South East Meet

Following on from the other thread about the proposed meet at the Ritz and the difficulties with that, I wondered whether there were enough people in the SE corner to have a smaller more local meet - lunch in a pub? tea somewhere? I live just outside Guildford and know some good pubs locally - but am more than happy to travel further afield (can’t drive for another 2 weeks but will then be mobile again) if the consensus is somewhere else.

So, anyone wishing to do lunch or similar sometime, please post on this thread. And do say what you’d like to do + where/when you’d like to meet.

Kay xx

I live about 50 min drive from Guildford - the hampshire side so would love to meet up anywhere around that area.
thanks for offering

Hello I live in west berkshire so I would love to meet up with any of you lovely ladies in this part of the world.
I don’t mind what we do



I would love for a South East meet. I live about half an hour from Guildford. I think when we were all on live chat the other week we started off with the idea of a local meet and then we ended up with tea at the Ritz which would have been lovely if not so complicated but a regional meet would be great.

Angee x

Hi, I’m in Hastings East Sussex, but can travel easily so I can pretty much go anywhere!

I’ve just seen the other thread about the Ritz - it’s a real shame. I’d love to join in a SE meet. I’m just round the M25 from you guys, in Herts. Kay, do you want to choose a date?
love Jacquie x

Hi All

I am at Junct 30 on M25 and about an hours drive to guildford, depending on the bridge/tunnel and clacket lane!!! Would love to join in though.

Let us know what dates are suitable and hopefully we can organise something. Tuesdays is herceptin days for me, 15th April and onwards every 3 weeks … LOL

Lots of love

Hello all

I’m Thames Valley – would love join you.

Hi Everyone

I live by Guildford but I can travel anywhere around there…I would love to go to a lunch/drink or something …

x Jane

I’m 20 mins north of Guildford and would love to meet up. Name a time and place and let’s go for it!


Wow - what a response! Certainly sounds as if there are enough of us to meet (10 so far) and Guildford sounds as if it is fairly convenient for most. So…

dates - I’m away beginning of April. Not sure whether it is too ambitious to try and meet beforehand but could manage

Fri March 14th
Thurs March 27th

Once I’m back, can do

Mon April 14th
Tues April 15th
Wed April 16th
possibly Thurs April 17th or 24th (they are both suggested dates for us “liver birds” to meet again in London)

Suggest we settle on a date that the majority can make and then those who can’t, can agree the date for the next meet. I thought it might be good to be meeting on a regular basis (if we get on!!) - every 2-3 months - and then people can just come/not come depending on their other commitments, but knowing that it isn’t a “one off” and there’ll be the opportunity to join in next time. Does that sound ok with everyone else?

Not sure about exact location - is lunch in a pub/restaurant the best idea? Is everyone travelling by car or will some be coming by train, in which case we need to be in central Guildford? Jane. Gill and Angee (as the more local ones) - have you any suggestions? There is a pub in Pirbright (village NW of Guildford) I was thinking about - I know we could book a table there, there is a good range of food and plenty of car parking - but it is possibly a bit off the beaten track for those coming a distance.

First things first though - let’s agree a date!!!

Kay x


I can do the April dates as I am away for a bit this month and think I might have my vertebrothingy on 25th possibly but am happy for dates that the majority can do as that seems the best way forward. I will have a little think about somewhere around Guildford.

Angee x

27th March would be good for me as just towards end of second cycle of taxotere. April dates wouldn’t be too bad either apart from 24th. I don’t know the pub in Pirbright but could get there. I will be travelling by car. If anyone needs a lift or pick up from a station, let me know. Or central Guildford would work.

Gill Sc

Hi All

Might be possible for me to try March 27 (just before my hols) but cant do 14, 15 or 16 April, as fly back from Florida landing on 13th April, got herceptin on 15 April, and probably jet lagged and off for first week back I reckon mixed with my herceptin. Week after should be good for me though.

Let me know. I will have to drive though, so make it easy to find, although have got satnav.


Hello all

I could probably do 27th March – I should have emerged from my post-FEC fug by then. I’ll be driving too (aided or otherwise by satnav!) Village pub with parking sounds good.

it looks like I’m the only one that can’t make 27th march - chemo day but all others ok.
Choose a date which suits the majority and don’t worry about me if the 27th is the best date.
Guildford area sounds good though.
Thanks again

Hi Kay

As said, go with majority, but I would prefer April dates from 21st on, as 27th March might not be possible as off away that weekend and getting OH to have extra day off to look after the kids might prove difficult, as he will have to be tying up any loose ends etc and handing over. Would love to be there, but can’t organise around me and my hols - well you could (LOL) but not fair!!!

Let me know anyway


I can’t do 27th March either but as Dawn has said, go with the majority. There will be other times to meet I’m sure

Angee x


sounds like a great idea. I could possiblty make the 27th March, but April would be better. But whatever date you arrange I will see what I can do. I have a hopeless sense of direction so as long as I have good directions I should be fine. If it is near a train station I may come by train. Keep me informed.

I missed the live chat last night…I fell asleep…I hope you had a good one and I hope to be there next week.

I hope you are all OK

Chat soon

Fay :o)

Whew, things move fast in BCC forum-land!!! - have only just seen this thread. I can get to Guildford by train, am non-driver. Would love to join in BUT… 27th March is the only day I can’t manage!

Please keep me informed… I will bookmark this discussion. I still don’t understand the private message system on this forum.