sorry if i rant!!!

I really do HAVE to change that picture! I blame SCACO, who posted a very good Uncle Fester as her avatar and being the competitive type I was sure I could do better, so googled Nostradamus. Silly me, I just got a whole lot of predictions. So changed to Nosferatu, and look who I found - me!

I do have the shadows under the eyes and the baldy head, but am minus the pointy teeth. And there have been some rather concerned comments on other threads so I think I’ll go back to a picture of calories.

There - is that better?

just a quick one ladies, just been readin thru my paperwork from hosp and they said not to shave surgery site?havin wle and snd monday.yuk!been saving my fuzzy armpits all wk 4 a lovely shave b4 surgery.what did u do?love alex xx

Hello mummysboob,

I personally would!! I had the same dilemma a few weeks ago, but couldn’t bear the thought of everyone in the theatre gasping at my hairy pits so shaved the night before!!

I’m in on Mon too for 2nd re-ex and intend to shave tonite again!!

Good luck, hope all goes well for you.


thanks wandy!good luck monday hun!venus at the ready! love alex xxx

I am once again nickin my friends laptop…seems that a few of us are having surgery monday so hope it goes well for you too. I hope to get out late in the day and then drive( well not me drive the OH) back to wales, I can’t do with sharing the bed with my two monkeys after surgery!!! can you imagine lol. anyway I have beat this before so unlike many who don’t know frankly what they are talking about!!! we have to be posotive that we will this time…we have to for our kids eh??? Ive had 14 good years since the last toime and intend many more than 14 more!! love to all xxxxxxxx

hi j !lots of love and luck monday,my first time but urs will be the crappiest cos u done it b4!must make it harder?very frightend bout monday.xx

Cant say what SNB like not had it before??? last time it was a full clearance at the same time as the mx/recon,I can’t find post where it tells me what you have had done/are going to have done, with past experience it’ll be over before you know it!!! I had WLE 4 weeks ago
am worried bout mon as this one is new to me too! and yes it truely sucks a second time but like you I have young kids something to fight for eh???

gosh j! u have done it all! hat off 2u! love and stuff for monday! u r so brave! shite scared cos wle and snd monday but heyho is ok! my lil boys make me positive!kids eh!alex xx

Doing it twice doesn’t make me brave, just a little more experienced thats all! I dun the chemo tamox zolodex and it all helped me get my 2 kid s, and my wee boy is autistic and his take on things keeps me amused,we will have to compare with each other next week ,don’t worry the WLE was not too bad really?? many would disagree but I acn only speak from experience perhaps mx and recon made it seem easier ??? anyway as they put me to sleep I’ll spare a thought for you xxxxxx

thanks j. kids def help.i work with the most amazing kids with severe is uur young un coping and how old?alex xxx

Hi i posted comment using friends laptop just about to send it and her laptop froze/crashed…no idea? so doim thos on my mobile and its a pain! my boy is just 9 i tell u more about him nxt week when im back on my own pc!!! hope mon goes ok for u too. we catch up nxt week xx

i will be thinking of you all come monday xxxxx
MB (alex) dont worrie about the op belive me i found the op the easy part and im a big baby when it come to needles but i did it i bled all over the bed l8ter on when the took the thing out my hand cos i forgot myself and pulled me jeans up lol, my boob hasnt hurt at all still isnt it was the under arm for me i just couldnt put my arm down and this made my shoulder hurt but its only been 4 days since mine and even with the infaction i can now blow dry my hair with the left arm i may add im slowing comming off the painkillers.i have had a nice bath and removed the dressings which i think were making the pain worse i now drop my arm, hubby gave me the bed tonight but its 4am and im up i found the sofa the best place to sleep i can hug a pillow on there in bed it isnt as easy . you may have tears the day after, your in pain but you are also relying on others to do the things you always did (hubby had to pull me kickers up for me )hubby didnt mind doing everything but i felt guilty and you back in the waiting room so cry all you want get it out . we all be here when you get back
all the best girls will be thinking of you all
big hugs maz xxxxx

Just a quick note to you about to go in for surgery, the general anaesthetics can sometimes have an after-effect of leaving you a bit tearful up to a couple of days later, and on top of discomfort and worry it can get just a bit much. It can help you get through the teary stage if you understand that it’s the drugs getting out of your system.

Hugs and best wishes to those going through surgery this week.


thanks for ur kind words girls,i,ll keep u posted.maz,u should change ur user name to nightowl!do u ever sleep?!! lots of love,alex xxx

cm i woke from anaesthetic crying me eyes out lol felt a right fool thought that was just something kids do but we all live a learn
alex if you have time go through your bras belive me i wish i had a very good suport bar is needed i have to go out a get one cos mine are cutting it to me all i been wearing a a cami top only thing that dont hurt
best wishes hun xxxx

post deleted


I love that line and will probably be saying it very soon. I am sooooo sick of the “you will be fine” or “at least the cancer is gone” crap so will be keeping that line for the next idiot who decides to p*** me off!!!

Tracy xxx

hey all anyone up and running after hospital monday? I picked up a dreadful cold so today I am sore and feeling dreadful with it all inc the cold!!! however in a day or two things might be looking up? xxx

hiya j,poor u,thts all u need.hpoe all went well with u?im ok albeit a bit bruised and battered!glad u came on,was gonna post a it usual 2 have 2 incisions for wle?nobody mentioned it 2 me post or pre op and i had a peep 2day and i have quite a long one under natural curve of boob and another "smiley mouth one"about 2cms higher up?hope ur cold soon goes,u dont want to b coughing!love alex xxx

might be they couldnt get to it with the smiley face one so did the other. mines right across the top so can see it very well and im not really small so it a nice big cut belive me if they couldnt get it out there something was wrong but the stitches are very nice as stitches go under arm is from one side to the other and not so nice , it been 1 full week today for me and im now doing most things around the house altho nurse has give me wot for as i have fluid down arm to elbow dont know if this is norm or not .
alex hope your mending well
j hope the cold dont last long it kills to cough
hugs to you both tc
maz xx