Seriously unimpressed : tamoxifen bearded lady

I was trying on clothes in m and s today and suddenly noticed that below where my sideburns are growing nicely back there is quite a lot of other facial hair growing too! It’s not dead obvious yet but have only been on tamoxifen since mid September and am worried it will get worse. I know it’s a possible side effect of tamoxifen and it’s not too bad, it’s not upsetting or depressing me , but it has really irritated me. Has anybody had a similar problem, did it get worse and what did you do about it?

Thanks in anticipation


Oh yes my cheeks too are covered in bum fluff since starting Tamoxifen. Not too noticeable until I decided to dye my new grey hair a vibrant chestnut - Being my usual rushy messy self I inadvertantly smeared hair dye onto my face and ended up with a chestnut beard eeek! Spent days endlessly trying to wash colour out with shampoo… be warned!!!

Ok so I take it from
that that dying the beardedness is the wrong move. Did it come out?

Yep me too !!! My OH keeps threatening to shave me !!!

I have too become very conscious of this… and am looking more light Father Bloody Christmas by the day ! Wey Hey. !!!

I have been told though it reaches a certain peak then falls out, Um ZZ Top rings a bell!

Love Teresa x

Great got that too to look forward too. the joys of bc boo hoo. xx

Those of us who were heading into menopause territory even before all the BC **** started will be familiar with the facial peach fuzz that appears. Is this what you are getting? If you look at most women who are around 50 or older they have this fine soft facial hair. So it could just be another menopausal type SE from the Tamoxifen - not that that makes it any more fun!
Sarah x

I’m 36 and was nowhere near menpause, gggrrrrrr. Will study any ladies around the age of 50 that I meet tomorrow.

Hello all the furry ladies,
I presume you all had chemo of one sort or another? Did you notice that after about the 3rd dose, most of your eyelashes and eyebrows also any existing bumfluff disappeared? I dont think its purely the fault of Tamoxifen, I was started on Femara and I finished up with sideburns like Englebert Humperdink, I think its just a case of your follicles rejoicing that theyre not being poisoned any more, give it about 6 weeks and it will gradually come off.
Best wishes to you all, love Mags x

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What else???!!! Am sick of all these possible side effects of the various treatments. What a ball ache this BC lark is. XX

Aahhhh, hadn’t factored in the Chemo effect. Yes finished 3fec3tax in august. The rest of my hair has started to grow really thickly too. Hell and damnation , I’m looking more like a man every day. Just waiting for my lower voice to kick in…

Well I never knew beardedness was a menopausal thing - oh joy can’t wait to see what happens next! I have seen older ladies with the odd sprouting whisker but not the full on beard!

Vickie … fortunately I used a semi permanent dye so it did eventually wash out, but it meant me being housebound for a while and sporting very red cheeks from all the rubbing.

Well I’m still going to still go out but will be avoiding back lit changing rooms from now on.

Hi Ladies

I am a while down the line but after chemo had the same problem and we discussed it on here and as I recall threading was what was recommended.

Hope that helps


Ouch.!!! Not a paper bag then??? XXX

It is an option lol some ladies used the facial hair remover but I think threading was the favourite, aparently less painful than waxing.


Does it go of its own accord in the end? Theres no hope for me-am already v dark haired so am gonna end up looking like a gorilla. XX

Yes it does go eventually saying about you being dark haired my friend was very blonde and she really looked like santa bless her. The good news is if you remove it it doesnt come back like stubble if that is what is worrying you


You read my mind karen!!! Have enough problems already with unwanted hair without more!! XX

Oh bless ya, no its really not a problem my OH said to me all the moaning about hair think you would be happy lol bless him

He does have a point there!! Have you finished all treatment now then karen? Is head hair regrowing as well as facial? x