Starting Chemo in December.2012

Hi, I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else might kick this off and also waiting for my date.
Just got the dreaded letter and will be starting Chemo next Thursday (28th November). So a wee bit early for this thread but think I might have more in common with those starting in December. Anyone else want to join in?

Hi Marie, as a result of my cancer type - I envisage I will be starting chemo in Decmber. Hve just been discharged from hosp had mx and 2 lymphnodes removed. Also snb - awaiting results.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can by pass the chemo, but if not I’ll see you here!
I thought I’d get by without it but have the her2 protein so nae luck!
Good luck with your results.

Good luck to marie and caroline, you will find loads to share, and you’ll find others will join, you might want a name, september are the sparklers, oct pumpkins etc
love anne xx

I was thinking the ‘ho ho ho’s’ but maybe not .

Hi Maire and Caroline, count me in too.
I’m waiting for the results of WLE and SNB this friday. Consultant gave me the lovely news after my op that even if nodes clear they want to do chemo due to cancer type and age (39). Usually delighted to be called young but for this, nah, not so much!!!
Caroline, good luck for your results.

Hi Iv’e popped in from october pumpkins, why don’t you call yourselves “Starlights” or is that too corney!
Hope you will all be able to share your worries with each other as we do.

Starlights is good, I like a bit of corney or how about the “twinkles” 3 year old has been practicing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star all week for her playgroup nativity…I swear I can still hear it in my sleep!
Other suggestions;
Crackers…how I’m feeling at the moment!

They’re all lovely ideas whatever gets you through this, well done Polly.
i am only on your thread now because i am waiting for the nurse to change my dressing, bored!!!

Hi Ladies i will be starting chemo in dec around the 17th. They want to shrink my cancer first because it is big. But i am having a SNB on the 4th dec. I would really love to join in with you all. I love the names Twinkle and Snowflakes…
How do you feel about the Chemo starting so close to Chrstmas- i am so worried that i am going to be poorly over christmas.
Good luck Marie i hope all goes well with your first Chemo Xx
Good luck Caroline60 and Polly1 Xx

Hi All,
I’m Kittyqueen from the March 2012 thread wanting to wish you all well on your journey’s xxx Have to admit the first name that came to me for your group was ’ The Jingle Belles’…has a lovely Christmassy theme to it.
Love KQ

Love all the suggestions. Robin’s reminds me of the last time i had radiotherapy as I thought of myself is a robin red breast then!
Like Snowflakes too-so once we’ve a few more folk we could maybe have a vote or someone could just make an executive decision.
I had my heart function test today (in prep for herceptin later). It was easy peasy, couple of small injections and a nice relaxing lie down while photos taken. Some Christmas music and tinsel would’ve rounded it off nicely. So if anyone is waiting for that test, it’s absolutley fine. I had the afternoon off (I work with pre school children so didn’t want them nuked) and had a wee wander into town where I squelched about in sodden shoes then cheered myself up by sampling food and drink in M & S.
Think we’ll all need maximum Christmas treats to compensate for having yukky Christmas (my 2nd chemo is booked for 20th Dec).

Hi Marie, I v just had a look at you responses and realise your Scottish.
I had to cancel my planned trip to Glasgow next week - for birthday and seeing Frankie Boyle. Im originally from Ireland but live in London so understand his humour. Plus my family have links to Scotland - especially the West Coast. Was very pi…ed off as had planned this early this year - as always enjoy the craic in the Glasgow pubs. Had to cancel flights and hotel - I had a good old swearing session and rant yesterday. My language was disgraceful - my husband laughed and told me I was getting back to normal.


How did you work it out Caroline was it the accent…or my rain soaked feet?
Sorry you’re missing your trip. I feel I can’t plan anything. Lots of fun nights coming up and I just don’t know if I’ll be fit. Am going to make the most of this weekend-before dreaded chemo.

I know what you mean about not being able to plan anything. I’m trying to think of it as hibernating for the winter and have convinced my hubby we need a fab holiday next summer to look forward to.
Shaz 1234 it’s tough with Christmas coming up as we don’t know how bad our side effects will be. I’m planning to go into town on saturday and buy more decorations, at least the house will look festive even if I’m not feeling quite so merry.
Maire I think if your happy to you should have the honour of naming us as you started the thread. (ps I’m from rainy Scotland too)

It’s so annoying isn’t Maire, i am trying to everything done before my Chemo starts because you just don’t know how poorly you are going to be. the weekend end before we are all going out for the day. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Have you got children Maire if you don’t mind me asking? Xx

Hi All !

I was diagnosed with BC early october now recovering from lumpectomy & Lymph nodes removal (7 I think were removed ) went for test results yesteruday of the biospy of op , surgeon feels that because of my age , even though it looks as if they got it all , the lump was 1.5 cm so it was very small , caught fairly early , that the best route is radio & chemo…its the chemo that has really thrown me as my first thought is I will lose my hair, being a cheeky chatty dental nurse my patients know me for my thick long wavy blonde hair and all 5ft of my cheekiness ! so I am feeling a bit anxious as it is the unknown…will I lose it, will it just thin a bit ??? I have an appointment on tuesday to discuss it all further , as the nurse did mention cold cap treatment can be an option , I would like to try it , in the hope it may help , if it doesnt then at least I give it a go !!! I will need 6 sessions , one every 3 wks so hopefully it wont be as bad as it sounds and I can get through it the best way that I can in the way that I have so far by trying to smile,laugh and joke my way through it,even though the journey does seem a bit longer then originally thought …so any tips , words of advice from any of you lovely ladies would be much appreaciated, yes I have a great network of support of my family & friends but they dont really know how this all really feels , especially when I am home alone at night, single - no partner and no children to busy myself with , so any words of advice I will gladly take on board in the hope it will help me as I await to start my first session of chemo anytime soon - stay strong & keep smiling ladies , best wishes & lots of love to you !

Shelley xxxx

Hi Polly1 you get your results today! fingers crossed for you. Xx Great idea about decorating the house i wasn’t going to go mad this year but perhaps i will.
Yes i agree, i think Maire should choose our name.
Have a good day ladies
Love Sharon Xx

OK…drum roll…let’s be …The Christmas Crackers! Think Polly suggested it and I think it fits because we’ll be crackers by the end of all this and let’s face it we’re all wee crackers at the moment!
Shaz, I’ve got 3 children. I kept the news from them until my first op then told them. My youngest started crying but only because I switched the playstation off to tell her. They are 16 (boy), 14 (girl) and 10 (girl) and they’re fine about it. To be honest kids tend to be optimists and don’t really worry about health like us oldies. If only mine could be just a tiny bit more co operative that would be great but maybe the fact they’re behaving like typical siblings is a sign that they’re not upset.
I love Christmas and usually get all excited very early on. Not this year. But who knows maybe the chemo wont be as bad as I’m imagining. I can cope with tiredness, baldness and the odd ulcer just not so sure about the more scary side effects. And I’ll really miss my festive tipples if I’m not allowed.
Destiny-hope your visit to the onc. helps with your decision. The onc I visited was fantastic. Spent ages going through everything with me, answeres all my questions-in fact I think I took up over an hour of her time. It really cleared a lot up for me and really my chemo was inevitable (though I’ve no nodes affected)
Anyway good luck to us all-we’ll all come shining through!