I found a lump last week and went to the Doctors on Thursday Morning, she did a good examination and said she didnt think it was anything to worry about but would refer me to make sure. She did stress again she thought it was nothing to worry about. I have my appointment next Wednesday, and still I am terrified. My lump is narrow and moves around quite easily. I have gone through all emotions and have convinced myself its cancer.

Hi Tracy

First of all, welcome to the Breast Cancer Care Forums. I am sure you will find our them supportive and imformative.

Waiting for appointments is always a very difficult time and users often say that it is one of the worst times.

I am sure you will receive plenty of support and advice from others, but in the meantime, if you find it helpful to talk, you may find our Helpline useful.

They are great listeners and can offer information and support for you.

The number is 0808 800 6000. They are open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 on Saturday.

Kind regards.


Hi Tracy, we all know how you feel and nothing we can say will take away your worry and yes the waiting is worse, the waiting for me has been worse than any treatment I have had so far so maybe that’s encouraging…I was confirmed with BC at the start of Nov and had operation near mid Dec…now waiting…again to see oncologist…
so we really do feel for you, keep in touch, were all here for you.

Hi Tracy

It sounds like we’re in the same boat. I saw my doc Tuesday last week about a small lump (I’ve posted already, post called “Trying not to panic”). My doctor also told me he didn’t think it was anything to worry about but referred me to be sure. My appointment is next Wednesdy at at 10.15.

I know exactly what you mean about thinking the worst. I keep finding myself drifting off and wondering what I’ll do, how I’ll cope etc if it’s not good news on Wednesday. It’s really hard to stay positive with the shadow or possibility hanging over you. I’m try to go with the “no point worrying until there’s something to worry about” train of thought, but it’s not easy to keep that train on the rails!!!


Good luck to all of you ladies. The waiting is truly dreadful. We all understand how you feel. Hopefully, you will have nothing to worry about. Please let us know how you get on and if you need it, you will get lots of support and advice here.

Ann x

I have now got to the point same as you, dont worry until there is something to worry about, I keep trying to tell myself the Dr wouldnt have said she thought it was nothing if the suspected it was something. I just want to get Wednesday out of the way and am more anxious as I dont know what to expect.


I know what you mean. I read the referral to a breast clinic leaflet which was really helpful but it’s hard because every clinic is different. I haven’t had any information really about what will happen when I get their etc. I’ve read a couple of people saying they’ve been advised to take a dressing gown (which I haven’t) so now I’m wondering if I’ve missed something and I’m going to end up with one of those hideous hospital gowns with my bum on show all day!! LOL. Not an image for the faint-hearted :wink:


As far as what to expect, well at my hospital appointment, I was given a mammogram and ultrasound scan and because the lump I had found looked suspicious, a core biopsy, too. They give a local anaesthetic for that and I didn’t feel anything.

Often, they can tell it is nothing to worry about on the day. The first two times, I had fluid-filled cysts, which they drained using a needle and I could see them shrink on the ultrasound scan. If they are unsure, they will do a biopsy and you will have to go back for the results - in my case, two weeks later. The waiting is the worst part.

I only had to strip to the waist and didn’t need a gown.

Be prepared for a lot of waiting around on the day, as they seem to fit in as many ladies who need seeing and your appointment may just be a general guide.

Good luck ladies, and let us know how you get on.

Ann x

Have just been to the clinic last week for a lump i found before xmas. Confused and scared now as what i thought was something simple may turn into something more extreme. Waiting for the test results due Friday. Can’t concentrate on anything work or home wise. Have to say the waiting is killing me.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you Morley. I have an appointment on 9th Feb (1st one) I’m 21 and extremely nervous…could you please be so kind as to tell me exactly what happened there? What questions do they ask and what procedures were done?

Thanks lovey x

Hope it went okay today Tracy. I was thinking about you this morning when I was heading into the clinic. Hope it’s good news.


Yes, good News! My mamogram was ok, although showed up a cyst. The doctor looked at the mamograph whilst doing the ultrasound, said yes just a common cyst and drained it there and then, such a relief!, although feel slightly guilty as most on here got bad news. I hope you all get through your battle.


So pleased for you, Tracy. Good luck to everyone else.

Ann x

Hi everyone,

I had 2nd mammogram, ultrasound scan and core biopsy last Friday and get the results on the 3rd Feb. I am finding myself bursting into tears mid conversation with people and Tesco was a nightmare this afternoon. Am usually a very strong person and can’t believe I am feeling so frightened, my outlook on life has always been so positive and I am trying to regain that feeling but not finding it easy.

Good luck to everyone getting results this week.


Hazeleyes - We know exactly what you mean. It is quite a change from being the strong, healthy person in control of your life, who you have been used to. I do so hope your results are what you are hoping for. Let us know how it goes.

Ann x

Hi All, I have just been to my Dr’s this morning, not because i had found a lump but because i had pain in my left breast -at the top- & then as soon as my dr kept feeling in the same area over & over again i just knew there was something there! she had found a lump & i recieved an appointment, by phone, to go to the hospital next Tuesday afternoon. I AM TERRIFIED!!i have 2 young children & my biggest fear is being taken away from them. I lost my mum -& Dad actually-9 years ago so i dont have that support & don’t know too many people in my area which makes it even harder. I darent even imagine that everything will be ok & don’t know how i will get through this, i think you are all so brave & deserve a medal. I just keep bursting into tears & the wait just seems unbearable, i am beside myself with worry & would really appreciate some kind words from you wonderful women. Sorry to ramble on so much.
Love Heather xxxx

Hi Heather You are behaving perfectly normal. I was sent to the clinic early dec and think I cried for the whole 10 days leading up to it. I was told the lump was suspicious at the clinic and after a biopsy was diagnosed. Although I was devastated in a strange way I felt a bit calmer at least I knew if that makes sense. I go next tues for the results of my second wle so I wil keep my fingers crossed for you. Keep in touch Lala x

Hi Lala, Thank you so much for replying, i have just rushed back from school to check the site & it helps to know that other people know what you are going through. My poor husband doesn’t know what to do or say & just keeps telling me to rest when all i really feel like doing is putting on some trainers & just running & not stopping!!

I’m so terrified of what they are going to find & especially as i went to my dr with breast pain & not because i had found a lump, now i am worrying about how long it could have been there for!!!

The hardest thing is holding it together for my kids -who are 5 & 3-everytime i see them i just get so emotional.It just hurts so much how do you get through this???


All of us here have experienced those emotions and its completely normal! Whatever the prob is, and it might be nothing, the sooner sorted the better.

Take care

Julia xx

Julia x

It is so good to be able to talk to people who understand how you feel, it is such a rollercoaster ride.
I feel really scared to be positive about the whole thing as i just have such a bad feeling about it.

Roll on Tuesday so that i can get it over with.
Can they actually tell you anything on the day that you have the ultrasound or is that another waiting game for the results??

Thanks again

Heather xx