Starting Chemo 6Th June

Hi all I hope you are doing okay

Well results all back from second surgery, nothing at all in anything the consultant took this time however oncotype back at 29. I am to have a portacath fitted Wednesday 5th June which I am quite anxious about, more anxious in fact than I am for the chemo which starts Thursday 6th. I am cold capping so have had my eyebrow tattooed this week, had a wig fitting appointment just in case and the dreaded 2 hour chemo talk yesterday. Also the echo cardiogram etc all done.

I will be starting 4 round of EC followed by 4 of paclitaxel every 2 weeks for 16 weeks, 8 rounds total. Then I will be having 3 weeks of radiotherapy as I had one +ve node. Afterwards they will try me on Letrazole as I am also currently having Prostrap injections every 4 weeks to shut down the ovaries. Oncologist said if I dont tolerate Letrazole they will switch me to Tamoxifen.

Anyway else about to start chemo?

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Hi, there’s a June chemo starters thread been created that you may find useful. It’s under the monthly chemotherapy threads section☺️


@smt Im starting on the 4th … join us in the June group. I wish I could say I’m feeling ok about it all but I keep bursting into tears over everything so think I’m nervous!!! I have the same regime as you … not sure about radio after or hormones/drugs as quite frankly my brain can only cope with what’s in front of me now - mastectomy last month and I still haven’t looked at the scar yet. Argghhhhhh I’m hoping I’ll be more positive over the next few months so we can help each other :blush:

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I’m a little ahead of you I’m on my second chemo … cold capping but losing hair like crazy which is quite disheartening … like you my emotions are all over the place feel like this just can’t be happening to me ! One great piece of advice my chemo nurse gave me was to look on Amazon for icy pole moulds make your smoothie or frozen fruit and constantly suck on them during treatment to keep you mouth cold … it has definitely saved me from super painful mouth and throat on this second round

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