Snow Watch!

Morning Ladies

Snow is forecast today. Shall we have a snow watch - come post here with your general location and report when it starts to snow in your area so we can see it coming! A good warning if any of us are planning any travel or advance notice if you need to dig out the sledge…

Twinky x x

hi twinky,

i dont intend going far today, i may go for a little walk in the snow though in my new wellies!! its suppose to arrive here (barnsley south yorkshire) light snow from 15.00 then the heavy stuff expected at 18.00.

TTM xxx

Hi Twinky
I’m in Liversedge which is between Dewsbury and Huddersfield. No snow yet but very grey looking.
OH has the shovels and brushes out so I can clear the drive while he’s watching Town! But as I’m having a spoon saving day I don’t intend to even get dressed!!
Pie and mushy peas is on the menu for tea.
Stay cosy.

Raining in Cornwall, boo hoo !
Herbi x

All clear here in birmingham…just cold brrrrrrr

Hi All.
It’s snowing here in Liversedge. Fine stuff but covering quickly.
OH must be mad!!!
Stay warm.

I am in Coventry and no snow yet. We are off to the wilds of Warwick this afternoon and will get home before it starts. Snow is due this evening. Tomorrow will be a spoon saving day I think. I have lots more energy two weeks post rads and am sleeping a lot better. Hurrah!
X Sarah

No snow here in Halifax yet :frowning: Sky looks heavy though - looking forward to a warm relaxing day staying inside :slight_smile:

Beautiful day but frezzing! No snow yet but sky looks that steely grey you get before snow so eyes peeled!!
Keep warm everyone xx

Its snowing quite heavily here in Rawtenstall Lancashire. Just going to dig the sledge out of the shed! Have fun x

Snowing here in shropshire,very fine but covering quickly.x

A bitterly cold and grey day here in Poole, Dorset but no snow. We hardly ever get any here on the south coast. If we do, its gone before we can get our wellies on!!!
Thermals at the ready everyone xx

Did anyones parents or elders ever tell them “its too cold to snow” loool

oooh snowing in Halifax now. I’m from the Isle of Wight originally (not much snow there usually) and love the way everything goes quiet and soft. We have the most fantastic field for sledging but don’t think I’ll be attempting it this year. xxx

No snow in Derby … It’s too cold!! Lol ;0P


a few flakes in brighton but stopped now it cold here to i love the snow woo lol

Just starting here in north Birmingham but not really flakes at the moment, more gritty type.

Suzanne x

Yes just started here, a couple miles out of birmingham city centre

Excuse me Libralady,
Told by elders or parents!!! I told my class that on Thursday. Pass me a shawl and walking
Big flakes here now in Liversedge.
Time for chocolates and a girly dvd.
Regards Chinook.

Ahem. I used to live in Alaska, and yes it really can get too cold to snow, but we’d have to go down to something below -20, probably more like -30 first. At that point, any water vapour has already frozen out of the air and the most you get is occasional ice crystals.

If we want to get pedantic (can’t help it, I’m a retired teacher), what usually happens in this country is a matter of wind patterns more than temperature–winds from the north and east are cold enough for snow but usually too dry, and the more normal moist winds from the south and west are usually too warm. Northwesterlies are less common but may be wet enough and cold enough. This appears to be easterlies with enough moisture to carry snow or a collision between cold air from the east and wet air from the west.

Ooh, light snow falling in southwest Birmingham as I type and looking more serious.