Scar revision

Scar revision

Scar revision I’m due to go in Hospital for a scar revision on the 29th March. Having suffered a heck of a lot of pain with the original op, for weeks after, can someone let me know if I will experience the same torturous pain as with the mastectomy? I want to know what to expect. love glo xx

pain of scar revision Looking back on your posts it looks like a lot of your problems were caused by fluid building up in your scar so that it has healed in a lumpy way. I think you will find the tidy up won’t cause as many problems because the surgery is going to be a lot shorter and will not involve the same amount of trauma to your body. I had my scar reopened to drain an abscess and was dreading it as I was in agony after my segmental mastectomy. I had it done under local anaesthetic and it didn’t hurt at all. I did find it difficult to deal with as it looked awful for a long time but the appearance has improved a lot since then.

Good luck


Thanks for the re-assurance I feel a lot better after reading your reply. I did feel a bit of a wimp because I was scared about the pain afterwards. But now I feel able to go to surgery with more confidence in me. Thanks and love gloriana xxxxx

i have a swollen scar to hi gloriana
i hope it all goes well for you in hospital it does not get any easer does it.
i had my mastectomy on the 23 of january this year i can not wear a bra i am a f cup so i really need to.
my scar started to swell the minute i got home and never went down the nurse drained it a bit now whear it was drained it goes in its horrid. i am having chemo at the moment and they wont touch it. my scar so soar my shoulder aches i havent even got my prosteses yet. i brought a light weight one for 22 50 out of one of the catalogs i use a bra out of a good old primark top it looks ok but it moves about the simmer is comeing and i want to wear a bra. i am getting so i dont want to go out unless someone is with me. i have been using bio oil you get it in any chemist my scar is healed really well its ok to use as long as the skin is not broken. sorry i have gone on a bit. i hope you feel bettet after your opp and all goes well.
take care ann x

Have they forgotten you? Hi Ann,

It might be worth ringing the breast care nurse at your hospital to ask about a prosthesis. They should have sent you home after the op with a ‘softie’ and are supposed to arrange for you to be fitted with a permanent prosthesis usually within the first couple of months. My bc nurse completely forgot about me and I think that I might still be waiting for a permanent prosthesis if I hadn’t contacted her first. It took me a while to get used to wearing it and I didn’t find it very comfortable but you can start by wearing it for a short time and then build up. Sorry to hear you’ve had problems and hope things will improve for you soon. I’m seven months after mastectomy and have now finished chemo and radiotherapy. You go through so many different emotions and physical experiences but it does get easier with time. I’m looking forward to getting on with my life now although I know there’ll still be ups and downs in the future. This site helps so much. To anyone who is still going through treatment, just hang on, you’ll get to the end of it eventually and it will feel good!

Best wishes
Francine x

hi francine
thanks for your reply i orderd some full cup bras today from simply b they have a sister site called j d williams they do so many bras and big sizes i am an e cup i spent £40.00 and got five bras. i am going to try and wear a bra and use my light weight prostises the new bra will stop it going walkies ha ha .
i see my breast care nurse on thursday and the prosteses she showed me was so big and heavy no way could i wear that as i am so soar and swollen she said the light weight one only goes up to size 10 and i need a 12 so i have to wait till she gets it for me to try.
i am pleased your treatment is all over how do you feel in your self has your hair grown back lovely.
sorry i am going on a bit hope you dont mind me asking so many questions what chemo did you have.
its lovely you have the summer to look forward to i had to cancel my holiday and i can not wait till my treatment is over and we are going to go some ware hot.
it could be a long wait as i still have 1 fec and3 taxotor chemos to go then five weeks of radiotherepy and a year of herceptin you have it in a line on the chemo ward every three weeks i can not wait till it ends.
this site is great i agree you look after your self have fun.
always hear if you want to chat.
ann x

Scar Revision Hi Ann, I had my op and I was pleased with the result - nice straight line. BUT the old fluid thing reared it’s ugly head so I had to go back and have a needle to drain it off. It’s not a pleasent experience is it? I’m not having chemo like you , you poor thing so they can still do another drain. I’m going to see BC nurse tomorrow and see what they say. When I had the op I was assured that there would not be a fluid problem - huh! little they know! Sorry for the lateness of this reply but have had some family stuff to deal with. I sympathise with you and hope your shoulder soarness subsides soon. As for Bras - try M&S - the people there are VERY discreet and understanding, and the Bras are good too. I’m still cuddling my pillow that I used before Christmas when I had the original Op. Think it’s with me for life now, helps me sleep when things get sticky! Perhaps by this time next month I will get my pros - can’t wait! Love Gloriana xxx

