Hi all

I have scan results tomorrow and feel physically sick about it! I’m on taxol after cape didn’t work and feel like I’m just waiting fir that hammer blow that’s going to tell me it’s failed again!
How does everyone get through these really stressful time??
I keep telling myself what will be will be but to be honest - that’s really not working for me.
Any tips welcome
Live jo xx

Hi Jo,
I’m waiting on Lumpectomy and node biopsy results next week and although I know I have BC ive no idea what happens next and can totally understand your fear and stress, it’s bloody horrendous and I don’t think I have ever felt so low in my life, I feel constantly sick and anxious and cannot believe this is all happening to me, people keep telling me to just take it all one day at a time and do whatever needs doing and I swing from feeling in control to having a total melt down, sorry I can’t offer you any words of wisdom but the very best of luck for tomorrow , I’m a jo as well by the way xx

i always take a valium whren waiting for scan results - x 

There is no easy answer, Jo and Jo. When I get shown into a consultation room I really panic and have run out once and had severe shakes a number of times. Beforehand I try to focus on things I’ll be doing after the appointment, rather than on it. I also have a scene in my head where I’m told that cancer has to be with one of my boys, husband or me. I love them so dearly that I gladly volunteer myself. I know it’s wierd but it really helps me!! Failing that, Valium sounds a perfect solution! Holding thumbs for everyone this week xxxx

I always phone my BCN just after the scan and before my appt with onc and gets results over the phone! I find it easier to deal with bad news (of which I’ve had two lots since Sept '14) like that than sit in the waiting room stressed out. She also suggests possible next treatments so that I can do some research and get my head around it all before talking to onc. I’ve got the tears over, got the questions lined up and think I get more out of the appt that way!
Good luck with results, Jo, let us know how you get on.
Glo xx

2catlady, Which hospital are you at? It’s shocking that you don’t have BCN!

your welcome!  and such good news!!!   jealous now (not really) due for a scan next week…

Hey Jo that is fab news!! Bet your so relieved.
I have a bone scan tomorrow and CT next Wed then i see Onc on the 16th and sooo stressed already :frowning: getting quite a bit more pain now and TMs creeping up so i am not expecting good news!
Hugs Janette x x

Fantastic news for you love, you run with those three months and have as much fun as you can!! Us ladies can do this we are as tough as nails ??

Great news Jo!! Just enjoy the next 3 months, I always feel I live between scan results as well.

I’m surprised a BCN ( what’s that!!!) can give you results over the phone, Glo. Every hospital must be different because mine will never give results over the phone, must be at an Onc consultation. Also they have 3 BCNs but I noticed that they seem to have vanished once I had a secondary diagnosis…they do have a nurse practitioner though, she and the Onc team are very efficient at getting back to you so I don’t have a complaint eg scan results in one day. Xxx

Yea, they’ve given me my results for nearly 5 years now! Can usually get them about 3 days after the scan. They don’t do the full report, just the main gist of it. I find I cope better dong it that way.
The BCN’s at my hospital have been very supportive from the start (stage IV from the onset) and I can phone any time. They also phone me when I’ve changed treatments to see how things are going!! It’s a shame not everyone gets the same support!!
Glo xx

Wow! I’d love someone to phone me once in a while, you are lucky! One of my concerns is that I live a long way from the hospital ( treated at The Marsden so no complaints at all, my Mum got me onto their Family History Unit years ago and I’ve had excellent treatment) but I’ve also moved house so I’m in a new GP practice and they don’t know me from Adam. I’d be happier with more joined-up handwriting! xx

Good luck tomorrow Marie I hope the results are ok. I know how you feel I have my results next week on Wednesday and I think my e/e combo has stopped working I have had 3 stables but this 4th is more worrying because I think I have another lump but I must stay positive and have faith the scan will be ok. 


So keeping fingers crossed for you tomorrow xxx

I’ve not been feeling very positive this week so this thread has really cheered me up, it’s great to see your good news, Jo.  best of luck to everyone else having scans xx

Me too for results today. Expecting bad news from last week’s conversation with my onc but hoping for something better… Good luck to everyone else getting results!

EJ great news glad to hear they are keeping the parasites still thats what we like to


Marie so sorry your news was not so good lets hope they can give you another treatment to help keep it steady xxx

Great news Tournesol it’s what we like to hear xxx

Well I thought my treatment had stopped working because I thought I had a new lump in my breast also the registrar agreed last month it seemed to disappear this month. So when I saw my onc today for my results from the regular CT scan my first question was the lump she said everything was stable and no lump she said that sometimes you can get thickening tissues. How relieved I was and now 12 month on e/e combo I am considered as a long timer having had 14 cycles of everolimus. Tonight deserves a good drink.


Best Wishes for others getting scan results xxx

Fantastic news Marirose! Get that bottle open ???

Hi Helen 

What great news on your CT results enjoy your double celebrations Happy Anniversary:smileyhappy:xxx