There’s been a couple of songs that I’ve played a lot since being diagnosed that have helpd me. I just wondered if anyone else has found this and, if so, what songs?

On the day I was dx’d, I went back to sit in a waiting area and the background music playing was Shirley Bassey’s “Get the party started”. It seemed rather inappropriate at the time and I can’t hear it now without getting a bit emotional but then I started playing it when I feeling wound up over waiting for my surgery. “Get the party started” came to mean “Get on with it and let me get back to my life” and “Everyone’s waiting for me” was all the medical and surgical staff preparing for my arrival. I’d play it especially when waiting to leave for pre-op and op appointments and it would feel like a ‘get on with it, I’m ready for you’ sort of song.

Another song was Anastacia’s “I’m outta love”. It sounds a bit depressing but the words “Set me free, let me out this misery” kind of reflected how I felt and helped me get some of those feelings out of my system. “You can’t handle me” was about fighting back as well.

Finally, my other favourite was Gossips’s “Standing in the way of control”. I liked this for two reasons. One, because the lead singer is completely defiant about people’s stereotypes about looks and how others perceive her physical appearance (she’s a very large lady who squeezes into designer dresses and jiggles about lots on stage!) and this helped me when I was looking in the mirror at a bald head. Again, the lyrics - “your back’s against the wall… you can’t stop crying… it’s hard to face the truth when you think you’re dying” are belted out in a defiant, loud way. Although that sounds pretty negative in black and white, when I play it extra loud and sing along to it, it has been a good release for those sort of emotions. Also the lyric “I’m doing it for you” reflected how much I love my children and how the chemo and other treatment is for very good reason as I want to maximise my chances of being here for them as long as possible. Finally, the lyric/title of the song “standing in the way of control” to me means fighting back against this b*stard disease.

Hopefully, you don’t all think I’m completely barking now.

Anyone else or is it just me?!!!


I banned everything sad from my house - sad music, sad movies etc.

I found it really cheered me up to put disco music on in my kitchen when I was ironing or cooking. I also listened to a lot of late 70s stuff from when I was in my teens like Elvis Costello and The Jam. I think I am pretty lucky in that I coped really well with everything and I have managed to move on from it by getting a new job. It’s really strange, but despite everything my life is better now than it was before I had cancer - I just hope I have a long time to enjoy things.

Hi Nicola

If I am having a bad day and I just want to have a good cry and feel sorry for myself I always play ‘Bridge over troubled water’ by Simon and Garfunkel. It always sets me going and sometimes I just need to let it all out.

My favourite song and the one I always ask for when I go out-approx six months ago- is Candi Staton’s ‘Young hearts run free’. Funny it was playing on the radio on the way to the hospital for my first chemo. My friends always ask for it now as it reminds them of me!!!

And no, I don’t think you are barking.


When I was having rads this week there was piped music…‘don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time…’ No comment!
Since dx & treatment ( since June, still ongoing)I 've been revisiting all the oldies from my mispent disco days… and musicals, nothing like a healthy dose of ‘climb every mountain’ to get me weeping/ laughing as needed.
My poor husband is really going through it!!!
Mand xx

When I was diagnosed Katie Melua’s:’ This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been’ was playing everywhere. That line still dissolves me in tears…but in a kind of powerful defiant way.

One day towards the end of the 25 sessions of rads, after 10 sessins of chemo and mastectomy etc I wept on the table as Simon and Garfunkle ‘Sound of Silence’ played.

The Waterboys does it it to me too, and some of the songs on Coldplay’s X and Y.


When I was having my bone scan Norah Jones was playing in the background. Three days later finding I had bone mets is probably the reason why I now can’t stand listening to her.

One day while having radiotherapy Katherine Jenkins’ Time to Say Goodbye! came on as Mandh mentioned above, no comment!

Coldplays “Fix You” takes me back to going through chemo Summer/Autumn 2005. Still can’t bring myself to listen to it fully through again, as it takes me back to that not nice time in my life !

