Recurrence in Chest Wall 1 year after Mastectomy

Hello, I am 33 years old.I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2017.I had a Mastectomy and was put on Tamoxifen for 10 years (no radiotherapy, no chemo) My oncotype score was 15.
A few months ago I noticed a firm/hard area just under the Mastectomy scar line. Saw my Consultant who decided to do a biopsy.Went back for results last Wednesday and it turns out to be Cancer yet again. Has anybody else experienced a recurrence in the chest wall? I’m currently waiting for a CT scan and bone scan before they decide on a treatment plan xx

Hi Rhi32, it’s cometely soul destroying when it comes back. I am on my third recurrence since original diagnosis September 2016. I had a lumpectomy first. Then a mastectomy. Mine had never spread so each time a local recurrence. It’s very scary & your mind will go into overdrive. You will feel better & more in control once you have a plan. Maybe prepare yourself that they’ll want to give you chemo this time. I hope you get your results soon & can move on with your next lot of treatment. Deep breaths & don’t let it beat you down xx

Hello, CT scan and bone scan were all clear so it looks like a local reccurance- the plan is operation on tuesday (lumpectomy of the chest wall) then most probably radiotherapy starting sometime in september.They will put a final treatment plan together once the pathology report comes back after operation. Thank you both for your messages ? xxxx

Hello I’m 49 I had mastectomy 9 years ago. No chemo no radio was on zoladex injections for 2years and tamoxafin for 5 years. I have just been diagnosed with local reoccurrance…i found a hard lump along my mastectomy scar. Its estrogen positive like before and have started anastrazole which is similar to tamoxafin only for post menopause. I’ve had a ct scan which was clear and I’m waiting for bone scan results. I should be having lumpectomy and implant removed on 30th July but my bone scan has still not been looked hoping to know more this Thursday. My mind is working overtime because until I know the exact plan and diagnosis I can’t relax. The waiting is awful as you know. I hope you’ve had your scans and results are ok so they can get your treatment plan sorted. Take comfort that you are not alone.xx

Hello Rhi32.hope your op went well and your not to sore. Sending lots of love and hugs.xx

Thank you.All went well yesterday-not too sore-no drain this time so feels much better.Pathology report should be back in around 2 weeks xxx

Hope you won’t have too long to wait.The waiting is definitely the worst thing in all of this.Keep in touch xxx

Yes the waiting is awful definitely the worst part! Glad it went well for you.thats a bonus no drain aswell. Can remember dragging them about. I’ve been told to ring my oncs Secretary tomorrow to see if bone scan has been looked at but as far as I am aware op will be on monday.I will stay in touch. Take care and get plenty of

Hello my breast nurse just rang and my bone scan is clear so just local reoccurrance. So relieved…so I’ve got op now on monday.xx

Brilliant news xxxx It’s such a relief knowing that scans are all clear.All the best for monday ? xxx

Thank you.xx?

Hi delly thank you so much.hope everything is going well for you. Take care?

Hi ladies had my op this morning was first on list. They are keeping me in overnight. I’ve got 2 drains but to be honest the 1 drain is empty…So think that will be out soon. I’m a bit sore but it’s doable. Take care…Rhi32 hope your healing well.xx

Thank you Rhi. Didn’t sleep to well as I’m right next to maternity ward and went through 3 loud labours?? it was lovely to hear the babies cry after though ?
I’m going home later and they are removing 1 drain and the other will be removed next week when I see my not too sore and feel ok…glad it’s over. Take care hope your ok.

Hello Rhi. How are getting on hope your coping ok. Jo.xx

I’m good thank you, it’s healing well and feels so much better with the stitches out.How are you feeling?Have you still got the drain in? xx

That’s good Rhi glad your healing well. I’m ok thanks just a little uncomfortable with drain in. I’ve got an appointment 10th Aug they will take it out then. I’m changing the drain every couple of days and ring nurse everyday to let her know how much I’m draining. When I go on the 10th not sure if I will no what treatment I’m having. I know its definitely radio but not sure about chemo… Hope you carry on healing well.when will you know what treatment you will have? Take care Jo.xx

Sounds like you’re in a similar situation to me.I know I will need radiotherapy but not sure about chemo yet.They said results from op should be back in around 2 weeks so maybe I’ll hear something next week.I hope the 10th comes round quickly for you so you can get that drain out ?? xxxx

Thanks Rhi. Hope you keep doing well. Let me know when you get results.Take Care.Jo xxxx

Hello Rhi how are you getting on? Xx