Scan tomorrow

Well my hospital haven’t hung around-they phoned me this morning and I’ve got my bone scan tomorrow morning and CT scan on Sunday afternoon! They said not to worry they were so quick, but the consultant wanted me and some women seen asap so we can be discussed at next Monday’s meeting (it’s a Bank Hol the following week so perhaps they don’t hold them then?) I suppose the good thing is that I’ve got them over and done with, but I am worried that the hospital isn’t hanging around to get them done and what will show up on them. I’m sort of dealing with bc, but now worrying it has spread. (It was in 3 out of 10 lymph nodes) The consultant was very reassuring on Tuesday that the scans were a precaution, but of course they couldn’t give me a 100% guarantee everything is ok and I’m feeling scared about it. Sorry for going on, but I’ve only got my daughter at home with me and I don’t want her to worry anymore than she is already. In my head I’m thinking the worst scenario, I suppose that’s usual xx

Sounds like a genuinely sensible logistical decision on their part, especially with a Bank Holiday coming up. At least you will get it out of the way. Will be thinking of you.


Hope it all goes OK.  Glad you are being given the scan in a timely way and they are reassuring you about the speed so take that as given x



I am sure that it will be because there is not an MDT on that Monday as it is a Bank Holiday and the clinics will be closed, well done them for being proactive in doing as much as possible to avoid unnecessary delays for you all.


It is absolutely natural that you will be anxious our rational thinking goes out of the window at times like this, but just take one day at a time and you will get there


Helena xxxx

Hi Jencat,
It’s quite usual scans & other appointments get arranged at short notice, so dont read anything onto it. It’s totally right it’s being sorted out.
ann x

Thinking about you Jencat for tomoorow.Very big hugs, Jacqui

Thinking of you Jencat and wishing you all the best for tomorrow and Sunday xxx

Hi Jencat
I just think to myself whatever they are doing is to help our road to recovery whether appointments sooner or later, they will have their reasons! Sometimes we wonder why so soon and our mind wanders, and sometimes we wonder why waiting so long, when its only a short while longer. Really we want to get our treatment plan asap so we know what’s what and can prepare ourselves! It’s the not knowing and then our minds wander! We can’t help it, it seems that we are all the same! It’s normal!

After I got my treatment plan from Oncologist on Weds I feel surprisingly a little better and relaxed! Doing what I need to do to prepare myself, wig, biscuits etc! Of course Im nervous about the chemo and side effects but its got to be done so Ive decided to deal with it when it arrives!

It seams like a genuine reason your scan is so soon as there’s a lot of procedures behind the scenes which we don’t see! All the team need to discuss each and everyone of us to make sure we get the best care and there are a lot of departments involved! We just assume they all know everything about us and can answer anything we ask and I’m sure they would like to be able to and that’s why b4 seeing any of us the surgeons, aenasthetics, oncologists BCN (all 4 of mine) Radiographers all need to check our details before they see us and make sure they all understand our situations and work together!
So just try to think, every step we do is to help them sort our treatment plan for our roads to recovery!

We will get better And in safe hands!

Try to get some sleep my lovely, you will feel better for it (says me who never sleeps well b4 any appointment)

I’ve just thought that you have a young daughter simular age as mine. Maybe they should talk too. Is there a forum for our young ones to chat to others?xxx

Good luck for tomorrow and Sunday jencat. Take it as a positive they are moving quickly, and the sooner done, the nearer you are to your next step, which is a bonus. Also less time waiting, as we all know waiting is the worst. X

Good luck Jencat, don’t worry about the scans being so quick, mine were organised very quick and even donebefore I was confirmed with BC (obviously my surgeon was pretty confident I had BC and wanted to give me all results at once).
Sending a hug. Xxx

Good luck Jencat.

Someone pointed out to me sometime in the last few weeks that things move much faster during the school holidays, as so many people take time away.  A good thing, I think.

Good luck Jencat .

All the best. Thinking of you. X


Good luck Jencat!! Don’t worry that they’ve fitted your scans in so quickly. The clock is ticking on getting treatment started with the 31/62 day deadline. I didn’t realise until I spoke to my breast cancer nurse that if treatment isn’t started within this timeframe the hospital doesn’t get reimbursed for any of that patient’s treatment!! My hospital said they try to abide by these timings but not at the expense of doing everything that is medically necessary prior to treatment - even if that means they’re penalised.


I was only diagnosed on Wednesday late afternoon but had my CT scan this afternoon and bone scan scheduled for Thursday. I’ve stopped reading anything into how quickly or slowly I’m seen now. Once you’ve had your diagnosis confirmed I feel like that’s the worst bit over and I just want to get on with it now. I’m sure there are women on this forum thinking “she really doesn’t know what’s about to hit her…”

Hi Jen,
So glad to hear about your scan, another hurdle jumped!
Like you, I remember noticing the cancer ads & continue to do so now, as well as articles in the media, it’s just that we’re sensitised to it when going through this.
ann x

Glad your ok Jencat and scan went well. I so get what you mean about TV ads it’s either cancer or funeral plans!!! That’s daytime telly for you! Hugs xxx

So glad the CT looks good, yay xxx. Pecan, you are so right about the ads, they are every 5 mins! It probably is just they we are noticing them more as they now actually relate to US, but my god, they do seem constant, lol. I have a CT on Tuesday, want to get it done now but also am terrified as I’m convinced I have got spread … totally normal, I know but have had bone and joint pain for a year along with other issues, so am not in a good place at the mo. On a positive note, I have got some plans if it has spread … I will go on an amazing holiday, lol. Love to all xxx

Good luck today! I don’t think you have seen my comments to you on other posts. Hope you are this one. Thinking of you!

Pecan And Jencat
Regards adverts, they are everywhere but Im thinking more during the day when I didn’t watch as much TV so didnt see them!

I got my results on my birthday week and even though it’s was pants, I changed my thinking to 'It’s a omen I can be treated and will get better Started to do a lot of that lately, even though sometimes I wonder ‘What else can hit me!’ Up and down!x

Hi Jencat
There’s no need to be sorry, just wanted you to know that we are all thinking of you and supporting you. You sound a lot more positive today and will feel a lot better when have a treatment plan!
That’s good that ex is stepping up. At times like this we put our differences apart and after all, they are after all the fathers of our daughters!

Regards hair, yes good idea to look for the wig now as you will have that ready and even when we are well again we can still use them on a bad hair day.
I’m having my hair cut short next week and then decide on cold cap or shave! No scarves for me out there but maybe one at home when it might be chilly. Have been pushing my hair back and looking in the mirror lately wondering what I’ll look like:D

Good luck again for your scan today. It is worrying doing it and then waiting for results but I remind myself it’s all helping towards the road to our recovery
Lots of

Forgot to say let’s have a think about the girls chatting. I’ll speak to mine and see if any ideas.
Maybe we could pm each other to start and discuss.
I’m off to work for a few hours today so will be back on tonight
I miss this forum when I don’t go on.
Loving us