Single stalk (U3) what's this?

Just got the letter today that the hospital sent to my doctor. Says it’s intracystic papillary carcinoma. Well I knew that cos I asked him to write it down.

But he also said it had a well developed blood supply which does not sound that good. And he then said it had a single stalk (U3)

Rang the helpline who did not know what this meant. Any ideas anyone?

Off for the op tomorrow. Had my calming massage and treatment from the Chinese doc. He has applied some little gold balls to the surface of my ears for me to fiddle with to help calm me during the pre-op proceedures.
Off to get my gels removed (shame …but needs must).

Got my sports bra, it is soooo compfy, all padded straps and very cool fabric. Might treat myself to another one for drumming after this is all over.(the lady at the shop recommended a slightly larger back if it was to be slept in post op)

So it’s all systems go…gulp!!!

good luck tomorrow OAL, will be thinking of you alex xxx

All the best for tomorrow old and lumpy xx

Can’t help you with the info you are looking for but wanted to wish you well for tomorrow.
I had my op a week ago and get the full results on Thursday.
Onwards and upwards for all of us. Hugs x

Sorry can’t help with single stalk u3, hope all goes well for you tomorrow.
T x

Aol - if you go to page 3 of this document and read under “Discussion”
it explains about the stalk - and also how this generally has a good prognosis with no nodal involvement - all sounds good. Good luck. x

Sorry I can’t help with the single stalk (U3) but good luck for tomorrow.
Just looked it up and read something similiar to finty about it being slow growing with a better prognosis than other ductal carcinomas. Sounds very positive on that front.

Finty thanks for the link, still every reason to be posative then. Found U3 too. It says indeterminate by ultrasound

Good luck for tomorrow. I had mine 3 weeks ago tom. Will be thinking of you.

yes, hope i sleep. i was going to be so good and not have alcohol tonight. been on another link discussing it. then when i went to my chinese doctor today he said that my body has not sign of alcohol abuse, that mental strenght was realy important, and if my family were going down to the pub it would be better for me to go with them and have a good time than sit at home and try not to dwell on things.

so i did, passed on some rounds, had a pint of water to start and now feel realy glad that i did, because i am going to fall asleep.

hi OAL

U3 refers to the birads score… u5 is def malignant, u4 is prob malignant, u3 is prob benigh, u2 is def benign and u1 is normal.

intracystic papillary carcinoma is very rare… only 1 or 2 ladies diagnosed in our clinic in the past year but its a very treatable type of cancer and unlikely to spread… its a type of DCIS where a cyst grows in the duct and the cyst becomes cancerous. it rarely has any spread and usually only requires surgery as treatment and no rads or hormones.

good luck



I just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow, and to say I’ll be thinking about you!

Lots of luv, Shelley xxx

hi, lulu–why couldnt the helpline tell me that?? the grading you explained pretty standard. mind you she had never heard of intrastistic carcenoma ( well there is only 1 in a hundred of us) and kept asking me what grade it was and what hormone receptors it had. Made me feel like an idiot when i said they did not know,and she said they must.

anyway that does not matter, turns out my sons collegue is doing research into the blood supply bit and so gave me lots of info on that, and what does it realy matter-- its going to be out tomorrow. I will wake up to find out weather or not they have had to take nodes out and that will be the big tell tale. this sort normally does not spread, and hopefully it will be fine.

mmm hospital food, only just thought about it. I am probably going to be very hungry. dont eat sugar, grains,veg, fruit etc. will have to get my husband to smuggle me in a big fat juicy cold steak

isnt it nice to be special :wink: sorry you couldnt get the answers you were looking for on the helpline and dont feel like an idiot your right it doesnt have a grade or receptors… anyway glad you got some info through your son.

hope all goes well tomorrow

Lulu xx

YoungandFunky, fingers and all sorts of other body parts are crossed for you, and I hope you have an easy time of it, and are armed with a list of questions - nay, DEMANDS - for the anaesthetist. Top of the list given your dislike of procedures (did you like how I put that?) would be the face mask knock-out drops they give kids.

Finty and lulu, pats on the back for coming up with answers. I particularly liked the bit in finty’s quoted article that said it’s a slow-growing type and has very good prognosis.

And a good idea to get OH to bring you in something you might actually want to eat. I still remember a very delicious cheese and onion sandwich my lovely daughter brought in for me for my first op, and I think it was a pork pie she brought me in for my second. Random, but very tasty!

lulu you sound so knowledgable. are you here because you work in the area or because you have BC? or both?


well actually my son has given me a long list of questions for the surgeon , not about me but about the way his research is going. His area is if you take a cancer lump out and extract the dna - can predict how long ago the cells first mutated and if so how useful would that be?? he was thinking for research into cancer prevention. My anwer is for the patient it would be wonderful ( although like genetic testing we might want counelling first)

i mean what if they could tell us it was 30 years ago(when i was on the pill) 20 years ago, should have breast fed for longer or 10 years ago-- hormone therapy. or even get it to a specific year when your dad died and you were realy upset. for me that would be great, but the surgeon might say that most people would not be abe to cope with the answer

but not just this aspect there are some other stuff he is working on, he is intereted in a front line mans opinion, rather than what the people that are funding him are interested in

YAF, never mind that at this stage, just get what you need to have to get through the day.

and why are you still up! I’m busy having that glass of wine you weren’t going to have the night before, but that’s just in the spirit of solidarity and support, of course it’s absolutely horrible and I wouldn’t drink it otherwise… (watch out, my Pinocchio nose is growing a bit quick!)

why am i still up? well not up, i have a lap top in bed. trying not to steal the glass of wine my husband has left before he fell asleep, about to go down and get a glass of milk. —aahhh eostrogen–which is worse?

the long and the short of it is i cant sleep, lots of emails to answer, and the odd trip on here to see whats happening.

enjoy that glass of wine. I will know when i am recovering because that will be when i get the corkscrew out

I can’t sleep either!! Good luck for tomorrow x