Goodness, Jane RA, I’d noted we had a few things in common before (both academics) but that’s exactly the song I would have picked too, ie Katie Melua’s:’ This is the closest thing to crazy I have ever been’ - what a coincidence. Love the whole album, but it does make me cry.

More cheering (without being irritatingly jolly) is Capercaillie, which I highly recommed - I especially like To the Moon and Beautiful Wasteland, both have been played a lot over the last couple of years.


One day when I went for rads I was on the table with the Star Wars theme on in the background. When I was getting dressed the CD was playing “this is the self preservation society” from the Italian Job. I couldn’t stop giggling as I went on my way, when I came out my OH wondered why I was smiling so much.

Coincidentally since I’ve been diagnosed all I’ve heard is Kylie as she’s been having her comeback! Two Hearts beating together, I’m in love, whooooh. etc! I do love the woman though!

Cecelia. x

I used to play Lighthouse family,High,…and when I wanted to really cheer myself up I used to put on Bjorks,…its oh so quiet…and dance like a loon to the chorus like a mad woman,used to get out all my anger and frustrations and have a giggle as well,and when felt melancholy,anything by Barbra Streisand…ee heck Thankyou for the Music as Abba once said…D…xx

When I had my radiotherapy (25 sessions) I played ‘Wooden Boat’ sung by Jason Orange from Take That (on their Beautiful World CD). I played this to and from every session and had a little cry everytime. I went to see Take That 3 times in December. The song was on the playlist and I cried each time I went to see them. It is a happy/sad/ deep song that seemed appropriate at the time, especially the line ‘breathe deep, who knows how long this will last’ and ‘thats the time to be the first one on the dance floor’.

I also played Robbie Williams ‘Escapology’ CD at full blast in the car. It is a bit dark and moody but reflected how I was feeling at the time…oh, and any excuse to play Robbie and get away with it (my family suffer but put up with it all)!

When first dx 2 years ago I couldn’t bear to listen to any music. As time has gone through the ups and downs of this cruel disease I have built up my Ipod playlists to suit my state of mind and needs - sometimes to cry, be uplifted, angry etc etc Many of the songs already mentioned are included.

whilst i was having chemo Anastacia’s ‘’ left outside alone’'…trouble is when ever i hear it now i can still taste the chemo!

karen x

Hi There
Isn’t music just gr8! When I’m in defirant mood it’s definitely “Don’t stop me now!” and when I’m feeling melancholy it’s Pink’s “Noboday Knows” from her “I’m Not Dead Yet!” CD.
My neice sent me a great compliation CD she had put together when I was recovering from my double mastectomy. She enhtitled it " For Aunty’s Poorly Bits" There was all sorts on there including the Jungle Book “I wanna Be Like You” which was great to - literally - monkey around the room to! At the end of the day it’s whatever gets you through.
Love and God Bless Ev1 x x

Hi all

I was watching celine dion biography the other day and there is one song I am going to put on my phone.

It is called I’M ALIVE. I think that song would apply to all of us.

Chrissie x


I have just bought the Songbird 2008 cd and it is one of those cd’s that you can just put on and listen to and it takes you over its WOW. Serious relaxation.




How can you listen to sad music, I find listening to most types of music really difficult at the moment but I have to let you all into a little secret of mine - the Mika album is fantastic, its up, its happy, its bouncy I have called it my cancer album and every single time I feel low or sad or scared - I play it and up till now it works every single time - give it a go and let me know what you think

jackie xxxxxxx

My step daughter made me a fantastic CD with the Artci Monkeys, Clash and loads of other load and cheerful music! I can,t listen to anything sad it just makes me cry, but the first song I heard on the radio when I was diagnosed was “That ,that don’t kill me will only make me stronger” - can’t remember who its by but felt like they were playing it for me!

I am an aritist so am interested in how music, colour and any of the arts can influence our moods. Look at lots of orange!! Its very healing - whilst listening to Mozart, which apparently is very inspiring!

Sandie x

Hi Sandie

I think you mean “Stronger” by Kanye West and that was almost my theme tune for a while!

Cecelia. x