Shropshire meet

Hope princess18 and any other shropshire girls fancy a meet.April 11th has been suggested[Friday]for a pub lunch? horacexx

Hi ladies wot lunch… I’m only 30 miles away from Grinshill, just on the fringes of Wolverhampton, can I come to your meet? Would love to meet up with other ladies for a chat…


Yes please Shannon the more the merrier!April 11th has been suggested and I will book once I know how many.If its only a few we wont need to Val[horace]xx

Hi Val

wont be there on 11th April I am in Birmingham city hosp for more surgery. I have left a message on newly diagnosed.

have a good time


Chris I have just managed to find your two replies and I feel a ‘right idiot’.I do hope your surgery goes well and we can all meet soon.Sarndee thinking of you,the halfway mark in chemo is good you are on the home straight now.Hope you feel up to the 11th but if not we all have a lifetime to meet.Princess 18 and Crazydancer and Jaqui are all definite so it will be a nice group.All the best to all of you. Valxx
ps Chris,until you said it it never occurred to me that anyone would think ‘horace’ was a man!

We now have another 2 for April 11th.We will all be thinking of you Chris.Love Valx

Thats great news Val, what sort of time are you thinking of meeting? I only ask I have friends staying for a couple fo days next week and I think they’re planning to go back to Kent on Fri lunchtime.

Can you please remind me where we’re meeting again,


I’ll be there - tell me where, what time, post code would be good as I have no sense of direction


I would love to join you for lunch. I start my radio therapy at RSH on Monday April 7. My appointment time is 12.45. I assume I have to go at that time every day. I don’t know what time you’re meeting but it is a bit smack bang in the middle of lunchtime isn’t it. Once I start on Monday I will try to get them to change it to an earlier time. I am sorry I only just noticed this thread and did not reply earlier.

lorna XXX

Hi Lorna,

Nice to hear from you. I too had my radiotherapy at RSH - last summer. You won’t necessarily have to have it at the same time each day - if there are things you want to do which clash with your treatment, they will try and work around that. So, go for it - get them to change your Friday time and we will all look foward to seeing you at our meet - still don’t know where - but I am truly hopeful of enlightenment soon!.


ok girls location:Inn at Grinshill
directons:go on the A49 from Shrewsbury towards Whitchurch turning signposted Grinshill on right about 5 miles past 3Henrys pub roundabout.Inn is on left as you go into village.Lorna we are meeting at 12.30ish but hope to be there a while it will take about 20 minutes from RSH so if you cant change your appt we should still be there[if I know you are coming I definitely will be!]Really looking forward to meeting you all.Love horace[Valxxxx]

I’m just pushing this back up the list hoping those who need it will find it.I cant remember all the names to pm you so I will just tell the pub a group of up to 10 give or take a couple.I’m not booking a restaurant table but will book a table in the room next to the bar where we can have lunch or just a drink if we want.I can recommend the food which is local and usually organic with a good range of snacks at decent prices.

That’s great Val - I am so looking forward to meeting everyone
See you soon


Great Val, I will definitely be there.
I’ll try to rearrange my appt to an earlier time. I’ll let you know on this thread by Thursday about the time. I’m looking forward to it too!
Lorna x

Will go to Grinshill for lunch today to check how crowded it is and book a table for us.[Thats my story,really I want to go out for lunch!]

Hi all,

I will be bringing a friend with me, Shirley, - she’s a Shropshire lass who was diagnosed and treated same time as me. She doesn’t use this website but she’s keen to meet up and I thought it would be nice for her. Hope this is OK


Hey girls there is a review of the Inn at Grinshill on the back page of todays Daily Telegraph Travel section.I dont know how to post links though.I went for lunch yesterday and booked us a table.They are very flexible about numbers and we can sit and natter/drink coffee for as long as we like.I’ll be lurking in the car park as I am coming alone.Look for a plump granny type with grey curly hair hiding behind a burgundy car.Otherwise as you go into the bar our table is in the little snug on the left as you face the bar.Hope to see as many as possible,all bc and exbc welcome!Love Valxx

Sure you will have a great time hhmmm wish I could come, have one for me, will be thinking about all of you.
And behave yourself.


Just want to send you all the very best for your op on Friday.Everyone at Grinshill[even if its only me…help!]will raise a glass to you dear Chris.


Just want to echo what Val has said -will be thinking of you on Friday and hope we get to meet you soon.