pain Dear Gloriana

I wondered if the operation was painful? Shame about the fluid continuing


glad your home gloria hello gloria
thats just what you dont need.
when i had my scar drained it went in at that spot it was drained only ,i wish now the nurse had done it all, maybe if you had some more drained i think it would help. i think my draines come out to soon i was fine till they took mine out. i could not have any more drained as my chemo was starting.
i really sorry yous scar has swelled again, was the surgery ok pain wise.lets hope with rest it will soon be better. i have orderd some bras through simply b they have not come yet i got 3 for £15 00 bargain! i hope thet will be ok.
i was woundering how long you were in hospital this time.
i hope your prosteses fitting goes well still have not got mine.
i am sure you will be fine lots of luv.
ann x x

Revision scar op Hi Ann. I’m glad you got sorted with bras. As for my drains, I too think they come out too soon. It’s all designed to get you out of Hospital and get another patient in and off the waiting list. I was only in for two days this time and the pain has been much much less than original one in November I’m pleased to say! Since the last drain on Friday last week I have not built up more fluid so fingers crossed eh! Going to clinic tomorrow (post op check). I’m optimistic about it. But I won’t be getting a pros. for another 5 weeks. Still, My softies are good enough til then
Maybe we’ll get ours at the same time.
Love Glo xxx

Good news!! I went to the Hospital yesterday for post op appt. and all is clear and healing nicely. Just got to wait for my prosthesis fit now 4 or 5 weeks time they said. Getting about more now and enjoying all this lovely sunshine. Love and hugs Gloria xx

glad your feeling better hi gloria
sorry i have not posted just had chemo three and feeling rough

i am pleased you are feeling better and you sound more positive lets hope what fluid you have will be reobsorbed in to your body,

good luck with your appointment.

i think we will get our prosteses at the same time.
take care and keep in touch.

liv ann x x x

sounds like you are on the mend I must say the sunshine has made me feel a lot brighter. It was great today watching the london marathon on TV and not having to be in it

Really glad you are feeling a bit brighter


Hello Mole I certainly am on the mend. Even my fluid levels are easing off and I lift my arm up over my head at last! - Great !I could have zipped round the Marathon course yesterday with all the energy I had. I really am feeling brighter and more hopeful that things are Finally improving.
Your profile is very interesting. Is there a research programme going on about your rare type. What treatment are you on?
I hope you are coping with everything and keeping your chin up.

Gloriana x

Sorry you’ve been feeling rough Ann I quite understand, you don’t have to apologise luv. Are you feeling any better yet? I really hope you are.
My fitting appointment’s not through yet, but since my scar revision op ,things are settling down nicely so shouldn’t be long now and you’ll be the first to know when it happens my friend. Take care,
Love gloriana xxx

my rare cancer Dear Gloria

When I was diagnosed there were only 60 documented cases of my kind of cancer on the internet since the kind of cancer I have was first named in the 1980s. Unfortunately all of the women described in these cases had died within 7 years of diagnosis so as you can imagine I made my Will and prepared for the worst.

However, none of these cases took into account the grade, lymph node status or size of tumour as in the past this information doesn’t seem to have been routinely collected.

Since then there have been further articles on the net that indicate that the prognosis is the same as for normal ductal cancer, and indications that my cancer isn’t associated with HER2 plus status which tends to have a worse prognosis. With any rare cancer the lack of cases can distort the view of how bad or otherwise it is going to be. And I am afraid I am the biggest pessimist going, plus I really don’t trust doctors given my experience of misdiagnosis.

However I was lucky that despite 5 months delay in removing my tumour it hadn’t apparently spread anywhere and I didn’t have a mastectomy. Although I feel mutilated by surgery anyway. Recently the swelling from radio has gone down though so both my bosoms are now after three and a half years back to almost the same size.

I’ve tried to take the picture off my profile but once it’s on it’s on for ever so my breasts will be immortal even if the rest of me isn’t


You are so brave. Don’t worry about your picture. It will be an inspiration for new site members. With your Rare type of cancer and not knowing how it would develop, it will make them as it has me feel more optimistic about the future.

With my ‘ordinary’ type and mastectomy I am now down the road far enough to say “right , that’s behind me” let’s get on with life.

Everything is going well now, even the fluid, so feel good now.

Take care and God bless Love G xxx

For Molennium Hi Mole,

If you want to change your profile picture just email the Moderator and we can contact our technical guys to delete your original photo then you should be able to put an up to date photo of yourself on.

Kind regards

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my profile Dear moderator

I’ve decided to leave my boobs on as I am unrecognisable from this picture with my clothes on which is how I quite like it! That’s why I am a mole