secondary breast cancer in the bones anyone?

hi there, has anyone been diagnosed with secondary cancer in the bones,
i have had lumpectomy, mascetomy, and now waiting for chemo, radiotherapy, and medication,
but been told it is now in the bones. which they have said is probably preferable than in the organs,.i was nervous before surgery, but felt hopefully that once it was over, and i had chemo and rads, that i could recover.
now i feel anxious again about the latest diagnose,
anyone else either been through this, or in the same position?.
hope you all continue to give each other strength. god bless you all lorraine

Hi Lorraine

you will get lots of help and advice on this site quite alot of us have secondary bone cancer, mine was diagnosed in May 2004 along with liver secs I have had
treatment by radio therapy to bones as I had a nasty reaction to byphos My onc wasnt really to worried about bone mets as he thought liver would see me off first but I am still here.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Lorraine,

as Debs says, there are lots of us here with bone secondaries. My original primary dx was back in 1990, had a few other primary breast tumours since then and extensive bone mets since 2002 but am doing o.k. on bisphosphonates and herceptin. It is all a bit of a shock a first, but I guess most of us learn to live with it. Stick around and lets share some of that strength with you too.


Hi Lorraine

There are lots of ladies on this site with bone mets and hopefully they will post soon, as some have had bone mets for some considerable time and continue to do well. That I think might give you some reassurance. I don’t have bone mets but was diagnosed with liver mets last May. I think the initial shock of the diagnosis is really hard to deal with but, with time, you do reach some kind of “new normal” and continue to get on with (and enjoy) life. That doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t bad days, particularly when waiting for scan or blood tests results, but my life is definitely still good - always easier though when you are feeling well as I am at the moment.

What chemo are they planning for you? And when are you due to start that?

I have found a great deal of support from this site and also learnt a lot - there are some very knowledgeable ladies here. Do ask if you have any specific queries

There you are Lorraine - as I was posting, some of those ladies with bone mets were also answering!

Kay xx

Hi Lorraine

I’m a boney mets too!!

Initial dx of bc in June 2000 - then 2ndary dx of boney mets in August 2007.
So, I still feel relatively new to this - the ladies on this site are brilliant and I really dont know what I would’ve done without them!!

Whereabouts are your boney mets?

Mine are both hips/pelvic area, spot on rib, spot on spine.

My Onc Reg also said that it was good that I have it in my bones - to which I laughed, but it took a while to understand what she meant!!

Try to keep your chin up (easier said than done!) - but just post away and someone somewhere will give their experiences - it makes you feel a whole lot better.

Take care for now

Anne xx

Hi Lorraine

You may find Breast Cancer Care’s publication on Secondary breast cancer in the bone helpful to read, I’ve posted the link for you to read a copy online. Hope this is helpful. If you have any further queries or concerns please feel free to call the team of specialist breast care nurses on our helpline. The number is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Lorraine

I have too have bone secondaries. It’s not a nice place to be and I can understand how anxious you feel. There are good days and not so good days.

This site is good everyone is friendly.


I have had bone mets for a year.
Managing ok. It is a scary thing to be told that the cancer has spread
You will have good days and bad days - my good days are more than my bad days now and I feel I am coping well


Hi there Lorraine, I was diagnosed with bone secondaries in 2003. I’ve had hormonals up until now although I’m now going to start my first ever chemo, Xeloda tablets. I feel well, the mets haven’t gone elsewhere still and life has somehow almost got back to feeling normal at times…give yourself time though. You’ll find much support and help here.

what wonderful girls, you are. always there for each other,(hope i can be of help at some stage)
i dont know what sort of chemo i am having yet, and they are checking if im suitable for herceptin. i can have hormone treatment they have checked for that,
its comforting to hear you all being positive and that is something we can try and do through this,.
(not spoil today, worrying about tommorow, )and things that might never happen,
But like you say, we are going to have off days and need to allow for that. I am sorting my wardrobe out at moment, (making room for some new clothes)
went shopping yesterday, and all summer clothes are now in shop, but my scar is so high up im struggling to find tops that arnt too low, even the round neck ones.
anyway thanks once again for all your help, and i hope you have a brilliant day (its up to us, to make the most of each day)
as the saying goes,
Today is a Gift, thats why they call it the PRESENT.god bless you all lorrainex

Hi Lorraine

I was diagnosed with secondaries in my liver and bones(spine,pelvis & rib) in May 2006, I am having chemo Xeloda tablets and bone treatment called Zometa. My health has improved and feeling pretty ok.

I definitely agree with your last sentence, positive thinking is very helpful.


Hi Lorraine

Just another post to say I was diagnosed with bone (spine, pelvis and femur) plus liver mets in 2004. Have just been changed over from pamidronate to Zometa and a couple of months ago had radiotherapy again to my spine but like Beli I am feeling okay most of the time. I’ve been on Xeloda since 2006 and will continue to be on them whilst it works.



Another boney met here…

Was dx with BC in July 07, bilateral mastectomy and tissue expanders in Aug 07, dx with boney mets in Sept 07 then had proximal femoral replacement (glorified hip replacement) on my right side in Oct 07 as the tumour was so large.

All these women on here have been AMAZING. Yes, we all have good days and bad days, but even before BC, we had ups and downs in our lives didn’t we? We seem to be quite good at dealing with the rubbish that life throws at you, and BC is just one of them.

I got the wonderful news last week that my hormone therapy is working (tamoxifen and zoladex) so I don’t need chemo. I am now starting to feel that I can move on and adjust to this new kind of ‘normal’…

You will feel so much support from the ladies on here. Please, if you have ANY questions at all, then ask away… it’s highly likely that someone will have been through this before and have some sort of answer…

Fingers crossed for your treatment and good luck with everything

J xxx

Hi Lorraine

I’m 46 and have bone mets too, diagnosed in Jan 2007 which is relatively new compared to some of the ‘old timers’ who post on here, but I’ve been taking Bondronat and Femera after having my ovaries removed in Mar 2007. Bone scan in Jan 2008 showed no progression. I feel very encouraged by the many stories of people who go for years without running into problems so hope you (and I) can do the same.



hi there everyone,
thanks for all your replys, i am so confused by all the fancy names of treatment and such like. havnt been told any of mine yet, except i will be having chemo, radiotherapy and medication.
i dont think i will try and understand everything at once, just ask question as they pop up along the way.
having a day in today, seems i am getting more tired, after the initial recovery from surgery, (didnt feel any tiredness then) but that maybe cause you get more help at the begining
. anyway keep up the positive thinking everyone. have a good day

Hi Everyone,
I finished my surgery in Dec’07. ( lumpectomy, mastectomy) I didn’t have any lymph or vascular invasion.

At first it was thought that there really was much advantage in me having chemo.

Later it was decided that it could be beneficial as a preventative

So I’m about to have my 2nd FEC next week

I have this small lump which has appeared on the outside edge of my index finger

Not painful about the size of a small pea - OH thinks Arthritis.

I’m curious . Is this the beginning of bone cancer?

Am I paranoid? I will mention it to the Dr as soon as I have the opportunity but would appreciate any comments.

Coleen x

Sorry that should read WASN’T much advantage.



mention it to the doctors but it is incredibly unlikely that it is a bone secondary…they tend to be in the middle of the body- ribs hips, spine. Its within the realm of possibility but really is incredibly unlikely. Dont worry.


Thank you Cathy. I think I may have been having a bit of a panic. I’ll put it down to having such a hairy pillow!!! I think my views were slightly skew wiff.

Thanks again for taking the time out to answer

All the very best
Coleen x