September 2018 Radiotherapy


Regarding shin and scar soreness, I had similar, and found Medihoney cream really helpful for sore nipple area, I have large scar under boob as well as nipple being resisted, because of therapeutic mammoplasty… and that cream was great. Aveeno is excellent too for the less sore areas. Hope it gets better for you soon…
Best wishes to all starting out on rads - hope you all breeze through ! Xx

Er- that should be Skin, not Shin !! ??

Thank you, i will have a look out for it and give it ago xx

Apologies if this post turns up twice… I thought I posted but perhaps didn’t hit the button ?

So 1/15 done. Was a lot less traumatic than I thought… what we have in our heads is often a lot worse than reality!!!

Anxious sole so glad you got to have coffee and a catch up afterwards- time to chill is a good thing So we are off !! Xxx

Well done anxious soul! One down. It’s ok to be tired and it’s ok not to like it. Maggie x


Some ladies got Medihoney cream prescribed to them by their radiology team, together with another good thing, Polymem non-adhesive dressings, these are squares of a foam-sided material and are very good if tucked over a sore nipple area to protect - or under the breast.
I had to have my nipple cut out and re-sited( not resisted as the original post said!) and it was painful after rads. I just ordered these things online, the cream and dressings, thinking our team wouldn’t prescribe, but they said they would have if I’d asked ! So maybe ring your unit? The Medihoney cream contains Manuka honey, and is therefore a bit pricey !! But I think it was definitely worth it. Crumbs, no wonder you are sore after 23 sessions! I was lucky in that I only had 15.
All the best xx

Strangely I hit the chocolate after this one… ???

Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx


Wombat Woo & Anxious Sole - chocolate hee too - maybe it’s a Friday thing?!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Thank you Thissledown. I rang up for some advice and was asked to go in to see my radiotherapy consultant. I was given antibiotics as he’s worried i may have an infection in my lymph node scar. I had to have 23 sessions because im on immune suppressant tablets for a kidney disorder, i was fine until a few days after the last session. I have the pads, thank you, they are a great help, im hoping these anti biotics do the trick, if no change i have to ring them on wednesday…fingers crossed x

Hope the antibiotics do the trick for you Klonodu, I think I’ve read elsewhere on here that they are pretty effective, so fingers well crossed … best of luck ! ?

Klondu, I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and you’re soon feeling better… not nice to have an infection on top of everything else. Maggie x

Klonodu I hope your brggininh to feel better an that the anti biotics are working wonders ?

Good morning everyone,


Bibi - I hope you’re feeling okay about tomorrow.:slight_smile:



My rads were always early evening but i never put any moisturiser on after mid day. I think i remember being told not to use any barrier type creams up to 3 hours before treatment as it might affect the rads getting though. I also used to wipe the area with a wetwipe before i went in just because!!!

Hi Bibi,
Hope you’ve got something lovely to distract you today. (I binge watched Misummer Murders, but we’re all different!)

I’ve showered before treatment & moisturised afterwards, but my instructions don’t say either way.

In my first treatment the radiographer took time to talk to me before the 1st rads, so you should get the opportunity to double check what they’d prefer you to do.

I can’t imagine that moisturising before would affect treatment, or they’d make sure we knew not too.

Good luck tomorrow
Maggie x

Hi Anxious Soul, thanks for asking. I’m actually really excited that it’s nearly over - had no idea how I’d feel but it’s a huge relief! X

Me too, my hospital has no bell so I’ll be ringing some virtual bells on here & hubby has put some bubbles in the fridge for tomorrow- Fizz on a Monday, must be good news!!

I have finally come out with a faint red square, which is strangely reassuring- like the treatments working… odd our minds work…

Maggie x

I found I was progressively more tired as the week went on and the weekend really recharged me, it’s been the same this weekend.

How have you and Wombat found your first weekend?

Hey Maggie. Ring that virtual bell long and loud tomorrow…, and pop that fizz… fabulous way to celebrate ??
First 2 done and ready for the new routine all this week…, I seem to get more tired but doing well… just craving chocolate but I guess this could also be the Anastrozole

Here’s to a lovely week for us all xxxx

Oh your journey sounds lovely - we had the innner ring road to traverse!!

I’ve missed walking with my dog more than anything whilst I’ve been ‘under treatment’ and I’m really looking forward to getting back up to speed - my legs feel heavy, a commmon side effect of Tamoxifen apparently, but it’s improving (or I’m adapting!)

What’s good to know is the fatigue does end. Mx