so scared

its the eleventh hour thingy. this time 2morrow i will be at hospital being zapped with isotope. pm op. God I’m so scared, my mate described me as being a swan. serene on top of the water and paddling at 100mph underneath. stomach churning.

Whats an Isotope ??? Best wishes to you and hope it goes well. You can do it !
It wont be as bad as you thought.

Love Andrea xx

its the radio active stuff they use to highlight the lump before they put the blue dye in. So i will glow blue in the dark. Scary thought really, a big glowing boob!!!

…how well we all know that feeling! Well actually, you are pretty amazing if you are still being swan like to the outside world. Can’t for the moment think of any birds that flap about like mad and are generally in a frenzy, so will have to drop that line of thought. But the point being, what you are feeling - scarred, and stomach churning, is how we all feel at your stage, and as you say the waiting is absolutely awful. Once you are there and start having the treatment that sick feeling does start to go away. I had that isotope thingy (guess that’s what you are having - to identify the sentinel nodes, then op in the afternoon?). It’s all pretty surreal but I am sure that you will be wonderfully well looked after, for me it was all very straight forward. Hope you can keep busy today, preferably doing something to spoil yourself a bit. Very best of luck for tomorrow and let us know how you are when you are home again. Hey, swans are a real class act and specially protected! Sarah x

I had the dye alone at my hospital. I had it at the same time as my operation. Everyone says you end up blue but I can’t remember being blue at all.

I went into hospital the day before and had a meal at a pasta restaurant after I’d booked in. I was at Barts Hospital in London.


…just read your last posting - they may show you on the screen where the isotope shows up, looked like an amazing galaxy to me. Some surgeons use the isotopes and a scan, some use the blue dye, and some use both, mine used both. Blue dye in boob disappeared after a few months. When you wake up after the anaesthetic you might have a slighly bluish tinge to your face - soon passes, but warn loved ones! Beautiful blue wee as well! Sx

seabird, you would be a pheasant. they permanently look in a fenzy., but beatuiful with it!

Is it something to do with Sentinel node Biopsy ? My Hospital did not do it when I was there last year although my Consultant was going to do a course on it so Might do it now. It would not have made any difference to me anyway as I had it in 1 of them. It will make a big difference to ladies who have had unecessary node clearance.

Lots of love
Andrea x

It just helps them do less digging around I was told. Less invasive for us, and the blue dye goes straight to the lymph glands the cells could have gone to first if any have strayed.

Hi bmt,
I had the radio isotope injected to identify the sentiinel node and the op the next day. It is stingy so be warned but not too bad in the bigger picture. I got to lie on an x-ray table for about 20 mins or so while they xrayed my boob and armpit. Funnily enough it was dead relaxing they played a relaxation tape of sounds from the rainforest and sea shore and the screen above my head showed a screensaver of the camera flying over beautiful landscapes. Every so often the radiographer would come over and check or change the position of the cameras and then I could see the results on the screen.
I had the blue dye injected during my surgery and forgot to tell my mum about it, she was panicking but was too scared to tell me how bad I looked.

My consultant had to carry out 30 “test” procedures of the isotope and 10 of those had to be positive (show cancer in the node) before he can do that procedure alone, so hence having to have the blue dye to identify the other nodes/glands.

I woke up from the operation full of the joys of spring and waving at everyone, might have been the morphine. But honestly I didn’t feel too bad, a little groggy but very little pain.

I hope all goes well for you hunny.

Loads of love

Thank you Lisa. Just off to bed now to try to sleep. can have brekky at 6am. then nowt else. No drinks after 11am, so should be in theatre by 2pm.
I’ll let you know how i am on my return home computer allowing. trust it to have problems now when i need to hear from you lot.

Night and God bless all

Good luck petal I will be thinking about you

Loads of love and hugs

Yes, good luck Bridie, thinking of you and looking forward to hearing how you are once you can get back to a computer. I know you’ll be taken good care of. Big hug Sarah x

Hi all
Back home. chucked out at 10am this morning.Op 4.15pm yesterday. No drains no blue tit either!!! Lumpectomy not sore but lymph site very tender. Wasnt sick after op. Wearing the most sexy white socks just for today. 10 days to wait for results. Was really well looked after, staff excellent just a shame they are so understaffed at Bolton. Going for a sleep now hubby gone for his eye clinic appt they think he may have glaucoma!!! What a couple of old crocks we are.
Love at all

I had both isotope and blue dye and although it is worrying at the time i had no problems but when u have to wait 15 mins for the dye to show up in the right place (your lymph nodes) and u are asked by the nurse to rub your boob for the next 15 mins and u r seated in a corridor u have to smile and hope no one sees u doing it in case they think u are not all there but u have to smile. I got to the point i felt i had had my top off more times that i had hot dinners. After my lumpectomy operation the same day my partner said i looked a little pale but i was ok the following day. But i didnt put two and two together and think the blue dye has been injected into me had to come out somewhere so i was there at the loo after i was allowed out of bed and thinking as i looked down the loo at the lovely blue water in it that it must cost the hospital a lot of money to put ‘Blue loo’ tablets down all the toilets…i just put it down to a blonde moment!!! but dont worry you will be fine and i didnt have a blue boob afterwards…x

Well, slept well last night. first good nights sleep in ages. No sleeping tablet either. Bit stiff in right arm must do exercises. pain kilers do help but you know whent the times up believe me.
Hubbys birthday today, big treat for us not upto going out so its fish and chips for tea, with two mates and two inlaws.
Everyone who phoned yeaterday cant believe I’m out and about again so quickly. Must say its better at home. Today is just glorious.
love to all

Wow Bridie, go girl.

I am glad the op went well and fingers crossed for the results. It is amazing the difference in procedures depending on the hospital.

Wish you OH a very happy birthday and have a good day.

Lots of love

Hi Bridie - Great to read that you are home again and feeling not too bad. Hopefully you can enjoy the birthday celebrations! Take things gently for a few days though, sometimes you are given quite a lot of pain killers in the wound, and you might find that you feel a bit more sore over the next few days once those have worn off. Hope you can enjoy being spoilt for a bit before you have to get back into your normal routine. Let us know how you get on. Another stage over! Love Sarah

thanks sarah
yea I’m enjoying the spoiling bit. friends didnt stay here too late last night ,but hubby and his bessy mate were rather worse for wear. hubby got up at 6 this morning looking really dishevelled went to loo and then blamed me for waking him up soooooo early. he went back to bed till 8 got up and didnt remember 6 oclock. his besssy mate flew to geek island this morning at 5am god help his missus. My sons been to see me to day cos he didnt believe how well I sounded on the phone. He wanted to just make sure. He’s reporting back to his sister as well cos she doesnt believe us either and shes stuck down in shrewsbury so hubby took photo of me to send her. Bless them both.
i know i have to behave, I didnt once and paid a large penalty, missed a Queen concertcos i over did it and ended up with a muscle strain so I live and learn.

Hi Bridie - found your thread!

Think I know a bit more about you now - you’ve gone into my notebook!!

Positive thought for you today after not so good day yesterday… Maybe a little more rest is in order…???

Love Td xx