive.

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Woke up this morning, feeling really sad and emotional.  I have been reading the forum posts since being  diagnosed in November, Left Breast Carcinoma DCIS. Hod WLE and SNB on Friday 22nd Dec, back for treatment plan on 8th Jan, I feel suprisingly ok after the op, no pain, but from going from regular screening,to find myself from normal to this in a matter of weeks, is just mind numbing  I thought i was coping really well, too well in fact, and now I feel I have come down to earth with a bump.  I am 54, and have two teenage children and some great friends/collegues who have been amazinly supportive.  But I don’t want to put on anyone, especially around Christmas, or make anyone worry, so trying to soilder on as normal, but is not easy. Reading the posts on here,  I am in awe of the amazing strength you ladies have, I feel a little guilty, as what you have been through, doesn’t compare, it is an emotional roller coaster, and waiting is the worst, but just reading and knowing there are others that understand the emotional side and have been through this journey and are so positive, gives me hope. Thank you for your enspiring stories. Now for Christmas!